~The Purpose~
(I have always wanted to do one of these so bear with me people!!)

When I was a new(er) lolita, I searched gaia to see what kind of guilds and topics they had for lolitas on Gaia. There werent many at all. And after talking to a (really) new lolita on Gaia I realized that there were girls who didnt have a lolita community, and if they did, they hadnt found it yet. This is my altenitive. An online lolita community for the Lolitas on Gaia. This gives lolitas who are members of Gaia a chance to meet other girls(perhaps a few boys...anyone know any male Ouji's??) with the same clothing style and interests as themselves. Not to mention I want to meet new lolitas myself!!

And thus I started this Guild. I hope that people can invite users on gaia to this guild who are also into lolita. My goal is that one day, this Guild will become popular when it comes to lolita on Gaia. So I hope I can help girls with similar interests meet online and learn more and become more into the lolita style by learning more from other girls with real expirience. That is all

~Thanks for listening~
I have always wanted to do this!!!! blaugh