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Heaven or Hell

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The annual fighting tournament, approaching its 8th year, centered around Leviathan Stadium 

Tags: Tournament, Fighting, Battle, Roleplay, Leviathan 

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Better Than Gore


PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 2:07 am
Upon leaving the Cyborg's Suite, the Magus would hear the shuffling of whatever object had been stuffed inside of the box, obviously the man was guessing what exactly was inside. Soon another sound came forth, the sound of cardboard ripping, like a child on Christmas. Then another; however, this sound would easily conquer the two that came before it.

"Awh, yeahhhhh!" Darren was clearly impressed by the gift; after all, who wouldn't enjoy having an exact replica of THE FANCIEST HAT?

PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 2:30 am
Lord Haelstrom

Rell wasn't too far away. She never was. The children were safely housed within their suite, a nanny tending to their needs for the time being. Her footsteps would announce her arrive, soft, poised and deliberate as to not waste any unnecessary energy. She was wearing her typical Abhorsen's outfit that few had grown accustomed to seeing her in. Although, her hair was neatly braided for a nice change.

As she came to a halt, her hip cocked to the side as her arms crossed themselves neatly, her dark eyebrow arching to accentuate her pale golden eyes staring at him. She knew that look. Someone must have spooked him, as many could.

"You know, Dear.. I bet you wouldn't get so many death threats if you just stayed in the room for a day." Her lips pursed daintily, Rell was a mother now, and her children were her first priority. Having a father around was important. "You've been out and about everyday trying to organize things.. When's the last time you spent time with your-"

The necromancer abruptly paused mid-sentence, perhaps saving Omi from a verbal talking to. She was famous for getting her way when she was upset, thanks to the teachings of her father. But there was a reason she stopped. Slowly dropping her guard by letting her arms uncross, she raised a single hand to Omi as if to tell him to not move. Looking about her eyes squinted through her glasses. Something didn't feel right, like they were being watched. More so than the average day.


She said firmly as she reached for her Bell, Saraneth, The Binder. But just before she would unclasp the leather prison, there was a hallow voice.

"There's no need for that."

"Then show yourself.." She replied tactfully. "No use hiding if you mean no harm, hardly seems like a good thing to do.."

The voice stayed silent for a moment before a figure appeared approximately fifteen feet away from the couple. It looked like a large suit of armor, of course, there was someone in it.

"On the behalf of Heaven or Hell. We would like to extend an invitation. Or rather, we ask of your... Services."

Rell's nose wrinkled, her lips curling into an apprehensive frown. The Abhorsen was strong, though, she didn't rightfully know just what this armored being was capable of. Her fingers tickled the handle of the Bell.

"Services..?" She again replied calmly despite her expression.

The Judge nodded it's head once before slightly shifting it's head towards Omi, the helmet obscuring it's eyes.

"Must I explain?"

Abyssal Majesty

High-functioning Lunatic

Abyssal Majesty

High-functioning Lunatic

PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 2:41 am
Just Naota

There was a knot in her stomach, her hands fiddled with a clean, white towel as she waited with baited breath. She had watched the entire match, as all of the matched were broadcasted in free HDTV. Her bare toes tangled cutely with anticipation.

Charisma waited for her Edward to walk through the door, medical supplies laden the table to help him where she could. Though this time she had a surprise up her sleeve. Whenever the Cyborg would go out and do what he did, Charisma stuck her nose in a book and learned herself a few very helpful Bardic spells. The most of all a spell of minor healing. Besides her ability to enchant with her voice that had been inherited from her families bloodline, the Songstress hardly dabbled in magic, she never had a reason to, until now.

Setting aside the towel, she fixed the his over sized shirt of his that she had taken a shining to before putting her long brown hair up into a messy bun to ease the pain of waiting. A sigh escaped her as she looked to the TV screen, then back to the door like a lost puppy.

"C'mon Ed.." She said to herself. "Where are you..."
PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 12:48 am
[Hawk Lobby]

"..relax dear. It's as simple as a job offer. Right~?" Soldier in red stated with some level of authority, though a streak of irritation flooded down that stoic face. This was the "formal" offer, complete with legality and proper reward, that was shadowing that ominous letter.

This competition's upper echelons were .. nefarious to put it kindly, and this was not the first time Barsait had witnessed in person a "judge" -- frankly, he highly doubted what spoke to them was even human. Perhaps merely essence put in an armor container, or a construct. Still, unlikely to be directly affiliated with his anonymous admirer, for the Noah foundation and its ilk were none too coy about flexing visible muscle when needed. Harking back to a point Rell made innocently: they did have their children here in the city.

To decline an offer such as this would send ripples, Barsait wasn't entirely sure how far could travel.

Finally, Omi's eyebrows arched, body facing the cliched knight sideways and from the right face: "..yes and no. My talents and her talents, they have precious little overlap; that you approach us both means you must desire.. hm, how do they say it? Wrath?" No obvious movements in his case to strike, defend, or even go on guard, the lord was chatting away the 15 foot distance nonchalantly. "I've an idea what you're after. The extents that've been gone to in order to secure our cooperation's frankly absurd though. Hand me the right coin," A scowl finished the sentence off: "And you'd not had to resort to any underhanded bullshit under an anonymous guise. Make no mistake, I know your lot's nature. You're powerful, stronger than hell."

CrrriicCCKkkle the man's right hand cracked, fingers squeezing fingers. Index finger finally gesturing airily towards the metallic figure.

"But, I can still kill the lot of you. One, and all."

...so a "yes, I agree" in Omi Barsait's book.



Abyssal Majesty

High-functioning Lunatic

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 9:20 pm
Lord Haelstrom

Taking a deep breath, Rell took her hand away from Saraneth, letting her arms rest at her sides idly. If she was processing what Omi had been saying, the Judge was asking them to compete, or more specifically, destroy. The Abhorsen fixed her glasses before she spoke.

"All right.. I suppose it can't hurt to participate."

The judge remained still and silent, seemingly un-phased but the Artists threats. Instead it it's head slowly to Rell and gave a sagely nod, signifying their acceptance. Raising his armored hand, it flared out it's finger and in an instant it was gone. Only a hazy rift in the area it stood remained as a reminder. Sighing out, Rell stared at the anomaly, again computing the situation.

But before long, she was back to her normal self. Raising her right hand she reached for Omi's ear and--


Tugged on it.

"You aren't getting off the hook so easily my Love." She gave a few more tugs before tip toeing up a gentle kiss on his cheek. "We best plan, and spend time with the Children before the match begins.. Is Yalexander available to babysit by chance? I believe that with us distracted.. Well.. It leaves Jonathan and Iona vulnerable to attack..."
PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, 2012 1:55 am
[Hawk Lobby]

Barsait's jaw dropped fraction of a centimeter. His fiancé had not only accepted the situation so quickly, but bounced back to reminding him of his more plain responsibilities in the span of a beat. The more he thought about it, the more it boggled his mind: if she.. no. No, if he didn't go along, she would do things to him. Horrible things. Ice. Ice.

"Y-yes, certainly darling. I've already appropriate security arranged. If someone even smells suspicious within 30 yards, they'll be skewered, and fed to hounds." Reassured the clearly rattled man in red. It wasn't a lie. In fact, what he neglected to mention was that one such suspicious individual had already popped up, attempted to loot Barsait's small manor, was discovered, then: beaten by the entire security detail, had every one of his limbs lopped off, and then had his torso literally fed to borderline psychopathic canines.

...such information wasn't necessary to relay though.

After all, the man was being digested. Better to let it go.

Raising his right fist to those lips, clearing the man's throat with a small rhasp -- Omi steeled himself to speak frankly: "But~ Let me phrase this bluntly. As individuals of interest in the Ark's eyes from yesteryear, we're basically entertainment for the tournament participants.. yet, it isn't quite that simple." A nervous tick of his, the man in red rose that left gauntlet coated palm to his neck, though his face retained composure and a noticeable sharpness in expression now. "Our choosing is for a myriad of factors. We won't decline; we can't. You're my hostage and I yours. Needn't I mention our children. Taking it a step further, they didn't choose us because we're a cute couple; we were selected in this particular case, because they know what we're capable of~" Twirl, Barsait spun in place on the heels of his boots, left fingers grasping his chin.

"~And they expect us to demonstrate such on some poor unexpecting bastards. Anything less and I somewhat doubt we'll enjoy the repercussions. We're essentially gaudy playing pieces for the foundation to flaunt its dying intelligence department; freakshows to discuss while sipping fine wine in some dimly lit room in the sky." All very calmly laid out, it made the most sense to Barsait given circumstances. Then, his voice gained a lustful, bloody tone to it, full toothy expression bared:

"Iiii'll kill 'em. Mark my words, the whole sham'll burn before this year ends."


Sipping in a deep breath to calm himself, Omi paused for a few long moments.

"... still. We'll give an adequate show. Agreed?"



Abyssal Majesty

High-functioning Lunatic

PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, 2012 2:31 am
Sometimes Rell could have sworn that Omi forgot just who or what she was from time to time. Not only was she The Abhorsen. She was also a mother. A powerful twisted duo of might and conviction. It made her smirk ever so lightly.

"I think killing them might be going a little too far don't you think..?"

Burning was another story.

"And of course I agree, why do you think I accepted in the first place. Other than staying with Iona and Jonathan, my only other function here is to hunt down your troubled self and drag you back home."

Rell fixed her glasses before taking his hand and turning to start walking back to the elevator. Pulling at his hand, she forced him to stay in pace with her. She might have been frail, but weak of mind she was not.

"I've grown bored of idle days. Though my first purpose in this Time as been upheld, I refuse to sit around and let my talents or hobbies stagnate any further. So what better way than to unleash my pent up anger by grinding someone into a fine pulp? If anything it will help me shake off the rust I've accumulated-- hm?"

Letting her ghostly eyes look to Omi as they stopped in front of the elevator doors, Rell smiled before hitting the button.

"And you. Might Barsait. You need to spend a few days with your children. They are nearly a year and you've nary spent a solid week with them at any given stretch."

The doors chimed before opening. The couple would walk in, rell again hitting the correct button.

"You think you have enemies outside of our home." Rell gave a chuckle, she always liked poking and prodding at Omi. He always took it like a champ. "You've got another thing coming to you, my love."

PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, 2012 9:21 am
arrow Edward's hotel suite

"You delivering that?"

"Yeah," the nervous-sounding delivery man replied, "You're Dr. Queensborough?"

The cyberpunk nodded in the affirmative and reached out to take the small box out of the other man's hand. Without questioning, the delivery man handed the box over, recognizing Edward's face from the television, and remembered that it was also the first round of the tournament. The incredibly obvious injuries on the cyborg's face certainly made him look the part as well. Using his key card to access his room, Edward put down his stuff (card, delivery, etc.) before turning back to face the delivery guy, producing his coin pouch and opened it. The detective removed a couple of coppers, though they had an odd green discoloration which was indicative of their origin in Sigil. He would have paid in a couple of silvers instead, however as another habit he took away from the City of Doors. Edward never carried around any silvers, or Stingers as they were often called.

He deposited the coins in the delivery man's hand, but after feeling like a cheapskate for a few seconds as the man began to depart. Edward called after the man, and tossed him a shiny gold coin as he turned.

Closing the door, which locked automatically, the detective walked through the suite's front room. As usual, the room was littered with a myriad of expensive and old-looking tomes. They covered the desk/dinner table completely, some were stacked on an arm-chair while others were stacked rather high in the corner. The cyberpunk removed his scarf and tossed it on the table. Nearly, he walked over to the table himself, and opened one of the books up to begin reading. However, the cyborg thought against it, instead he grabbed the small box and made his way into the bedroom.

"Charisma..." Edward announced his presence with a tired look, and tossed the small (jewelery) box that he had purchased back during the preliminary round towards her. He removed his greatcoat and dropped it on the carpeted floor without a care, revealing the series of disturbing tattoos that covered the majority of his torso. Turning about, the detective dropped onto the bed, getting himself comfortable, and resting his head in the Songstress' lap.

"That one... burned a hole in my pouch," Edward chuckled lightly, obviously referring to the small box which was likely in the woman's hands.  

Just Naota

Abyssal Majesty

High-functioning Lunatic

PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, 2012 9:28 pm
Just Naota

Charisma had always been a bit of a light sleeper. In her time waiting, she dozed off at the end of the bed. But nothing that the opening of the suite's door didn't fix. Opening her emerald eyes, she sat up quickly in just in time to see Edward walk into the room. He looked pretty beaten up, it was a little more shocking in person, but nothing she couldn't handle seeing. Chari expected him to be a little roughed up. It was a fighting tournament after all. Lifting her hands up, she caught the gift, but first.

"Hey baby~"

She crooned smoothly as he laid down on her lap. Leaning over she brushed strand of hair from his forehead to gives him a few soft kisses, Charisma took take not to further hurt the sleuths beaten features, but a normal kiss wouldn't hurt either. When she was done loving on him for the moment, she took a moment to look down at her gift.

"Hmm. What could this beee?"

Grinning, her eyes went to his before she went to opening the gift. Flicking open the box with excitement, Charisma froze in place, her expression that of much surprise.

"Oh.. Wow Ed these are amazing.." A pair of very chic diamond earrings, she felt as if they were sparkling just for her. "Oh my god how much did these cost??"

An answer she would likely not get. Moving her fingers gingerly, she pulled them from their case and put them on, careening her neck over just a bit to take a peek in a nearby mirror. The smile on her face said it all.

"Thank you so much. I love them.."

Without further ado, Charisma leaned over once more and planted a sweet kiss on his lips. She savored the moment, humming softly before breaking away and reaching a bit to the other side of the bed. It was a bucket of water, and the towels were just to her left. Taking one, she gently wet it and began clearing away what dirt and dust she could without really hurting him.

"Did that guy break your nose?" The Songstress frowned a little bit as she continued with the impromptu sponge bath. "They didn't show it happen too well. HoH coverage sucks." She giggled. "But I have a present for you too. I've been.. Studying..."
PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2012 9:39 pm
Edward happily accepted the Songstress' affection, kissing her back as she leaned over to the same. He did so rather lazily as he continued to lay his back and head on the mattress and Charisma's lap respectively, though it wasn't due to a lack of passion or care for their relationship. The cyberpunk was only exhausted and incredibly so. The fight against Stephen hadn't been as physically demanding as the cyborg had expected, but it had been a long day for him regardless. From waking up incredibly early for one last work out routine, to a couple of hours of independent study, to making various calls to make sure Charisma's gift would arrive (as they had taken their sweet time in doing so and it was becoming irksome), to actually fighting his opponent, and finally sticking around Wigi while the doctors and medics worked on him. He wouldn't have left to his suite and into the waiting arm's of the Songstress until he was sure (and was additionally assured by the doctors) that the Ogre would be okay. And he did just that, and when he finally did leave... The cyberpunk was exhausted.

"I'm glad," The detective replied with a tired grin, and kissed her once more. Though, again, he remained situated in the very same spot. He wasn't up for much movement, having been moving non-stop ever since awaking that morning. That said, Edward was glad Charisma loved her present. Had her reaction been otherwise, the cyborg would have been sorely disappointed, and that metaphorical hole in his wallet would have seemed all the more real and quite a bit larger. He had entered the dreadful lecture circuit, speaking to hapless Criminal Justice students (of course, none of them would ever amount to much) about investigative procedures and the cyberpunk's own brand of deductive reasoning, and from that had earned enough money to support their stay in Latent along with the ability to purchase nice things (Chari's Ball dress and her earrings).

Thankfully, it all hadn't been for naught.

Content, the cyborg closed his eyes, allowing Charisma to wipe the wet towel across his skin.

"Oh, yes, quite," Ed said with a low chuckle, "I had to reset the bone myself. I swear, I must've lost two pints of blood.

"Studying? Out of my books?"  

Just Naota

Abyssal Majesty

High-functioning Lunatic

PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2012 11:48 pm
Just Natota

"Yeah." She said in a hushed voice, her hand still dabbing the towel here and there to remove any dirt and blood. "One of them had a few things that were of interest.. Here let me show you?"

Setting aside the washcloth, Charisma very gently lifted his head to readjust herself beneath him. Her eyes kindly focused on his nose and bruised flesh on his face. Making sure he was comfortable in her lap, she lightly and harmlessly skimmed her fingers over the damaged areas. Slowly, she began to close her eyes and concentrate. Her chest rose deeply... She then started to sing.

"The headlines drip with horror
Beware, beware, beware!
The news says no tomorrow
But how can I be scared...

...In her arms?
World do your worst
She and I have closed our eyes
And lifted every curse

We're away..~

In-caving concave military light
Is merely rain against the glass
For lovers in the night... "

As she sang her hands would began to feel very warm, but hardly uncomfortably so, along with a very light sensation. Bardic magic wrapped around her fingers with great care, sinking into the broken bones and hurt skin. But when her singing ceased a few moments of silence was needed before the spell was sealed. The Songstress' green eyes fluttered open as she took away her hands, revealing that it had indeed done it's work. Charisma grinned lovingly at Edward.

"There.. Do I get an 'A+' Doctor..?"
PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2012 12:23 am
"Some of them aren't even in English," The cyborg mentioned, his curiosity getting the better of him. He had a somewhat strong desire to find out what Charisma had been reading, even despite his utter exhaustion. He even lifted his head off Charisma's lap momentarily, seeking to have a thorough conversation on the matter. Besides a lot of them being in different languages, a good chunk of it was incredibly complex and difficult to read. Or better yet, it was difficult to comprehend correctly. Luckily, his facial expression lacked concern, the cyborg hadn't brought along his viler grimoires, which he didn't read himself for obvious reasons. So there had been no chance of his girlfriend opening something dangerous. However, it didn't exactly turn out in the cyborg's favor as he laid his head back down on the Songstress' curled legs. Edward was just too exhausted to care much in the end.

The Songstress began to sing softly, and slowly but surely the cyberpunk was drifting into half-sleep. A condition where he was slightly conscious of his surroundings, and was capable of opining that being sung to sleep was incredibly pleasant. But he was still very likely to forget it ever happened. Three-quarters of the way through the song, Edward closed his eyes one last time, and reality went pitch black. And all was tranquil.  

Just Naota

Abyssal Majesty

High-functioning Lunatic

PostPosted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 11:08 pm
The sounds of polite conversation and the distinct tinkle of silver wear on plates filled the air around Edward and Charisma. Yes, they had decided to bless the Crimson Hawk's dining area with their presence, or rather they were taking a break from being hulled up in their suite.

Looking down, Charisma dunked a good sized portion of fried into a puddle of ketchup before lifting it up.

"Say Ahhhhh~"

You see, his arm was in a sling now, and while he was pretty capable of feeding himself, but Charisma badgered her lover into letting her feed him.

"C'mon Ahhhh~"
HoH '12

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