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A guild devoted to discussing and debating different aspects of various world religions 

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Tiina Brown

Friendly Sentai

PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2011 8:01 am
Tiina Brown
.... Cavemen is not a good example, as too much of ... "male viewpoints" ... has influenced archeology.

What? So you think females hunted mastodons, and males picked berries and looked after the children? That would be completely in contradiction with common sense.

Do you mean that common sense dictates gender roles now?

No, i don't think you are that illogical, since "Common Sense" has changed from time to time.
No, i think you mean that archeologists has been logical, and using common sense when deducting their findings.

However, i have heard of incredibly flawed deductions from male archeologists, like:
* They found a grave filled with weapons, it had to be a Warrior's Grave.
However, someone pointed out the bones buried there was a woman's.
Then, the (male) archeologists deducted that she must have been the Warrior's slave, not that she was the warrior.
They assumed the warrior and the slave had gotten burned together ...
No, they never found any male bones, but they stuck to their deduction.
* An assumed fisherman was found near the town of XX, and was displayed as "Fisherman of XX".
Somone pointed out that the bones were female .... whereby the "fisherman" was moved, both physically and in mentioned findingplace, and in profession!
She is now hidden away, as the "Seamstress of Q", and Q is several miles from XX ....

Now, these examples were from Iron-bronze age or later, but if such flaws can be happening from those times, how big is then not those from the earlier times, where even less info can be found?

I'm sorry for this slight off-topic, but i had to show what "common sense" may have resulted in, where archeology, and the look on "the caveman" is concerned.

I also point towards rmcdra's comment, it is well worth to read again.  
PostPosted: Sat Jul 21, 2018 2:54 am
Reincarnation is merely the passing of one body, into another... Like clothes or cars. We change outfits and we replace vehicles and our body is very much the same. Gender is just a physical component of the body.

When we die we leave our physical body behind, however our subtle body (mind, intelligence and false ego) goes with us, the soul, to our next birth... The reason for our gender is usually that in our past life we were thinking of a loved one of our current gender in the moment we died. Vedic philosophy states that our thoughts before death dictate our next birth, which relates with karma because our mind is karmic too. So if you're a man and you think of your wife in your last moments, most likely you will take birth as a woman... Just as an example.

The reason for gender confusion, generally speaking, is that our subtle body/mind didn't adapt to the gender of our current body, rather stays in the mentality and behaviour of the gender of our previous body which was most likely different from our gender now.  


Nuclear Capitalist

Debate/Discuss other belief systems

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