Name: Tavor
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Legion of Lightbearers, Healer
Homeworld: Kleides

Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: 140
Body Type:
Skin Type: Pale
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Other: A small scar almost hidden by his hair close to his left temple

Clothing: Legion healer’s uniform
  • Medic pack - contains various potions, emergency provisions, and first aid supplies

  • N/A

Armor: Vest - Legion standard issue 'bullet proof' vest, worn under uniform

Ability Slots:
  • Cure - Heals minor injuries
  • Cura - Heals major injuries
  • Curaga - Heals near fatal injuries
  • Regen - Slowly regenerates the recipient’s health over the course of three posts
  • Esuna - Removes low and some mid level negative ailments from the recipient
  • Raise - Brings recipients back to consciousness with restoration of a small portion of their health

Strengths: Healing | Running away very quickly
Weaknesses: Recognizing friend from foe (see history) | Fighting in general

Personality: Tavor is a very quirky and positive person. He aims to be as helpful as possible, but does not catch on fast--dropping a hint won’t do. On the rare occasion that he is in a poor mood, Tavor becomes paranoid and flighty.
Likes: Assisting others, going for walks, birds, reading, Steve
Dislikes: Negative attitudes, being talked down to
Greatest Fear: Losing a patient

Family: Mother & Father (live in Kleides)
Acquaintances: Alistair

History: Tavor was born and raised on Kleidies. As a young kid he had a hard time making friends, only making one with whom he became close. Both he and his friend, Steve, had an affinity for science and would spend their afternoons at the library reading. As Tavor neared his teens, however, life became exceedingly more difficult for him. An accidental fall from a tree while playing resulted in a traumatic head injury that inhibited his mental ability of association, leaving him with a permanent delusional disorder. This disorder leaves Tavor to believe that any person in his presence, typically a male when with a group, is a person of fixation, in his case his friend Steve, in a disguise. Despite his delusional disorder, Tavor still lived a relatively normal life, taking his love for science and mixing it with magic after becoming an apprentice to a Healer. Once proficient, he and his friend joined the Legion. Tavor was deployed with Alistair, who by that time was well aware of arguably the most peculiar person in the Legion, as his subordinate.