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Heaven Vs. Hell Roleplay

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Immerse yourself in a combat driven roleplaying story between Heaven and Hell. All races are welcomed! 

Tags: Heaven, Hell, Fighting, Story, Adventure 

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Vice Captain

PostPosted: Sat Jun 08, 2013 1:06 pm

Phobos, the Ebon Sun
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Being as reckless as he was, there was no doubt that some form on injury would come onto him. Phobos flew towards his target, within the final couple feet, a massive blow came to his gut, some blood spilled from his mouth, but this was not enough to detour him from attacking, after all, if you're afraid to get hurt, then you are no fighter, and as far as Phobos was concerned, he was now on top of Marcus, within his grasp, his end should be swift.

Quickly grabbing out for the arm that hit him, he sent out his claws straight for Marcus's face, where if it reached he would slowly tear into his flesh. As a formation of shadows would appear right underneath the two for if he didn't move out soon, he would be rendered immobile was Phobos was free to do what he wished.

(Im sorry for not posting sooner, I'll try to stay more active this time)

Crying out in pain, Marcus' face was slashed and torn in to, blood flowed boundlessly from his temples and cheeks as he lashed about from the pain and attempted escape. Rather Phobos saw it fit to ensure Marcus' end was now in his hands. Either way it was clear that Marcus duty to protect the cargo would be ending.

The metallic crates in the truck would now be unguarded but there was still the issue of exposing the contents. Forceful entry had proved to be futile. Perhaps Marcus would have a key or some form of clue to open the crates...
PostPosted: Sun Jun 09, 2013 1:45 pm

Now that he had cleaned himself up and had some time alone to think about things Oni felt it was time for him to head towards Mjollnir. He figured that everyone would make it there before him and that Kal would be able to handle the group until he arrived.

Without warning, a pitch black shadow would bleed around Oni's domain. The abysmal darkness wound consume everything and leave Oni standing isolated and removed from Hell's realm. All light and sound would be snuffed out and Oni would perhaps only hear his heart beating. The only thing to pierce the stark darkness would be two crimson pair of eyes.

Forming into a petite, small figure, Oni's solitude would quickly be replaced with company. Moirae, the Dark Celestial would appear before Oni and slip a sly smile. "You're coming with me, Your Majesty." Dipping low for a curtsy, Moirae grinned and squinted her eyes. In that moment the shadows would wrap around the two and would leave no trace of Hell's king of the mischievous dark angel.

Into darkness, Hell's King would plunge.

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Vice Captain

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2013 2:36 pm
(( Reposting...y'all still involved with this? ))
"Your resistance only spawns futility!!"
This time Aaron was prepared for Raven to go on the offensive. The ice was being thrown at him at a dangerously rapid rate although the precision was lacking. However it wouldn't matter as the second eye symbol glowed to life above Aaron. Each bullet of ice would come to a halt around his body before twirling around to aim back at Raven and Arc. With a snap of his fingers, Aaron would again use his counter move to use their attacks against them.

The ice would fly back to Raven and Arc, threatening to pelt and pierce them. As the ice was sent back, Aaron would beat his wings and soar towards Lucas. With Heaven's King on one knee, Aaron would fly above him and press his foot down upon Lucas' head. Forcing the Imperfect Celestial to slam into the ground, Lucas would grunt as the heated rock beneath him started to give way.
"I'll turn this cavern into your grave, Nephilim."

The ground would light up as Aaron's natural connection to the heat would show as he pumped energy into the earth. Lucas' body would slowly start to sink in to the molten rock as Aaron glared menacingly at Heaven's party. The Imperfect One would claw at the ground with no success as the ground was deformed and liquefying to swallow him whole. The heat was quickly being absorbed and emitted as harmless light but Lucas was still feeling the intense heat. He'd cry out in pain as he groaned from his body singing from the lava but he was threatened more by suffocating if he couldn't escape Aaron. Scowling up to the Seraph, half of Lucas' face would begin to submerge into the molten rock.

Calling out to Lucas, Grants would re-enter the fray as he dashed towards Aaron's back. Although Aaron had robbed him of his powers, the General was still adept at fighting with a blade. Burned and scarred, the Celestial swordsman would close the distance and brave Aaron's flames again. Adrenalin pumped through Grants as he gripped his white bladed katana and leaped forward for a swift and accurate strike. Grants' speed was formidable, even without his affinity for manipulating spiritual energy. Although it would not be enough to catch Aaron completely off-guard. However the white blade would be stained red as Grants slashed into Aaron's back and cut one of his wings.

Writhing in pain, Aaron would reach out and grab Grants by the arm as he darted past. Bleeding on the ground, Aaron's wing would twitch and the Seraph would growl furiously. Although Seraph's were powerful their wings provided a painfully large weakness. However Aaron had now snatched Grants and would hold him by the neck while lifting him above the ground.

"General, you've forfeited your life to me."
The Treacherous Celestial would state with an emphasized malice, his tone dripping with unadulterated anger. Before he could go through with his threat he'd look down to find Lucas grabbing his ankle. Things were looking bleak for Grants and Lucas but the two had effectively made an opening. Aaron was angry but he was wounded and now vulnerable!

Cooldown: 2/3

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Aizen Teresaga
PostPosted: Thu Jun 13, 2013 12:04 am
(This was my last reply to the current fight. I should be gettin' more free time, and hopefully I can make prettier posts. Hopefulleh.)

Kain was gone, and Avery had to pull himself out of the battle momentarily to have a Papoose repair his many wounds. Though he was ill-equipped for the current battle, Avery had a great vantage point at the moment, with many creatures 'in the field'. POKEMON~ Only two major issues faced Avery at the moment. Being buried alive and/or crushed, or being burned to nothing via boiling hot lava that was beginning to seep through the tunnels made by the Nidhogg.

He had time, though, and for now he would take advantage of this. Aaron was susceptible, his attention was spread between 4 different individuals. He had Grants in one hand while Light grasped onto his ankle all while being in pain. This would have to limit his reaction time, or at least his ability to take action. Just like before the ground would break up as one of the Nidhogg - the worm creatures that had taken Avery, Cynthia and Wyndom into the ground. It would erupt from the ground and attempt to grasp it's giant four-prong jaws around Aaron's torso in order to anchor him down. Hopefully this would assist the group in pulverizing the enemy until Avery could rally more Nidhogg.

(Sorry that it's all sloppy. I've been mad busy and rather drained mentally.)


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PostPosted: Thu Jun 13, 2013 9:39 am

Phobos, the Ebon Sun
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Grabbing a hold Marcu's by the collar, he stared directly at him, "Open the crates before I make your bones the key." He demanded, though probably still not in the right min set as he just exited a battle, "Or tell me how to open them if you are not willing to do so yourself." he called out, being a little annoyed as he took a look back at the crates once more before dropping Marcus to the ground and heading over to the truck.  
PostPosted: Tue Jun 18, 2013 2:27 pm

CLICK HERE -------& ~:'þɹɐƃʎ ɯðþµʎM':~ <------- CLICK HERE

A rather shocking eruption of stone and dirt showered down upon the trio: Lucas, Grants, and Aaron. A wild sight would await their eyes if they looked up - a giant worm wriggling through the air!
It plummeted down at them, a half-blind warrior sitting inside of its mouth which was now agape.

Tenbatsu glimmered in the cavern as potent electricity cackled along its length. Both eyes were open, the feather that previously stuck out of his right eye was now gone and the wound had been momentarily sealed. It didn't produce sight for Wyndom, but at least now it wasn't a burden. His left eye was coping, and through it he could see the battle from a bird's eye view as he hurtled straight at Aaron!
One of Wyndom's more foolish plans, he would aim to stab Tenbatsu into the Seraph's skull. That wasn't his actual plan, but he would more than gladly accept that outcome if Aaron let him.

The lightning that laced Tenbatsu was pulsing, though, and ready to be discharged at a moments notice. Even the highest of creatures were prone to paralysis.


The sound of the war cry would be a mistaken one, as it was actually a cry of pain. Inside of Wyndom a transformation was going on, specifically with his wings. His back was starting to open up, and the tightly furled feathers were being shot through with blood to get them going. Bones and ribs seared with pain as they were pushed through to let the wings spread. One wouldn't be able to tell what was going on quite yet, but the first sign was Wyndom's crimson eyes turning into slits. His fingernails were elongating, and the rest of his Ritter characteristics were becoming more prominent. His tail unwrapped from his leg, his fangs protruded more, and very soon his black wings would burst forth in splendor.

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"Great hope has no real footing unless one is willing to face into the doom that may also be on the way."


Rabid Smurf_x_

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2013 9:12 pm

Heaven and Hell have separate threads now. The story will continue to a new chapter. If you want to interact with either Heaven or Hell you will need to travel between threads. Earth will be located in the Barton Town forums.




Earth's realm will be designed as a "walk-in" thread.  
History of HvH

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