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[PRP] The Damsel and The Knight. [Vanya x Eryi]

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Super Trash

PostPosted: Sat Jan 28, 2012 6:53 pm
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Vanya sat in a clearing, posed to look as if she had fallen. Dirt was smeared across her form and she sniffled as she forced herself to cry. She'd been sitting in this position for a very long time now and was beginning to grow tired and irritated. It hard worked so well last time; her playing the damsel in distress, that she had decided to try it again. But Vanya was beginning to think that it only worked so well because she had been surprised; forced into it rather than planning it.

In the back of her mind she still had that voice that constantly reminded her of her strength; or lack there of. She knew that by putting herself out here by herself she ran the risk of confronting a stallion who could not be tricked or coaxed. A shiver ran down her spine. As quick as her sisters were, they would not get here in time to save her from being hurt. They would not get here in time to stop her beauty from being scarred.

That thought scared Vanya more than the thought of dying did. She'd spent her whole foal-hood being told she was ugly and worthless that now, beauty finally arriving, albeit a little late, her beauty was more important to her than anything else. Beauty in general was something that was precious to her. She surrounded herself with items that would accent her beauty; she flaunted it in the face of the sisters who had teased her. It was why she collected men. So she should show her sisters how many were willing to be captured by her simply to be around her.

Now, after having caught her first male, Vanya was aware of the power of beauty. She could, in her mind, have any male she wanted. This only made her want to start a collection more; to test the limits of her appearance. To see what beauties she could entice into her nest. Bringing herself back to her current time frame, Vanya decided to try one last time before making her way back to her nest. She sobbed, bells jingling with each heavy breath she took in and choked out.
PostPosted: Sat Jan 28, 2012 7:20 pm
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Eryi moved quietly through the trees, contemplating things to do with himself today. It wasn't often that he would travel down the mountains and out of the snowy forests that he was used to, but he couldn't help but indulge himself on the crisp vegitations that grew outside of the snow covered pine forests of his childhood. He decided he'd spend the day lavishing in the fauna rich forests that he found himself wandering through. Yet he couldn't help but feel a little bored. He knew there was much he didn't know about these trees and what they hid, but he felt at a loss of where to go, or what to do. He wished he knew the area better.

As the trees around him began to thin and spread apart, the sunshine came through. He had to admit, it was strange not being in places where the sunshine was accompanied by the cold air, but he didn't find himself uncomfortable in it. It was rather nice. Eryi couldn't help but smile to himself as he soaked in the warmth. It was then that the shimmer of metal caught his eye. He cringed slightly as the metal momentarily blinded him in one eye. He turned to travel towards it's source, curious to what treasures or adventures he might find there.

The clearing before him was bathed in light from the sun. Not a cloud in the sky to disrupt it. The grass and trees were practically glowing, soaking in the nourishments. It was then that he saw her. A vision of white and blues to rival even the freshest blankets of snow. He was reminded of his snowy home, of the untouched landscapes after a long blizzard washed the land. Of the sun hitting every snowflake, and shimmering brightly on the branches of the pines. A beauty he thought would be unmatched in his lifetime. But there she was. She sat in the grass, smudges of dirt across her coat, and tears running down her face. She sobbed, the chimes of bells ampifying her gasps and his heart broke for her. He didn't know who she was but he didn't care. He wanted to help her, and that was all he needed to know.

He cautiously turned his head to examine the areas around, to scout for dangers, or for signs of what may have happened to her. In finding none, he made his way towards her. "Hello? Miss?" He walked over with a slightly quicker pace. "I'm here to help you. Is everything okay?"



Super Trash

PostPosted: Sat Jan 28, 2012 8:47 pm
Vanya didn't notice his arrival until he was speaking; which frightened her a little. She sat up with a start, a scream ready to fly to her sisters should she be in danger. Taking in his appearance, she released a sigh of relief. A cerynei. They were gentle by nature, quick but not strong. She would be able to hold him off until help came; should it come down to that. Calming herself down, she eyed him more carefully, taking in his appearance.

He was.. beautiful. Blonde hair that looked as soft as the silken wrap he wore shone in the sunlight; a shine that could rival the gold that adorned her. Blue beads wrapped around his hair and she eyed them curiously; wondering what they were made of. Pearls, perhaps? Some other precious stone? She was fascinated by them and watched a set for herself. The mask on his face was delicate, matching his softness. Out from under the mask; and also on his legs, she noticed something odd. It looked like scales but she wasn't quite sure. She would question him about it later; when he was warming her nest and she was making sure he looked perfect.

Yes, Vanya thought, cooing happily in her mind. You'll make a fine addition, my dear.

Looking up at him, letting their eyes meet and lock, she sniffled, leaning down to wipe the tears from her cheek. "I seem to have gotten myself in a little predicament," she said, hopelessly. "I took a tumble from the trees and I have a few sore spots. I don't think I'll be able to make it home by myself. Would you be so kind as to help me? I promise I'll repay your kindness."
PostPosted: Sat Jan 28, 2012 9:38 pm
Eryi's heart melted as the slightly dishevelled mare looked to him with big green eyes and told him of her woe's. How could he possibly say no to such a kind face and such an honest plea for help? She looked so helpless, and he was hooked. He was determined to get her back home safely. Come rain or shine; Nothing would stop him.

His eyes couldn't help but to draw to her long mane as she spoke, the gold and feathers that weaved a beautiful canvas of colours together. Gold trinkets draped along her back, and gemstones shone in the light, casting brilliant colours on her white coat. She looked so well kept, despite the patches of dirt. Her hair was elegantly coiled around her on the ground, a sight that Eryi couldn't help but soak in. He couldn't help but wonder what sort of family or herd she came from. They must be something to behold, he thought to himself, unaware of just how right he would be.

Giving her an empathetic smile, he shifted in closer, his movements soft and smooth. Elegant, even. "I'd be glad to help you, miss. Do you need help getting up? I wouldn't want something as beautiful as you getting hurt, so long as I'm around." His smile flickered in a bashful manner as he complimented the mare, and brightened to a rather friendly smile as he spoke again. "My name is Eryi, by the way. May I ask yours?"



Super Trash

PostPosted: Tue Jan 31, 2012 8:31 pm
Vanya watched as the stallion took in her appearance; inwardly smiling at the look that crossed his face. She had seen that look before; in stallions who had been entranced by her sisters. Those men came and stayed willingly, made no trouble and followed the rules dutifully. They followed her sisters around like chicks follow their mother. Only their reasons were not as innocent. It was the look she had wanted to see and now that it had made its appearance, Vanya knew this would work.

At least she hoped. Vanya was no psychic; she could not predict the future. She wasn't the smartest member of the flock either and could not weigh the odds. She only had her hopes and what she knew to go on. She had only her beauty, charm and wit to rely on. This stallion, however, did not seem to know about the dangers of this location. Who nested in the trees not far away from where they were now. He was careless; naive. Perfect for Vanya.

"I think I can stand on my own," she whispered softly. Listing herself up slowly, she winced and whimpered, stumbling back to the ground. One more try, this time with more effort, she managed to lift herself up. Her back leg, she kept hovering above the ground; putting no pressure on it. "My name is Vanya. I'm glad you found me, Eryi," she smiled, small but sweet. The smile reached her eyes, causing them to sparkle.
PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2012 11:50 pm
Eryi frowned as the mare struggled to stand. She looked fragile; That was, until he saw her clawed feet. Normally, everything within the stallion would cause him to flee. His Cerynei blood ran thick, afterall. Yet somehow he felt no threat. What was it about this mare that made him so eager? Was it her beauty? Perhaps how fragile she acted? He wasn't entirely sure, but he didn't feel like she had any harmful intentions. Could it be a ruse? An elaborate trap set by a vicious carnivore that took the apperance of a harmless soquili? Yet as he watched her finally get to her feet, her leg lifted as to not bother it it any further, he couldn't help but melt, despite the talons.

"Are you sure you're okay, Vanya? You seem like you're in quite a bit of pain." Eryi frowned down to her leg before looking back up to her. "I'm glad I found you as well. Who knows how long you'd be out here by yourself. Does your family know where you are? They must be getting worried." Eryi smiled to her, moving in beside her, to prop her up if she were to grow tired, or falter while walking. "Well, I'll be here if you need me. Which way is your home? And if you need to rest, just say so."

In the irony to assist the mare get to her family, Eryi had forgotten all about his own. His gentle mother who waited quietly for his return. His noble father who watched over their lands. And his brother, who he'd grown up with his whole life. Faces that he didn't know that he would never see again.



Super Trash

PostPosted: Sat Feb 04, 2012 8:38 pm
Vanya glanced down at her claws. Ah.. always they were a danger to her plans. But they never got in the way. The stallion either ignored them or believed lies she told about curses and magic; fairy tales she'd heard as a child. Some stallions were so naive; so oblivious to the dangers of the world. Not that it mattered to her what a stallion was like. In the end, the naivety of a stallion made her job easier. She only cared if he was beautiful and behaved himself. Stallions that caused trouble were punished and sometimes they were hurt and sometimes they were scarred. Vanya could never have damaged goods. That simply wasn't perfect.

"I'll be fine, Eryi, as long as you're here to help me." She leaned herself against him as she smiled, eyes closing as if she was savoring this moment. He was warm, she realised. A perfect candidate to warm her nest; in the strictest literal meaning. A little part of Vanya felt bad for the poor stallion who had fallen for her tricks. He seemed genuinely concerned with her well being. A larger part of her thought about how good he would like in her nests, surrounded by her other pets and, of course, what a great candidate for breeding he would be for the other sisters. All for the flock, of course.

"I live by myself so there's no one worried about me. Except you of course." A lie, naturally. There were sisters probably hidden around the trees, watching for any sign of danger; listening for her scream, ready to swoop in and save her should it be necessary. Not to mention the guards that would be waiting for them to arrive. "It's not far from here. There's a break in the trees; a larger clearing than this. That's where I live."
PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2012 4:10 pm
Smiling, Eryi nodded to her. "I'll help you for as long as you want me to, Vanya." The stallion failed to realize just how right he would be. The harpy played her role to a perfection, and Eryi was tangled for life. Lies woven in to the strongest nets. Being raised in the mountains had left Eryi unaware of the dangers these lands held, and he was, what must have felt like to Vanya, easy prey.

Eryi helped prop the Mare up as they began to walk. He watched carefully for debris or holes from creatures building dens, ensuring Vanya stayed safe. You could say he was smitten. Beauty, how fragile she seemed, or maybe just being able to help her. He couldn't say for sure what it was that led him to be so enamored by her. "I am sorry you don't have anyone waiting for you. It's a good thing I found you." He smiled, the delicate mask on his face bending slightly with his cheeks. "But I'll have you home before you know it, Vanya."

The sun moved across the sky as they moved carefully through the grass and back in to the trees, towards her home. Eryi began to feel hungry, and he assumed it must have been getting close to dinner time. "If you'd like, I can gather you some food when we get back to your home. You should rest your injuries, and you must be starting to get hungry. Where I come from, there isn't a whole lot of food, like there is here. I've become quite effective at gathering" He flashed her another gentle smile, hoping she would accept his offer.



Super Trash

PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:09 pm
Vanya smiled gently and walked carefully with each step Eryi took, timing them so it would appear as if she was trying to keep herself with him so that she didn't fall. "I'd be greatful if you'd help me whenever I need it, Eryi," she whispered coyly hiding her face as if trying to hide her blush.

Her ears twitched at the sound of Eryi's stomach rumbling and Vanya became aware of her own hunger; she'd been waiting half the day after all. She listened to him talk of his skills as a gatherer and smiled. That would definitely come in handy; assuming he showed his loyalty it was a possibility that he would be able to help other foragers so long as he was guarded.

Vanya mentally grinned. Her own personal forager. Food for the flock and a little for herself. She would bring it up with her other sisters once the hype of his arrival had settled down. She didn't think it would be that much of an issue. It meant more food for the flock, which was always a good thing and less work for her sisters.

While most of the females in the flock saw men as breeding partners only, Vanya believed they should be used for other things as well. She believed they should work, earn their keep so to speak. It was why she respected the artisan's guild. Not only did the males in their prove their loyalty to the flock, they also proved their usefulness. She would very happy if those in her harem were useful as well as pretty.

Turning to Eryi she smiled. "That would be wonderful. I'd been stuck for a while before you came so I'm quite hungry."
PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2012 7:29 pm
Eryi frowned, feeling bad for the mare. He hadn't realized she had been stuck for so long. "I am sorry for you, Vanya. It must have been quite disheartening to be there for such a long time, on your own." Eryi perked up and smiled for her sake, or so he had hoped. "But you are on your way home now. Better late than never, right?" Eryi prayed his positive actions would lift her spirits and perhaps make her forget her stresses. It was worth a try, at the very least. "And I can find you anything you desire to eat. You deserve a little lavishing to help you feel better." He nodded cheerfully.


They had been travelling through the trees for a while now, Eryi making small chat with the fem, trying to coax small details of who she was from out of her. He had wanted to learn more about her, but he would take his time. She had already agreed to have him help take care of her once he had her safely at home, and he was thrilled at the idea of learning more about her as he did so. The stallion felt confident and beamed inwardly. He wasn't strong or intimidating. Fierce or battle-hardened. But he could still help others in his own ways. Talents that he was more than anxious to share with Vanya as their friendship grew. He couldn't help himself from desiring these things as he walked beside her.

As they wove through the bushes and trees, Eryi could begin to see brief flashes of sunlight through the foliage ahead. The way was not yet fully visiable, but he was keen and could recognize the way the light broke the shadows of the forest. "There is a clearing ahead of us. I can't quite make it out, but it is there. Is that where your home is?" Eryi smiled to Vanya once again, hoping they were close. He was concerned with making her walk with her injuries, and hoped that they were close and that she could rest soon.



Super Trash

PostPosted: Tue Mar 06, 2012 6:44 pm
Vanya smiled and this time it was genuine. Eryi was honestly trying to help her and make her feel better. His talent at foraging would come in handy and she could already see him becoming a favourite of hers. Truth be told, he was calming her even though she was only worried about getting him to the flock.


Small take was made and Vanya played the role of the distressed damsel with utmost perfection. She could feel her imaginary rope tightening around this stallion; he was trapped before even reaching the flock. Suddenly, she was aware of her sisters around them. In the time talking to Eryi, she had forgotten about them completely. Their presence confirmed her suspicions; they were close to home.

Ahead, sunlight flickering through a break in the trees, Vanya looked carefully. Leaning against Eryi, she kept her heart beat slow even though it wanted to break out of her chest with excitement. She would stay with him and escort him to the safe lands. He had been kind and he was so innocent, she almost felt sorry for him.

Her sisters came now, three of them behind and one stepping out from the clearing. She nodded to them and turned to Eryi, "Welcome to your new home, Eryi." She smiled sweetly at him. "This is the flock. You will be looked after as long as you follow all the rules. I will use you as my personal forager, but you'll be supervised. On nights when it's cold, you'll sleep in my nest to keep me warm."

Turning to her sisters, she spoke. "I'll escort him. Stay close in case he flees." Her sisters took off into the trees, hidden from sight but Vanya knew they were there. She turned to Eryi and smiled softly. "Shall we?"
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