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Gentleman Knives

PostPosted: Tue May 31, 2011 6:32 pm
Name: Zeiq Starfell
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Good
Homeworld: Camelot

Height: 5'11
Weight: 153 lbs
Body Type: Lanky
Skin Type: Pale
Eyes: Dark Green
Hair: Medium length black. Tends to be rather unkempt
Other: Faded burn scar that runs down the right side of his face.

Clothing: Black pants, two crisscrossing grey belts, long sleeved light blue shirt, black vest, dark blue duffle coat, brown boots, dark blue fingerless gloves.

  • Arcana Ring- Bolsters the spell casting abilities of its wearer.
  • Frost Brace- Bolsters both the power of and resistance to ice elemental attacks
  • Two Ethers


  • Keyblade of Light- While most Keyblades draw on the power of light to some degree, the Keyblade of Light specializes in the manipulation of the raw power of light itself, adding light damage to each attack and allowing the wielder to use light based magic such as Holy. Due to recently obtaining the blade, Zeiq has only developed one light based ability.
  • Dagger

Armor: N/A

Ability Slots:

  • Reflect - A barrier surrounds Zeiq that absorbs a magic attack, converts it into light elemental energy, and fires it back at the caster.
  • Freezing Rain- Multiple arrow shaped shards of ice are fired at an opponent. Blizzard-level ice spell.
  • Ice Twister- A medium sized vortex of ice and snow is summoned, dealing damage too opponents. Blizzara level ice spell.
  • Lightning- An small arc of electricity is fired at the opponent.
  • Mana Drain- Zeiq fires a ray at an opponent that drains their magical energy to replenish his own
  • ???

Strengths: Raw magic power | Fairly agile | Incredibly smart and tactical| Willpower
Weaknesses: Little physical defense or offence | poor swordsman | Little to no actual combat experience

Personality: A bookworm who loves his alone time and studying the wonders of the universe, Zeiq is a very quiet man who can appear rather intimidating due to both his skeletal appearance and nasty looking burn scar. He tends to be rather stoic, rarely raising his voice beyond a rasping whisper and not displaying much emotion beyond the occasional amused smirk. He’s also brutally honest, very rarely masking his opinions of others behind nuances. However, under this rough exterior, Zeiq is for the most part a very warm hearted man who actively tries to help others whenever possible and who is both incredibly intimidated by his newfound responsibility and incredibly determined to work hard to do what’s right, to the point almost child-like naiveté. This can make him appear rather eccentric and self obsessed to those who get to know him, leading to some to dismiss him as harmless. However, Zeiq can be very ruthless when he needs to be and is not one to give second chances to those who betray his trust.

Likes: Books, cold weather, spicy food, chess, caffeine , learning new things
Dislikes: Arrogance, Hot weather, seeing others bullied
Greatest Fear: Failure

Family: Alana Starfell (Mother- Died during a heartless raid), Orson Starfell (Father-Location unknown, presumed dead), Kane Starfell (Younger Brother- Crippled during heartless raid, looks up to Zeiq)

Acquaintances: Has yet to establish many contacts due to just leaving Camelot, although he has been ordered to seek out the Legion of Lighbearers.
History: Zeiq was born on the world of Camelot, which has evolved from the Medieval realm it was in Sora’s time to a technologically advanced world similar to a steampunk styled Victorian London. The middle child of a well respected Paladin, Zeiq’s idealistic life was shattered at a young age when a slip-up by his father led to a heartless invasion that left his mother dead, brother crippled, face mutilated by a stray fire spell and family’s reputation in tatters. In an effort to restore the family name, his father left the planet to search for a way to bring an end to the Heartless and the Sorceress who led them. He was never heard from again.
Cast to the fringes of society, Zeiq was left to pick up the pieces of his life and restore his family’s reputation. Never a very good athlete or warrior, he dove into magical studies to an obsessive degree, to the point where he only interacted with his teachers and his brother on a meaningful level. His obsession paid off in the end, as he became recognized for his magical talent and prowess with offensive spells.
Assigned to perform research on the ancient warding spell ‘reflect’ by Camelot’s ruling council, Zeiq leapt into his research reluctantly; due to his poor abilities with the reflect spell, he suspected that the Council was deliberately trying to tear him down via an impossible test. This test came to an end more quickly then he thought, as his world once again came under assault by the heartless, with his brother trapped at the front lines. Vowing that he wouldn’t lose anything or anyone else to the beasts, Zeiq raced to the conflict, only to find himself quickly overwhelmed by heartless and half dead with his brother right beside him
Just as the heartless mobbed the two in an attempt to finish them off, light poured out of Zeiq’s being and shaped itself into the Keyblade of Light. Overcoming the initial shock of what had happened, Zeiq managed to use the Keyblade and his newly powered reflect spell to keep the Heartless at bay until they were rescued by the city guard.
Upon his recovery, Zeiq was once again brought before the council where they informed him that due to his status as a Keyblade wielder, his very presence on the world was dangerous. They would keep his brother safe and he would be allowed to visit whenever he wished, but he would be better off relocating to Kleides and joining up with the Legion of Lightbearers. Packing his things and promising his brother that he would return, Zeiq got on the next transport to Kleides, the only sure part of his future being that he would have to transfer ships at the Olympus Coliseum.
PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 8:28 pm
Name: Nathan
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Evil/chaotic neutral
Homeworld: Iska

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 175lbs
Body Type: Athletic and muscular, like a soccer player or swimmer
Skin Type: Fair
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Silver, cut short and swept to the left
Other: Scar running over right eye

Clothing: Black, sleeveless coat left open with the collar turned up, no undershirt, dark washed jeans with two brown leather belts crossing over each other, black leather gloves reaching to the elbow beneath gold gauntlets (see armor below), knee-high black leather boots with silver accents, red and gold scabbard for Schwer Lodern strapped to his back, the belt crossing from right to left across his chest
  • Ruby on a gold chain - allows Nathan to communicate telepathically. Will only work to communicate with one person at a time, and they cannot respond back the same way.
  • Gold band earrings in his right ear in the helix (upper ear) and earlobe with a gold chain attached between them, the bands are set with rubies - no know usage

  • Zweihänder (Schwer Lodern) - a greatsword housing the fire-demon Schwer Lodern, it has a blade of five feet in length, and the cross-guard is shaped in an ornate style of burnished gold and silver remeniscent of flames. The ricasso is about a foot in size, allowing plenty of grip should Nathan need to use it. Can (and often will) burst into flames for a short period if time without burning the wielder, however anything the flames come into contact with will burn if flammable.
  • Fighting knife - A standard knife, most often used for throwing or when an area is too enclosed to effectively bring Schwer Lodern out.

Armor: Blaze Gauntlet - Increases resistance to fire-based attacks. Doesn't grant total immunity, and only works around the hands and arms.

Ability Slots:
  • Fire - a basic fire spell, hurls a fireball at a designated target
    • Fira - a more advanced fire spell, hurls three fireballs in succession at a designated target
  • Flare Grenade - Summons a fireball at a point between ten to twenty feet from the caster which will explode with a blast radius of about five feet
  • Roman Candle - Will shoot several small blasts of fire from the palm of his hand
  • Backstab - Will quickly step behind an opponent and, well, stab them in the back
  • Lunging Arc - Lunges forward at an opponent and swings Schwer Lodern down in a powerful, over-hand arc
  • Wade It Out - Swings Schwer Lodern in large, horizontal arcs near the ground while walking forward one step per swing, often used to scatter groups of opponents or knock a single opponent off their feet

Strengths: Physical strength | Fire magic | Solo combat | Confidence bordering on arrogance, often throws an opponent off
Weaknesses: Weak against Water and Ice magics | Slowed somewhat due to the size and weight of Schwer Lodern | Group combat/cooperation | Low magical defense

Personality: Nathan is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, held together with copious amounts of duct-tape. He can be cruel or kind, patient or hasty, gentle or rough. He does nothing for another without gaining something in return. His smile is easy, open, and friendly, though he will often act cold and aloof as well. Or smile when he's ripping your beating heart out of your chest... Like the element he commands so easily, he can either comfort you with his friendly warmth, or burn you to a crisp if he gets out of control.
Likes: Doing his own thing, sparring, travel, adventure
Dislikes: Being manipulated or used, being forced to do anything against his will, idiots
Greatest Fear: Becoming one of the Frozen

Family: None
  • Mizu - He taught her how to fight on the streets of their homeworld, and was the first one she swore blood-brotherhood with. Will regard her as a younger sibling at times.
  • Mina - He ran into her on Olympus--or, rather, she ran into him. He then proceeded to woo and charm the living daylights out of her.
  • Jeanna - He met her after Mina ran into him on Olympus, and proceeded to woo and charm her as well.
  • Amelia - He met her after Mina ran into him on Olympus. Like Mina and Jeanna, he proceeded to woo and charm her, though more with a "big brother" attitude than anything else.
  • Atticus - He met Atticus after Mina ran into him on Olympus, and has pretty much vowed to beat the grouch out of the old coot.
  • Zeiq - He met Zeiq on Olympus during the Heartless attack after the Cornerstone failure.
  • Cormac - He met Cormac on Olympus during the Heartless attack after the Cornerstone of Fire failed.
  • Synric - He met Synric on Olympus during the Heartless attack after the Cornerstone of Fire failed.
  • Elaine - He met her on Olympus during the Heartless attack after the Cornerstone of Fire failed.
  • Orielle - He met her on Olympus at the Cornerstone of Fire. Her attitude amuses him.

History: Nathan was born on Iska, a prosperous world with some rather nasty sections. He was born to one of the women in a poorer section of the world, what the residents called the “red light district.” His mother was a rather expensive mistress, however when she was found to be with child she was cast out in the streets with nothing more than the clothes on her back and a few paltry coins she had hidden in her seams. Nathan was lucky to survive the birth, since his mother couldn’t afford a midwife’s services, and instead had to rely on the charity of one of her friends. That friend was the woman Terra, who kept an eye on Nathan and his mother for as long as she could. Terra, however, couldn’t interfere with anything Nathan’s mother had decided to do, and unfortunately, within ten years she had drunken herself to death. Terra adopted Nathan into her gang of thieves, and taught him the ways to survive in the streets. Eventually Mizu was adopted in much the same way, and Nathan took it upon himself to train her as Terra had trained him.

After the attack on Iska by the Sorceress, Nathan had found himself stowed away on one of the transport Gummies. Sadly, he had a turn of ill-luck, and was found, only to be cast out into space. He was given a single Gummy ship of his own, one with barely enough resources to get him anywhere, never mind to a safe haven. Or, at least, there would have been barely enough supplies for him if he hadn’t been a denizen of the streets. Nathan was used to going without on food, and was able to ration himself enough where a week’s worth of food for anyone else could have stretched out into a month.

Luckily, he didn’t have to hold out that long.

After two and a half weeks or so, Nathan found himself drifting towards a peculiarly tiny world. He was able to land the Gummy he was exiled in, and discovered that the world was quite inhabitable. That was where he found Schwer Lodern. Or, perhaps, where Schwer Lodern found him.

The fire-demon was fascinated, having never seen anything like Nathan before. The world of the demons was isolated, and no travelers had ever landed there. Not even the famed Sora or Riku had ever managed to visit this world, and as such it had no name, and the denizens were far removed from the lives and loves of the rest of the worlds. They knew nothing of the Sorceress, or of anything else going on outside of their tiny domain. However with Nathan’s arrival, they soon learned of the worlds outside their own. One demon was fascinated with the stories of the Sorceress and was quite willing to meet her, if Nathan would be willing to take him with. After his cruel treatment by his fellow survivors, the shock of his home being Frozen, and the sly manipulative nature of Schwer Lodern, Nathan agreed, albeit with great reluctance. Several years passed, and Schwer Lodern took the form of the Zweihänder to be an easier traveling companion for Nathan. That, and the demon had discovered a liking for inhabiting weapons and lighting them on fire.  


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PostPosted: Sat Jul 02, 2011 4:35 pm
Name: Atticus Cross
Age: 44
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral
Homeworld: Radiant Garden

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 149
Body Type: Slim and scrawny
Skin Type: White; very pale
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Long and white; the roots of the hairs on the sides are still black
Other: His palms are scarred and calloused; his skin is near icy.

Clothing: Like this, but without the staff. Also has a silver pocket watch (concealing a photo of his family), a satchel hanging off his belt and holds necessary ingredients for his spell (such as corpse dust to summon skeletons), a skull-shape gorge hanging off the other side of his belt filled with medicine to counter the effects of his necromancy use, and a small, non-combat knife tucked away in his boot sharp enough to slice through flesh if enough force is applied (used to draw blood for his summoning spells).
Items: None
  • Book of the Dead - A book of necromancy. Contains spells and empowers the user with the abilities to cast them.

Armor: Breast and shoulder plates made out of bones (see picture above for reference)

    Ability Slots:
    Summoning Arts - A set of abilities attributed to Atticus' ability to summon the dead back to life to carry out his bidding.
    • Summon Skeletal Warrior - Atticus can summon up to 5 skeleton warriors at a time. Each warrior has low physical resistance and deal minor damage.

    Necromancy - A set of spells attributed to Atticus' understanding of the Book of the Dead.
    • Teeth - Fires a barrage of summoned barbed teeth.
    • Blasphemous Ruin - Utters a blasphemy so vile and foul any enemies nearby are wracked with agonizing pain, making concentration and mobility difficult for the enemy until the effects wear off. Lasts for 3 posts.

    Frost - A set of ice-based attacks attributed to Atticus' control over the Ice element.
    • Blizzard - A basic ice-elemental attack that does minor elemental damage in the form of a chunk of ice.

    Support Abilities:
    Necromancy - A set of supportive spells and abilities attributed to Atticus' understanding of the Book of the Dead.
    • Bone Armor - Creates an orbiting shield of bone that absorbs physical damage. Lasts for 5 posts.

Strengths: Evasion | Spell casting | Long ranged attacks | Speed
Weaknesses: Physical attacks | Close combat | Spell prevention

Personality: Atticus is very harsh and straight forward. He doesn’t believe in a gray area when it comes to justice. A sin is a sin, regardless of what it is. He’s very calm and intelligent, and very wise, as well as dark and mysterious. He usually speaks in parables and stories in order to teach or express his thoughts more clearly (or in a more confusing manner--whichever floats your boat).
Likes: Reading and learning | Understanding how things work | Conversing with the dead | The idea of being able to give and take away life
Dislikes: Noise | Disruption | Youth | Annoyance | Hooligans
Greatest Fear: Ironically, he fears dying.

Family: Deceased
Acquaintances: None as of now


July 23rd
I’ve just returned from my son’s funeral. My wife is in the other room bawling and I don’t know how to comfort her. Can I comfort her? Our only son was taken from us… I wish I were more open with my feelings like her. Maybe I wouldn’t feel so heavy inside… I wish I could go back… Back to the day he died. I’d pull him away from the ledge and keep him close beside me like I should’ve. I turned around for just a few seconds and that’s all it took. A stranger walked by and accidentally bumped into my son just hard enough to push him over the edge and into the water below. He didn’t know how to swim and by the time I realized what had happen, it was too late. He washed up on the other side of town… I should’ve paid attention.

July 24th
My wife has been acting strange lately… She’s been quiet and unresponsive. She hasn’t gotten out of bed since we returned from the funeral. I’m beginning to get concerned. I’ve called the doctor and he should be here any moment now.


The doctor left just now. There’s nothing seriously wrong with my wife. The doctor believes its just trauma caused by the loss of our son. He said only time could cure her right now.

July 25th
Things with my wife haven’t improved much. She’s moving around now, but she’s still unresponsive. There are moments where I catch her staring at the knives in the kitchen, but once she realizes I’m staring, she looks away.

July 26th
It’s 3:15 in the morning. I woke up to my wife screaming beside me. I managed to calm her down for now, but I fear this is only going to get worse.

August 1st
I’ve just returned from my wife’s funeral… I found her hanging in the closet a week ago. I’ve lost everything I ever loved in this life.

August 2nd
It’s 1:20 in the morning… I haven’t slept yet, nor do I have the desire to… I write this with a gun in my mouth, but I can’t bring myself to pull the trigger… I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

August 5th
I slowly feel myself distancing myself from society. Noise, children, people… they’re slowly becoming a nuisance in my life. I feel angry and sad all the time. I don’t know if I could continue living like this. I need hope… something… I wish I didn’t feel this way.

August 6th
There’s hope! I met an old man in the market place today as I was gathering groceries. He was quite old, probably in his 70’s. He had no hair except for on the sides of his head and that wasn’t much. He was blind in both eyes and had no teeth. He had a hump on his back and walked with a limp, using the cane he held for support. I could sense this man was very wise… or very crazy… But he spoke about my situation and promised me a way to bring the dead back from the grave. He agreed to teach me at no cost. I have an appointment with him later today.


The session went well. Unfortunately he can’t see me anymore, but he gave me this book to study and learn. The more I read, the more interested I become. The idea of controlling life and death is exhilarating! The old man calls this Necromancy.

September 10th
It’s been over a month and I've become more powerful than I could have ever imagined! I've given life to both animals and humans alike. Skeletons adhere to my every bidding. I've muttered words and people have fallen ill right before my eyes. This power is overwhelming; I could feel its ecstasy coursing through my veins!

I believe I'm finally ready to bring my family back from the other side.


Something has gone terribly wrong! My family--they were just as mindless and animalistic as the rest! I read the incantation correctly, didn't I? Of course I did. I've practice chanting the spell day and night. There's not a chance I made a mistake.

This book is nothing more than a fairy tale--a fool's errand! I should tear it to shreds and burn the remains! Curse this power! What value does it hold if I can't even use it for the very purpose I sought it out?

The gods would not grant such a gift just for it to prove fruitless and futile. There has to be more! There has to be something I'm missing--some minor detail I've overlooked.

September 11th
This morning, as I reviewed the spells and curses within the book, I found a hidden page covered by the pastedown at the end of the tome. The page tells the tale of a legendary talisman with immeasurable powers so great that it could give its wielder the ability to bring the dead back to life--healed of any and all blemishes to the body and mind and restored of the person's soul! This is what I have been looking for! I must find it!

Though I'd be lying if I didn't say I am a bit skeptical of the legitimacy of this talisman, but it's all this desperate man has left. This one. Last. Hope. I fear this search of hope is taking me down a dark and corrupted path. The more I use this power, the more hungry for it I become; the more dead and cold I begin to feel on the inside (I've developed a serum to counter-attack the effects, but it only provides temporary relief). I'm scared I might lose sight of why I even began this journey in the first place and be lost to this power...
PostPosted: Thu Aug 18, 2011 9:49 pm

Name: Lazarus Richen
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Frozen
Homeworld: Kleides

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Body Type: Thin and lanky
Skin Type: Pale Grey
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black with pale grey, long down to his shoulder blades with a coarse beard and mustache

Clothing: Lazarus wears a blood red tunic with black slacks. Black leather boots come up to below his knees and he wears a long black trench coat over it all.
  • Dark Stone - Acquired during his research, it grants Lazarus a boost to any dark magic that he may use. He can only use the stone oncer per battle(duration 3 posts) Worn around the neck in the center of a gold medallion

  • Dark Scythe- A scythe imbued with the power of darkness. Deals dark damage upon contact with a target.
  • Throwing Knives- as simple as they sound, contained within an internal pocket of his trench coat.
Ability Slots:
  • Dark Fissure- Lazarus strikes his scythe on the ground creating cracks in the ground from which darkness erupts to try and damage a target.
  • High Jump- Lazarus is able to jump much higher than that of a normal jump
  • Darkness Wave- Lazarus is able to swing his scythe in sideways arc, creating a wave of dark energy that erupts from it.
  • Frozen Glare- Charging dark energy into his eyes, If he makes eye contact with his opponent he can potentially stun them.
  • Dark Barrier- Casting a dome of dark energy around himself, it protects him from any physical attack. However, he cannot move while he is using it.
  • Dark Blast- Lazarus can unleash a blast of dark energy from his hand.
  • Dark Possession- Lazarus lets the darkness take complete control of his body causing berserk.
  • Drain- Lazarus can grab onto an opponent with a hand charged with darkness. If he does he can drain away their energy.

Strengths: Strength | Speed | Magic |
Weaknesses: Weak to Light and Holy Magic

Personality: Lazarus' obsession with darkness has resulted in nothing short of mental instability. He praises the dark and condemns the light. However, he is also prone to times of sadness, in particular when it comes to his family. These times though do not last and often result in nothing more than anger for their lack of understanding of his passion.
Likes: Research, Darkness
Dislikes: Light, Being misunderstood
Greatest Fear:

Family: Shiara(wife, deceased) Alexander(son, deceased) Richard(son)
History:Lazarus was once just a scholar, his research and obsession with study resulted in his and his family's relocation many times. However, for their sake and his family's stability, they eventually settled in Edo. It was there, a world relatively close to the border that he began to research the darkness. Upon finding the Dark Stone the power of it set foot in his heart and slowly but surely his research turned to obsession. His obsession eventually resulted in his family's misunderstanding and ridicule and he left and hasn't been heard from since.  

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 27, 2011 10:26 am

Name: Simon
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Race: ???
Alignment: Frozen
Homeworld: ???

Height: 5'8''
Weight: ???
Body Type: ???
Skin Type: A pale gray
Eyes: Crimson
Hair: Short, brown
Other: ???

  • ??? - A spherical stone, smaller than a baseball, that has a mysterious ability to connect itself to another item, allowing the holder to see through it, among other things.
  • Dark Stone - A gift from Lazarus, it allows the Frozen's darkness based abilities to work at full power around the cornerstones, among other power boosts. When negating the cornerstone's effects, it has a radius of 15 feet, which gets smaller the closer it comes to the cornerstone.

  • b*****d Sword, it has a dark grey blade. The handle is inset with sapphires.
Armor: None

Ability Slots:
  • Water/Watera/Wateraga Sphere - Forms a sphere of water, the opposite of the 'Fire' spell. [3]
  • Flood - Only attainable after Wateraga. Waves of water attack all enemies on the battlefield from all sides simultaneously. Can also be used on a single target.
  • Petrify - A chance of turning a small target, or a limb or two, into stone. [4/5 chance, limit 2 times per battle]
  • Cornered - When severely pressed, Simon can briefly form a cone of swirling water around him, which slices at enemies who are too close (within two feet). The cone lasts no more than 3 seconds, just enough to ward off a single attack.
  • Disaster - Can pull a target closer to him, like a magnet. Can be resisted with some effort. At this level, it's more annoying than damaging.

Strengths: Magic | ??? | ??? |
Weaknesses: Melee

Personality: Oddly matter-of-fact
Likes: ???
Dislikes: ???
Greatest Fear: ???

Family: ???
Acquaintances: ???

History: ???  
PostPosted: Wed Oct 26, 2011 5:54 pm
Name: Lolovivi
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Alignment: Evil
Homeworld: ???

Height: 5’
Weight: 100
Body Type: Scrawny and light
Skin Type: Dark brown
Eyes: honey-colored
Hair: Long, curly black hair worn in a high pony with a red ribbon
Other: N/A

Clothing: Black pants, a crimson red tank-top, matching red-colored flat soled ankle boots, black utility belt with her sword sheath on her right
  • N/A

  • A medium length “scissor sword.” Its hilt has a split in it that pulls apart to reveal that the blade is actually a discreet pair of scissors.

Armor: N/A

Ability Slots:
  • The Endless Ribbon - Lolo has ten spools of ribbon (purple and red) on her person that she can unwind and manipulate, giving her the possibility of creating an endless line of ribbon the thickness of her liking (so long as she has the mana to continue manipulating it. When she stops feeding mana into it the ribbons return to their normal states)
  • Ribbon Dance - Lolo can manipulate the movements of her ribbons
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

Strengths: Speed | Endurance | Timing | Flexibility
Weaknesses: Doesn’t recover quickly | Doesn’t respond to pain well

Personality: Most who meet Lolovivi would assume she’s a sweet young girl who couldn’t harm a fly. But those who know her most like to avoid her. Her façade masks the truly sick and twisted person she can be. She enjoys playing power games with people, being the dominant personality, and manipulating people. Though her sadism is a very well “advanced” trait of hers, she still lacks the maturity to deal with quite a few things. If things don’t go her way or if she doesn’t get what she wants then she is likely to throw a powerful temper tantrum. She is not a good sport, nor a good loser, and she’ll take a dirty trick over cunning tactics any day.
Likes: Black cats | Pretty trinkets | Gifts | Night time | Glass | Satin ribbons
Dislikes: Losing | Being tricked | Failed plans | Things outside of her control
Greatest Fear: Falling or getting stuck in very tight spaces

Family: (Adopted) Father - Dr. Dullahan
Acquaintances: N/A

History: A small package was dropped off in front of one of the many decrepit buildings in the darkest town this world had ever known. Dr. Dullahan was awoken from his sleep when the front door chime rang. He sat up in bed and sleepily pulled an overcoat on to see if his package had arrived. When he shuffled to the door and looked outside he frowned. This was not the package he was expecting. It looked like a nicely prepared gift box with a beautiful ribbon tied across the top. The doctor knelt down and lifted the lid off the parcel to find . . .
A baby girl, sleeping soundly in her little gift box. His frown deepened. This “package” was probably meant for a similar-looking building one street down--the orphanage. Dullahan looked at the little piece of paper on the baby’s front and read the name scribbled on there. It said, “Lolovivi.” Odd name.
What Dullahan did next was odder still. He knelt down, picked up the package, and carried it inside. This particular doctor was most certainly not the fatherly type. Most people avoided him, and for good reason. Even the thieves did. This particular scientist had no line to draw between what was right, wrong, and ethical.
For the next fourteen years Dr. Dullahan raised Lolovivi as his own. She started out as a project, another experiment, but his affections for her grew as she did. He taught her all she needed to be brilliant, successful, and get exactly what she wanted. There was no one left to call an heir, his wife and single child died years ago. So she would be his heir, inherit his genius and continue his malicious studies. But she needed experience. And he knew the perfect way to give her a debut into the world. The Olympus Coliseum tournament.  

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2011 10:02 pm
The Pieces Three

It was known simply as 'The Curator'. . .
...a being of unknown origin which resided in a distant section of time and space. Its only driving force was the acquisition of as much knowledge as it could collect. Over eons of existence, The Curator learned countless things, basking in the wisdom it obtained and relishing the secrets it gleamed. Eventually, it became aware of a point in the distant future, in some far-off world, when it would meet its end at the hands of a being vastly stonger and wiser than itself. Unable to believe the event it saw, it propelled itself forcefully through the channels between realms, searching for some method to avoid what it forsaw. After much deliberation, it found a way of preserving itself within another creature, settling on a dark entity whose strength was comparable to many beings considered Deities or Powers-That-Be. However, within its host's exceptionally powerful mind, The Curator could not continue its quest for infinite knowledge, save when he slept. So, as the deific being dreamed of realms far from his own, The Curator spent the time controlling his physical form, searching for a way to continue its work. The answer came in the form of the collective information and knowledge The Curator had amassed thus far - through several ritualistic sessions of complex Chymistry and Sorcery (which The Curator came to call The Rite of Division), it could remove from its host the pieces of him that kept him in control of his own body. With these pieces removed, The Curator would be permitted full access to its host's form.

These are The Pieces Three, and this is their story...

I am The Second, alone in a faceless crowd. A human caught in monochrome dreams, I scream to wake up now. My voice drowns deep underground - only the dead can hear me...see me.

Name: Zaphkiel, The Second
Age: Came into being outside of time, has 'existed' within time for 37 years
Gender: Male
Race: Nobody
Alignment: Neutral
Homeworld: Spawned in The Far Realm, spent most of his 'existence' in Wonderland

Appearance: Zaphkiel
Height: 5'11
Weight: 154 lbs.
Body Type: Lean
Skin Type: Tan
Eyes: Green
Hair: Auburn

Clothing: Loose, flowing clothes arranged with blues, reds and light browns, as well as trace amounts of silver.
  • Gloves of the Duelist - Acquired from a fallen adversary, these gloves establish a metaphysical link between the wearer and the melee weapons they carry. While linked, the weight of these weapons are dramatically reduced, allowing for faster and more dynamic use.
  • Edged Scabbard - A unique sheath for Zaphkiel's Falchion that keeps the blade razor sharp.
  • Enigmatic Journal Entry - Zaphkiel found this collection of papers on his person after first coming into being. While they possess no special properties on their own, their contents speak of a most complex sorcery, as well as the origins of Zaphkiel himself. The Nobody has kept these pages with the thought that he may one day discover more of the same.

  • Longsword - Zaphkiel's primary weapon. The blade itself possesses no supernatural abilities; however, it is composed of a rare ore known as Tok'l. Tok'l metal is highly psycho-reactive, and this property allows Zaphkiel to transfer his psionic abilities into the sword.
  • Falchion - A heavy blade that Zaphkiel typically keeps in its scabbard. He uses it mainly when he enters his Dream State, taking advantage of its keen edge when he doesn't have to worry about its poor reach.

Armor: A light suit of firm scale mail beneath his clothes.

Ability Slots:
  • Novice Alabaster Psionics - Creates a projection of silvery-white energy, used for momentary shielding and deflection of oncoming attacks.
  • Novice Anathemic Psionics - Conjurs a scarlet orb which hovers slowly through the air until it comes into contact with another solid object, which causes it to detonate fiercely.
  • Novice Iridescent Psionics - Produces a prismatic stream of energy, capable of absorbing other forms of energy that collide with it to fuel its attack power.
  • Dream State - By tapping into the second consciousness that lives within his mind, Zaphkiel can place himself into a unique state of autohypnosis. In this state, the fragments of the alien mind that he possesses maintain the actions he was taking beforehand while shutting his own mind out of the actions, placing him on a sort of 'auto-pilot'. In this state, Zaphkiel becomes immune to fatigue and pain, capable of taking even critical strikes and performing strenuous actions with minimal interference. However, it also takes the full use of his mental focus, preventing him from using any of his other psionic abilities while in the Dream State. He can be jarred free of this state if a significant amount of damage is dealt to him at once.
  • Passive Ability Armored Mind - The shards of The Curator's mind that exist within Zaphkiel keep his willpower incredibly fortified, making him immune to the vast majority of spells or powers that attempt to weaken or dominate the mind. However, he is far more succeptible to powers that cause sleep or similar effects.

Strengths: Potent mental power and fortitude | Moderate melee combat skills | Can shrug off certain amounts of damage
Weaknesses: Overall neutrality prevents him from taking action in a fight unless he's directly involved or at risk | Often loses motivation during combat or tough situation and simply walks away | Subject to spontaneous narcoleptic episodes

Personality: Zaphkiel is, as Nobodies tend to be, a being whose existence is a vague definition, at best. He feels very little for those around him, regardless of what kind of state they're in. He does, however, seem to have this primal driving idea that he could become capable of being more human if his existence were more fully defined. To this end, he has been known to sympathize with those who may be able to help him 'evolve', as it were. Beyond this compelling force, though, he tends to pay almost no attention to those of either good or evil alignment, claiming that both sides of the spectrum only serve to annoy him. In addition, due to the remnants of The Curator within his mind, he also possesses an innate thirst for wisdom and understanding.
Likes: Information, those he deems useful, a cup of tea, a nice nap
Dislikes: Those who are either extremely good or extremely evil, those who find it necessary to impede his efforts
Greatest Fear: To come to the end of his 'existence' without learning if he can progress beyond what he is.

Family: The First and Third Pieces, though he's done his best to avoid them and their crazy schemes.
Acquaintances: Hatter, March Hare and Dormouse

History: When The Curator performed the Rite of Division, Zaphkiel was the second of the Pieces Three to be removed from its host. From what can be discerned from the Enigmatic Journal Entry that Zaphkiel possesses, this second part of the ritual involved carefully stripping the host of his physical form, leaving only his collective Divine energy to keep his consciousness in tact. Once The Curator removed this physical body, it can be reasoned that the latent energy from the host was powerful enough within his former shell that a Nobody would inevitably rise from it. Zaphkiel was only kept in The Far Realm for a short time for observational study before being hurled through time and space by The Curator. Zaphkiel's earliest memories of existing within what he calls "this Branch" involved him dwelling in a world with a diverse and nonsensical landscape, where he spent much of his time taking tea with a rather lackadaisical bunch around a table far too large for just the four of them. Due to the many years he spent in such a mad land, it makes a degree of sense that his view on things became somewhat skewed.
What Zaphkiel didn't know - and what The Curator had failed to notice until much later - was that the removal of the host's body also carried with it the removal of his willpower, part of which was also The Curator's. As such, Zaphkiel eventually came to find that he possessed remarkable powers of the mind, though he was hardly ambitious enough to try and expand upon these abilities. In fact, even after making this discovery, it was still a decade of half-raving suggestions from his three mad friends later before the Nobody finally got up from the table and sought out a way to better himself. He has been travelling almost accidentally from world to world ever since, stumbling through the corridors between worlds. Even this many years later, he still has yet to find anything concrete in his search for something that can help him learn more about what he is and what he can become. In spite of this, he still rides forward on the memories of his friend's words of motivation, sure that he'll be able to return to them a vastly superior being.

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Name: Elaine Burgess
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral
Homeworld: Radiant Garden

Height: 5’9”
Weight: 142lbs
Body Type: Healthy stick Lanky
Skin Type: Pale, smooth
Eyes: Green
Hair: Pulled up in a high tail, thin, wispy bangs, platinum blonde in color
Other: Her fingertips are stained from some of the herbs she uses, especially under her nails.

Clothing: White halter-style top with a high neck, khaki-colored bermuda shorts with several pockets, medicine bag slung over left hip, white calf-high stockings, and brown hiking boots. Topped off with a brown traveling cloak. See avatar for more minor details that may or may not be included in the final design. (really, Bobbi? Suspenders?) >.>
  • Medicine bag - contains several healing herbs and medicines, a small mortar and pestle for grinding the herbs, gauze for bandages, and ointments for various ills. All are contained in tiny, tightly-sealed containers.
  • Treasure bag - a small pouch hung about Elaine’s neck, it contains various crystals and gemstones, as well as a few trinkets she keeps for purely sentimental value, such as a tiny, carved wooden horse her little brother made for her as a good luck charm.

Weapon(s): None, but she does keep a small knife on hand in case it’s needed.
Armor: None

Ability Slots:
  • Cure - a small spell that can heal minor wounds, but won’t do much for anything more severe than a deep cut. Gut-stabs and anything that’s gushing is out of the question.
  • Raise - will revive someone unconscious, but doesn’t do much for healing
  • Esuna - will cure one single target of physical ailments
  • Protect - erects a magical shield around one target that deflects physical blows for a short period of time
  • Shell - erects a magical shield around one target that deflects magical blows for a short period of time

Strengths: Healing | speed | agility | reflexes (she can dodge! 8D)
Weaknesses: Weak-willed | indecisive | poor physical strength | no magical defenses to speak of

Personality: Elaine is a meek, shy, and incredibly diffident young girl. She has a very difficult time asserting herself except when it comes to her medicines, and often has to be goaded into making any kind of decision for herself. She cares deeply for others, and will often overlook the faults of anyone she comes across. Easily manipulated and quite submissive, she is extremely easy for anyone to take advantage of. Above all, though, she is extremely devout in her worship of Sora, Donald, and Goofy (though Sora is her favorite of the Trinity).
Likes: People | plants | tea | sunshine | birds | listening to the wind | gardening
Dislikes: Bugs | snakes | yelling | senseless destruction | seeing people hurt
Greatest Fear: Death, either her own or of the people around her

  • Mother - Marlene
  • Father - Pierre
  • Little brother - Johann

  • Cormac - She met him on Olympus during the Heartless attack after the Cornerstone of Fire failed.
  • Synric - She met him on Olympus during the Heartless attack after the Cornerstone of Fire failed.
  • Mina - She met Mina on Olympus during the Heartless attack after the Cornerstone of Fire failed
  • Amelia - She met Amelia on Olympus during the Heartless attack after the Cornerstone of Fire failed
  • Zeiq - She met Zeiq on Olympus during the Heartless attack after the Cornerstone of Fire failed.
  • Nathan - She met Nathan on Olympus during the Heartless attack after the Cornerstone of Fire failed.

History: Elaine grew up in a small home in Radiant Gardens. Her father was a carpenter, her mother a seamstress, and both made enough money for a modest, yet comfortable living. Elaine and her brother never went hungry, and Mother was usually home to school them and keep the two (relatively) out of trouble. More often than not, Johann was dragging Elaine off to some “grand adventure.” Usually those grand adventures involved climbing things and exploring areas of the Gardens that are roped off to the general public because of unsafe conditions. Johann was an extremely lucky child, and Elaine was so cautious she rarely got hurt. The worst injuries the two of them suffered were scraped knees and a few bruises.

One day, Johann grew ill, and Mother and Father couldn’t afford to pay for anyone to check up on him and see what was wrong. Elaine studied his symptoms for a bit, and eventually begged enough money off of her parents to visit a local apothecary. There, she bought several herbs and other ingredients to make salves and medicines, and began experimenting. Within two days she had a medicine made up for Johann, and he was showing remarkable improvement. Immediately afterwards, Mother and Father assigned Elaine as an apprentice to a local sect of healer-priests. There, Elaine showed an aptitude for healing, and quickly blossomed under her teachers’ guidance.

She one day stumbled across a book detailing a new kind of healing--new to her, anyway. This healing didn’t involve the herbs, tinctures, salves, ointments, and poultices of the trade she was learning. Rather, it detailed using the energies found in crystals to influence healing in a person. From what little she read, this form of healing could cure not only physical ailments, but also a few minor mental ailments as well! Her teachers noticed her interest in the crystal healing, and taught her everything they knew. Sadly, there wasn’t much information they had, since this sect dealt with more traditional remedies. They also knew of no one who actually practiced such healing, and couldn’t apprentice her to them, either. Their recommendation was for Elaine to travel the worlds and learn what she could. Elaine was terrified of leaving her home, but at the urging of her teachers, parents, and the little brother who adored her, she eventually set off on her own.

That was two years ago, and while Elaine has learned much in her time traveling, she's realized she has so much more to learn. She came to Olympus in the hopes of finding a temporary job, perhaps as a healer during the Games, as the munny she'd had when she set out had dried up.  


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Name: Cormac Ashhart
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Hume'vri (Half Human, Half Ultevri)
Alignment: Good
Homeworld: Tsuvryen [Frozen]

Height: 6'1
Weight: 175 lbs.
Body Type: Lean
Skin Type: Fair
Eyes: Deep Brown
Hair: Chestnut Brown, Short-Medium; just long enough to start getting wavy but not long enough to get in his eyes.
Other: There is a pentagram on the back of his right hand, though only one point of the star is colored in (a sort of ashy purple); the faded lines of a circle encompass the star, touching all the points, but is only really visible by the filled point.

  • A small, purple tunic, buttoned down the middle with a thin hood (usually left down), its bottom hem going just over his waist; a small, Pentacle-shaped clasp holds the shirt together at the collar.
  • A black leather belt, with a silver Pentacle belt buckle that's off-center (a little to the right) and a couple small, black pouches on his right side, attached to the belt.
  • A black leather strap, originating from the back-right side of the belt, wrapping over the left shoulder, and connecting to the off-center belt buckle, with a metal ring just over where his heart should be on the front and back; connected to the metal rings are two more leather straps, connected to a black leather, lightly armored shoulder pad, keeping it tightly in place over his right shoulder.
  • From his elbow down, he has cloth straps tightly wrapped around his arm, leaving only his fingers free; he wears fingerless black-leather gloves over the wrappings, with thin plates of metal over the back of the hand; on the right glove's plate, a Pentacle is engraved.
  • Snug leather pants, with belted leather steel-toe boots that go up to just below his knee.

  • For reference, see here.

  • 3x 'Paltry' Essence Stones - Small gems that can naturally hold predetermined amounts of mana. It takes no special ability to charge or drain a stone, allowing them to be used as mana reserves. If used by an Enchanter, the MP becomes a binding agent between a magical effect and an inanimate object. The strength and duration of the enchantment is determined by the stone and spell used. Paltry Stones are capable of holding just enough mana for a few low-level spells.They are kept in a pouch on his belt.
  • Enchanter's Journal - A small, sturdy journal in which Cormac copies down the meanings of magical symbols and runes he's discovered along his journey. Once he becomes proficient enough in his Enchanting, he will be able to put the runes to use in various enchantments instead of being forced to use actively-cast spells. As of now, the book is empty.

  • Syrena's Gift - An empty rapier sheath with an encrusted Essence Stone, enchanted so that when the wearer reaches for it, a Spectral Rapier forms to be used. The Spectral Rapier acts as any ordinary steel rapier, except that it costs mana to maintain its form. The sheath's enchantment can hold 5 charges; one charge lasts 5 posts. When neither mana or a charge can be spent, the rapier vanishes. Because it is not something he actively has to cast, he can put his full concentration into another spell while using it.


Ability Slots:
  • Evoke Specter {2} - Manifests a non-elemental spirit. Only 1 can be out at any time. The Specter throws non-elemental blasts of energy at targets and hovers around like a semi-sentient ally. The Specter will last 4 turns or until it takes 3 average-strength attacks, and uses medium-level magic (-Ra level). If combined with another spell at the time of casting, the Specter changes to suit the combination.
  • Static {1} - Stream of Thunder-level magic. Does slightly less damage than an average Thunder spell, but also does some MP damage to the target. Can cast in both hands, but as of now, doing so against the same target proves negligible, and doing so against two targets counts as half-concentration.
  • Aura Vita {1} - Cormac can cast Cure on a nearby ally, but not himself. Can include two allies, but heals half as fast.
  • Fledgling's Enchanting {1} - Using the specialized mana of Essence Stones, Cormac can enchant an inanimate object with a single magical effect (be it his own or someone else's), so long as it doesn't already have one. Right now, he can only Enchant using Paltry Stones and actively-cast low-level spells.

  • Hume'vri Blood [Racial Passive] - Hume'vri have a naturally high aptitude for magic and art. Due to this natural attunement, they can figure out how a spell or magical effect works very quickly (though that does not mean they can use it). They also take somewhat less damage from magic. Consequently, Hume'vri have a natural disadvantage in the form of raw strength; to reach the same level of raw strength as a human (not necessarily stamina), a Hume'vri must exercise twice as much. It's not impossible to be a Hume'vri warrior, it's just not generally worth the effort.
  • Pentacle's Birthright [World Passive] - On Tsuvryen, everyone is born with an inherent magical specialty, an inherent magical deficiency, and the ability to form special pacts with those of other specialties. Cormac's magical specialty is Evocation, the magic of divination and manifesting spiritual energies from the Spectral Plane, and his magical deficiency is Neuromagicka, the magic of illusions and mind-targeting effects. He learns Evocation spells and their upgrades at an accelerated pace, but learns Neuromagicka incredibly slow. Charging Evocation spells leaves no toll on him, letting him fully concentrate on other spells, but he is twice as likely to fall prey to illusions and mental spells. Should others join his Pentacle, spells they cast on each other cost half as much.

Strengths: Spiritual Magic (Evocation) | Magic in general | Agile | Great Teamwork | Good with One-handed Weapons | Has some experience with a bow
Weaknesses: Illusions and Mind-game Spells (Neuromagicka) | Physically Weak | Not so great solo | Low Endurance | Clumsy with any melee weapon heavier than a one-handed blade

Personality: Cormac is generally a fun-loving, curious young mage. He is very out-going and gets along well with others, with an all-encompassing sense of humor combined with generally good reception to the feelings of others around him. He considers himself 'empathic', though not in the mystical sense of the word; merely that he can usually tell how others are feeling.

Due to his Hume'vri blood and upbringing, he is also naturally a bit theatrical and has a good amount of charisma; not so much that he is overbearing, but enough to stand out. However, this naturally leads him to wear his heart on his sleeve; hiding his own feelings is generally impossible, as far as emotional moments go. If he's had a certain amount of time to deal with the emotion, he can hide it, but should the topic come up, the emotions will inevitably bubble to the surface.

He is intelligent, especially in the magical arts, and can be relied on for a creative answer to any conundrum. His wit, however, is not matched by his common sense or personal boundaries. He is naturally curious to a fault. He loves to tinker and see how things work, people included, which inevitably gets on some people's nerves. He rarely hesitates to ask questions such as 'how does that make you feel' or the more basic 'why', and despite his so-called empathy, very rarely picks up on cues that the person doesn't want to share. This can also lead him to be somewhat gullible, should the person play him right.

Overall, however, he is somewhat dependent on others, and not just in the sense of teamwork. He longs for camaraderie, revels in friendship, and withers in loneliness. Being by himself for any lengthy period of time drains him of any joy he might feel, so he eagerly sticks to cities and groups.
Likes: People | Playing Around/Theatricality | Magic | Fencing | Archery
Dislikes: Brutes | Being Alone | Being tricked | Seriousness | Vegetables
Greatest Fear: Getting lost on the Spectral Plane

Family: Father (Status Unknown), Mother (Status Unknown), Younger Sister (Status Unknown)
Acquaintances: None Yet

History: Cormac Ashhart was born into a simple family in Haloras, the capital city of Valerat, on the world of Tsuvryen. Less than two years later, his younger sister, Lillian, was born into the world. From that day forward, the two were practically at each other's throats.

From an abnormally early age, Cormac was naturally attuned to spiritual energy and the Spectral Plane, the key indicators of someone with a tendency toward Evocation. As early as age 7, he was known to feel the flow of spiritual energy. This was not unheard of; rather, it was simply rare, and foretold his natural specialty and natural deficiency would be somewhat more extreme than most. When he got his Pentacle read at 15, the results were as expected-- a great future in Evocation, but a great detriment in Neuromagicka.

After the test, he joined his magical peers in studying at the capital's academy, joining three others with their own specialties but lacking a fifth to finish their Pentacle. They progressed well, however, managing to make up for their lacking partner and continue with their education. Even though they were specialized mages, they had other talents; their Elementalist was a good brawler, for example, and Cormac was pretty good with a blade. Their training time together came to a halt during their fourth year, however, when Tsuvryen was Frozen.

In the chaos of the assault, everyone was scattered. His family, his professors, his Pentacle... they attempted to evacuate in various ships, but were separated. Since then, he's had to get used to fighting on his own, practicing a bit more in actual combat. Recently, he's started actively travelling the cosmos in the hopes of finding his companions, fighting the Frozen, and enjoying the second chance at life he'd been given.
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Name: Synric Vrall
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Humanoid
Alignment: Legion of Lightbearers
Homeworld: Lives on Kleides

Height: 5'6
Weight: 107
Body Type: Thin
Skin Type: Fair
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Grey
Other: His entire left arm is wrapped in bandages.

Clothing: Tight black body shirt, purple and gray shirt over it. Gray pants and boots.
  • Spell Capsule (x3) - A spell capsule is about the size of a pen which can hold a spell within it. When the capsule is broken, the spell is released.
  • Grappling Hook - Synric crafted his own specialized grappling hook with the help of a few magic users to help him traverse areas normally difficult to reach. He is able to shoot it from his bow thanks to their help.

  • Energy Bow: A handcrafted purple and silver bow that fires bolts of energy instead of arrows.


Ability Slots:
  • Gravity Shot: Synric fires a bolt of energy from his bow, casting the gravity spell when it hits his opponent or another surface. He can also turn the spell into a graviational pull, bringing debris towards where the shot hit.
  • Gravira Shot: More powerful version of Gravity Shot
  • Graviga Shot: More powerful version of Gravira Shot
  • Falling Stars: Synric fires off a large bolt of energy from his bow, which then breaks apart into dozens of small shards that cut into whatever they hit.
  • Dimensional Rift: Synric opens a small portal that he can shoot blasts of energy into then out through a second portal. (40 feet max)
  • Warp: Synric uses his Warp ability to escape from enemies who get too close to him or to move towards a more advantageous post. (35 feet max)

Strengths: Long range combat | Extremely high magical ability | Agility
Weaknesses: Close range | Physical Strength

Personality: Synric loves battle, as it allows him to show off his prowess. He is loyal, dutiful, and treats everyone the same, regardless of social standing. He enjoys company outside of doing his work for the Legion, but while he's scouting the other worlds and how far the Sorceress' reach is, he generally avoids other people and focuses on the mission at hand. He rarely angers, instead shuts himself in from the rest of the world or gives the person who is harrassing him the cold shoulder.
Likes: Sweet foods | Increasing his skill | Beating an opponent in battle
Dislikes: Getting caught in melee range | Losing in battle

Family: None that he speaks about, likely frozen
Acquaintances: None so far

History: Synric arrived on Kleides at around age eight on a gummy ship from a world that had been taken by the Sorceress, holding nothing but a bow and a small bag. He quickly offered to train with the Legion, to which some were wary but let him begin very strict, supervised training. He had some proficiency with a bow, but lacking total control and precision. His mentor would push him well beyond his limit, not out of cruelty, but out of determination that he would be a superior soldier. The young boy grew quickly, his bow becoming a force to be reckoned with. Physical combat, however, bored him and he would avoid it whenever possible. His companion was his bow, no one else. Once he turned eighteen, he joined a group to hunt for roaming Frozen. He is credited with three group kills and one kill entirely by himself, although the one he killed by himself was the one who slaughtered his team. Synric doesn't enjoy talking about that incident. He is currently at the rank of Squad Leader, but has insisted on avoiding any other squadron control and instead travels between worlds, collecting information from the various worlds and returning to the headquarters on Kleides and reporting in. Synric's mentor had begun teaching him how to make spell capsules, small vial sized containers that could hold a spell and be thrown to actually cast that spell, but was unfortunately killed before he could fully teach the Archer how to do it. He can only make the vials, but has no idea how to enchant them to hold spells. He has been looking for an answer, but no one has been able to help him so far.  



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Name: Lir Typhon Nevermore
(pronounced LEER)
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Lir's bloodline is mixed between the following: Human, Luna Berserker, and an enigmatic race of beings known as the Awakened. However, the blood of the latter two is so thinned within him, that he retains none of the abilities that said races are known for. His general temperament does seem to reflect the phase of the Moon; however, he is unable to use the Moon's power, or go "Berserk", as his ancestors did. For all intents and purposes, he is strictly Human.
Alignment: Good; Allegiance is to the Royal Family of Roisin, or, more accurately, the youngest Princess.
Homeworld: Roisin (ro-SHEEN)

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 157
Body Type: Slender, almost feminine
Skin Type: Fair; slightly tanned
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown, long and flowing; the style usually varies depending on the appearance of the Princess
Other: None.

Clothing: Lir wears very thin garments, usually in shades of green, as is the way amongst his people. His "work clothes" are a very dark green tunic and matching leggings. He also wears four bracelets on his left wrist, three of which are plastic and colored green, white, and orange, while the other is made of willow twigs woven together in a circle; a dark green ribbon, which he keeps tied in his hair; and a silver, metal armguard covering his right arm. He keeps a small pendant ocarina with a silver chain strung around his neck.

  • Green Ribbon - A gift from the Princess. Increases the effects of curative magic on the wielder.


  • Eris and Dysnomia - A pair of long, curved daggers (could be called shortswords) which gain experience and power along with their wielder.
    They both have black hilts, but Eris' blade is colored dark green on the edge side, while Dysnomia is colored dark purple in the same place.
    Eris - Slight chance of Poisoning the target (It's basically just a Poison Edge)
    Dysnomia - Slight chance of Silencing the target (Basically just a Mage Masher)
    The chances of these status effects being induced by a strike is 5%
    The percentage grows slowly as the weapons do.

    Eris is held in the left hand, and Dysnomia in the right. These are Lir's main weapons.

  • Protector's Bell - A small instrument which deals magical damage instead of physical.
    This tiny blue bell can attack from a bit of a distance, though not far, and deal out very weak magical attacks. Using it consumes MP, but it is a nearly decent substitute for when no Geomancy can be used.
    Powers: None

Armguard - Simple armor piece. Bound around his arm, to be used as a sort of shield.

Ability Slots:
Lir is a Geomancer - he can use the powers of Nature to strike his enemies. Geomancy uses no MP, but is limited by the location of the user. The attack used depends upon the type of terrain; therefore, he can only use the Geomancy skills he has, if he is standing on the required terrain. Geomancy skills also have an Add-Effect when striking, but there is only a 25% chance that the status effect will be cast.

  • Tanglevine {1} - Geomancy that calls forth vines from beneath the ground. Deals Plant damage and has a 25% chance of also placing Stop upon the target.
    Terrain: Grassland, Underbrush, Vines
  • Torrent {1} - Geomancy that pulls surrounding water into a huge sphere for attacking. Deals Water damage and has a 25% chance of also placing Toad upon the target.
    Terrain: River, Canal, Lake, Waterfall, Ocean
  • Pumpkin Spice (lv. 1) {2} - Unleashes a group of tiny orange and white sparks which zip through the air quickly and explode near an enemy for eight hits, each at 1/16th the power of a standard attack, then finishes off with throwing Eris and Dysnomia, forming a spiral projectile attack which does 1.50 times the power of a standard attack. All hits in this combo have higher critical percentage than standard attacks.
    This combo is not Geomancy; it uses up all of Lir's MP, even if it is full.
    This attack is only available when Eris and Dysnomia are equipped.

  • High Jump (lv. 1) {1} - Passive ability which allows one to jump higher and farther than usual.

Strengths: High Magic Strength | High Speed | Tactical Thinker |
Weaknesses: Low Physical Strength | Low Defense | Takes extra damage from Magic attacks

Lir is a quiet young man who usually sticks around in the background and only speaks when he finds it necessary. The only person he usually chooses to speak openly with is Princess Taisce. He is a subservient person, able and willing to follow out orders. He is also very loyal - once he has established a connection with someone, be it friendship or employment, he will stick with it for the rest of his life; however, his loyalty and duty to the Princess comes before every other relationship or job.
He has been in service to the Crown for all of his life, so he has always followed orders, and has never had to do things for himself. Therefore, he feels lost without someone always being there to tell him what to do, or having someone to protect.
Likes: His job; music; writing; cigs; pumpkins, watermelon, grapes, and other fruits and veggies
Dislikes: Departed (the city-dwellers of Roisin); unintelligent people; anyone who says a word against the Princess; being stuck in meetings
Greatest Fear: Failing to protect the princess

Alasdair Nevermore, 48 yrs.
Siofra (SHEE-fra) Camlin Nevermore, 47 yrs.
Sory Aimhirghin (AV-er-yin) Nevermore, 18 yrs.
Destati Julianus Nevermore, 10 yrs.
Luna Beltane (bel-TAN-yeh) Nevermore, 25 yrs.
Ailill (AL-yeel) Nevermore, 10 yrs.

Acquaintances: None

Lir was born in the forest kingdom of Roisin, within the small world of the same name. This is a place where people live within and among the trees, learning to find their way around the forest heights and speak with the earth from an early age; such was his upbringing, but with rare additions. When he was still just a young boy, he was found to be of the same age and similar physical make as Taisce, the youngest princess of Roisin. This spurred on the decision that he would one day be her personal shadow. So, following a decree from the King and his council of advisors, his family gave him up to the care of his new teachers. They passed their ways down to him, beating an extreme measure of discipline into him and teaching him how to fight, how to behave himself in the royal court, and how to win battles of the physical, mental, and political kind, as well as other things. He was brought up by these instructors for many years of his childhood, making him turn out quite a bit different from the rest of his family; he could almost pass as a noble on a good day, although he was still baseborn.

At the age of fourteen, with his instruction and training complete, he was allowed to return to his family. However, he still hardly saw them at all, because it was at this point that his "job" began. From that time on, he spent most of his time silently following the princess, watching over and protecting her. He was allowed time away at least once every few days, to return home and visit his family; however, he spends most of these "off hours" sleeping.

He has retained this job of personal shadow for the past six years now, as he is bound to by the ways of his people for the rest of his life. He has never needed to worry about what may happen in the future, or life outside of his duties to the princess. However, there have been more and more disturbances happening in the world of Roisin as of late, mostly involving monsters with bright, yellow eyes. No one in the kingdom seems to know what they are, except for his father. After much discussion amongst the King and his Councillors, it has been decided to send someone as representative of Roisin off to the outer World, to help in whatever matters may be happening to cause all of this trouble. Due to the Princess' vote of confidence, Lir is chosen as the one to be sent. How will these events affect Lir's simple life?


"That is the reason we are here!" shouted the Chancellor. "These vile things have no business upon our lands, and yet here they are, in increasing numbers!"

"We are quite aware of this already," the Archbishop said, in a much more calm voice. "But what would you, O' wise Chancellor - since you seem to claim such knowledge on the matter - propose as solution? We know nothing of these godless creatures."

"Ah, how happy I truly am, O' exhalted Archbishop, that you would ask such a thing. For 'tis true, as you say, that WE, the Children of Roisin, know not these villains. However, there is one here among us... one who does not belong... An outsider worse than the Departed themselves. Yes, this one who was not born with Roisin's blessings, who came upon our fair land and besmirched Her face with his presence; I assure ye all, my countrymen, that this one knows very well these beasts and their purpose!"

"Possibly, as much as I do yours, Chancellor," the Archbishop countered.

"Would one so holy accuse me of some villainy?"

"Only as much villainy as is ever allowed by the pompous, unnecessary niceties of this Court." After this statement, the rest of the councillors and attendants rose into an uproar, which was soon quieted by the King raising his arm for peace.

"I would know your mind, Chancellor," King Lucian said, leaning forward with a stern look.

"My mind knows nothing of villainy, and such wretched, evil things as have emerged in our paradise, Your Majesty. However, such is the mind of one man here, who has obtained grace and reward, land and home, in a world in which he belonged not, and ne'er shall. This one man came from beyond the dominion of beautiful Niamh, as do, I assure my countrymen, these loathsome things. And this man, as we all must know, is of the name Nevermore!"

Lir snapped to attention upon hearing his last name; he saw his father rise from his seat slowly upon being addressed, and stare into the eyes of the Chancellor. "You want me to speak, eh?" Alasdair asked, not bothering to give the customary bow upon standing.

"Yes, speak, Outsider, and give us your account, if you have any; I am doubly sure you do, and have hidden such truths from us as would fit your agenda!"

"Alright, well, you're right on one thing. I do know about these creatures."

"Alasdair, my old friend," the king said incredulously. "Pray, tell me the Chancellor is not correct in his wild assumptions! You have seen these vile creations before?"

"Yes, Your Majesty, I have. I've fought more of 'em than I could count. But that was a long time ago. Before I first arrived here."

"Why did you not tell me sooner?"

"Honestly, Your Majesty, I didn't think we'd ever have to worry about 'em here. This's always been a closed world, detached from the rest of the World of Light. I never thought I'd see the day they'd come to Roisin."

"I wish that could have been so, Alasdair," the King said with a slow nod.

"Of course he knows these beasts!" The Chancellor said with a sly smile. "The rogue is in league with them! Don't you see, Your Majesty, that he is the one who has led them here to our kingdom? And here he stands, speaking once again of his 'World of Light' nonsense. I pray, countrymen, pay no mind to his lunatic's babblings!"

"Peace, Chancellor," the King said with a wave of his hand. "'Tis true, my good friend Alasdair was not born one of us. But he has given of himself selflessly many times, to myself as well as this kingdom. He has lived here peacefully with us nigh on thirty years, despite being ostracized constantly by those of us who refuse to see his good deeds."

"Would you welcome him into your home while he uses one hand to rob you blind, and the other to stab your back? Your Majesty, as I've tried to tell you many times, this man is a fiend! Mark my words, if he leaves, so too shall the monsters, for he is the only reason they have come!"

"Well, I suppose that's enough of this nonsense," Princess Taisce said, rising to her feet; Lir quickly did the same. "It shall soon be time for the meeting with the Lords of House Shannon. Let us be on our way, Lir."

"Yes, Your Highness," Lir submitted with a low bow before tailing behind the princess, following every step perfectly. They exited the Council Chamber and began to make their way through one of the Grand Hallways of the castle, which was actually a wooden tunnel construct connecting many trees at mid-level.

"I pray my good Lir shan't harken to the words of the Chancellor, or think on them even a moment. He clearly knows not what he says."

"If that is the mind of my lady..."

"Your mind is not of a like?"

"Of course, Princess... 'Twas not my meaning... I apologize."

"With no need? I would hear your thoughts."

"'Tis nothing, Your Highness."

"If it troubles my friend, 'tis certainly something. Will you not share your troubles with one who wishes you well?"

"If you wish it, I cannot refuse, Milady."

"I do wish it."

"Very well. Truth be told, I cannot help but think that the Chancellor does indeed know the words spilling from his self-subservient tongue. In fact, I very much believe that he means them. Ever has he held loathe and enmity to my name. His tongue is repulsed to speak it, and his eyes grow dark at the sight of me and my kin. Should he fall prey to the evil results of his own machinations, he would waste not a moment in setting the blame upon my father, and convincing himself and all others that this be infallible truth. Were it not for my father's friendship to the King, we'd be banished long 'ere I took my first step, or even my sister Luna, five years my elder, did the same. He is a godless cur unfit for Roisin's blessings, and if I were born into this world with any worth, I'd have done something to remove him from his place years ago."

"...That may be so.... But..."

"I have stung my lady with my rash words, as if she were my true target,"
Lir said in a hurt tone. He quickly dropped down to one knee and lowered his head. "Punish your unworthy shadow as you see fit, Princess. I'll not refuse."

"Shall I punish a good man for speaking his mind?" the Princess asked as she knelt down to pick him up off the floor. "Now up with you."

"Princess, you must not be seen doing such a thing! If the Councillors-"

"Damn the Councillors! I care not. Now, up with you, else I shan't think twice of kicking you the rest of the way!"
Lir finally rose to his feet, and Taisce brushed the dust off his leggings with a stern frown. "Good. Now, I'll have no more of this talk of worthlessness. Do you doubt how much you are worth to me?"

"...Nay, Your Highness. Your word is the only truth to my ears.

"Then I shall trust my good Lir feels much better, having finally given voice to the weight upon his heart."

"Tremendously, Princess. I thank my lady for allowing me such release, cold as my words may have been."

"If that is all the chill I shall recieve from you, I shall welcome your Winters heartily. Henceforth, whenever you feel the need, I pray you, speak to me. I'll not have you suffer these squalls in silence."

"My lady is kind overmuch. Such gifts you give to me, and I, a common rogue, with no means to give you anything in return."

"Nonsense! Am I not your friend? 'Tis the way of friendship, and birth shall have no say in it! Your continued presence is the only gift I make so bold as to request. 'Tis all I require."

"Shalt recieve it for all my days among the living, Milady."


Lir hated meetings, but he put up with them for the Princess. He wasn't required to take part in them; he was simply there, as always, to watch over her. When it was finally over, and the nobles had departed, he happily followed Princess Taisce out of the meeting room.

"My mind grows fatigued at the number of suitors constantly wasting my time! Do they not realize I'll keep sending them off with no answer?" the princess fumed, placing her hands upon her hips and popping her knuckles in a most unladylike fashion.

"As long as the bluebloods continue to take their day's efforts from your father's purse, I would assume they shan't mind a constant refusal." This set the princess into a bout of laughter, and she patted Lir gently on the back.

"Your humor does good to lighten my wearied and heavy mind, my good Lir. What would this one do without you?"

"Such kind words... I am not worthy... I thank you, Milady."

"Yet my father allows them into the castle, and sends them straight to me! Does he think to have the full set so soon? Three of his daughters now married off or betrothed, and happy with their quaint little lives, and he would see his youngest upon the same road! I'll not have it! I refuse!"

Lir waited a moment before responding, not wanting to interrupt. "...Your royal father wishes only to give what he believes is best for you, Milady."

"Perhaps... But he doesn't understand. 'Tis not the life I desire! My oldest sister is to have the crown; why should I be tied to the bothersome thing as well? I would not want it, or any part of it, and I'd not take it even to save my life! Such a complacent and stale thing, to live bound in this castle, or some lordly estate, married off to some pompous noble. I... I should think I'd rather be at an end of my life."

"My lady... If I may speak plainly..."

"You may."

"My lady, please, your shadow begs you humbly to refrain from thinking in such a manner! This servant cannot stand the thought of his Lady taking her life, for his, without his duty to her, would be empty and devoid of purpose."

"Hm... Very well, then. I suppose one should not be selfish. I swear, my good Lir, I shan't speak a word more of such resolutions; not as long as your duty still holds you to me."

"'Tis not duty that holds this shadow to you."

"What, then?"

"...'Tis nothing. I did but speak hastily."

"It must be something which holds very well, as well as duty doth hold; and my good Lir is filled overmuch with sense of duty, such that I daresay his holds thrice as well as most. As well as well can be, such is this, but 'tis not duty, you say?"

"...I shan't speak of it any more, Your Highness."

"Then why speak hastily, only to slow one's tongue to a halt? Is something upon my shadow's mind not fit for sharing? Must I simply press you more to cause more hasty speech?"

"Please, I beg of you, torment me no longer, my lady. I shan't speak of it any more. 'Tis nothing I would wish departed from my mind."

"Would my shadow lie to me?"

"Never, Milady! He would sooner cut out his own tongue than offer any false utterance. Only... He would desire to keep some things within his mind to himself, for his own reasons. Shadows have reasons for keeping near the dark and fooling the eyes, after all."

"Then I shall desist, at the moment... If only for the sake of my good Lir. I pray you, think not ill of me for teasing. I seem to have taken some sport in prying, and for that, I apologize."

"My lady is truly most gracious. This servant humbly accepts... Ah! We've arrived at the Council Chamber, Milady."

As the two of them entered the Council Chamber again, they heard the tumult of several voices discussing something rather excitedly.

"Yes, yes, we've already decided that someone must go," the Archbishop was saying. "If there are troubles here, something beyond Niamh's dominion must be solved to set all worlds to right. But who could possibly survive out there, in a realm inhabited by even more of these... er... 'Heartless', as Master Nevermore has so named them?"

"If His Majesty asks it of me, I will go, of course," Alasdair offered with a bow. "I've taken on missions like this before. And it's true... With Heartless showing up here, things must have somehow gone bad again in the World of Light. I don't know what... But someone has to help out. And if it's gotta be me, well damn, I ain't gonna refuse."

"Why should we allow you to go?" the Chancellor asked, his face furious. "So that you could summon more of these beasts, and send them to our doorstep?"

"Peace, Chancellor," King Lucian said, leaning forward in his seat. "I have already made it plain to the entire Council that I personally vouch for my friend Alasdair's good name. Such accusations will gain you nothing, other than being removed from this meeting!"

"This is madness!" the Chancellor roared, but soon fell silent.

"We still have not determined who will undertake this journey!" the Archbishop said, breaking the silence. "Master Nevermore, your efforts are wholly spent in destroying the creatures which appear in our world, and protecting the kingdom. Would we send you away so quickly, and lose our only warrior bearing experience with the Heartless devils? This cannot be done! We must choose someone else. Another warrior; someone capable of defending himself."

"Why not send Lir?" the Princess spoke up suddenly. "There is no warrior to match him, in my eyes."

"Your eyes, dear Princess," said the Archbishop, "have never seen the horrid thing that is war. Indeed, they have hardly seen combat or strife in any form. Young Master Nevermore, as truly valuable as he no doubt is to Your Highness, is but a sapling in comparison to our finest soldiers."

"This may be so... However, I must insist. My faith in my good Lir is unshakeable. Besides... He is his father's son." Here she turned to her servant with a smile. "What say you, my faithful shadow?"

"I must put forth as much resistance as I am allowed. Princess, I beg you, send me not from your sight! Without your shadow's daggers to protect you, would not harm come to my lady? I cannot bear even the thought of it!"

"Oh, does my good Lir think me so weak? What of this duty to the outside? Does it not benefit all? Would you not be protecting me, if only in a different way?"

"I do not agree with this decision, but if my lady asks it of me, I can do naught but obey. If you wish it, I shall fulfill this task in my lady's name."

"I do wish it."

"Very well; if His Majesty agrees, shalt see me gone with haste tonight."

"My shadow's voice is burdened... Is my good Lir well?"

"Quite well as always, Your Highness. This one's only purpose is to serve the Princess. Nothing is too great to ask."

"If you are sure..."
Princess Taisce then turned to the King. "Father, what think you on this choice? Shall we send my good Lir to the stars' aid?"

"If the Council agrees...?" the king asked, glancing around the room. All of the councilmen nodded, except for the Chancellor, who simply stood in his place, glaring at Alasdair. "Then it is decided by vote. Our representative to these... Inhabitants of the Outside... shall be young Lir Nevermore. This Council meeting is finished. Let us away to the dining hall!" Everyone rose from their seats with much commotion, and the entire room emptied, except for the Princess and her shadow, who simply remained fixed to their spots in silence for a moment, and the usual guards standing by the entrances.

"I... I rather hope... my good Lir is not... angry with me..."

Lir echoed slowly. "'Tis not my place. My life belongs to my lady. How could this servant have any quarrel with the one for whom he lives?"

"I am relieved... Well, then... You've a long journey to come... It would please me if my good Lir were to return to his home, so that he may rest himself and visit with his family."

"The guards shall take up their turn in your defense?"

"Of course,"
the Princess replied as she gestured for the guards to gather near her.

"...Then... I shall take my leave of you... Your Highness." Once the guards were surrounding the Princess, Lir departed the chamber without another word.


"So, you're all set, son? Got everything you need?" Alasdair asked. Lir nodded absent-mindedly. He was never truly comfortable around his family, seeing as he hardly spent any time with them at all throughout his life. In fact, tonight may well be the first time he had spent more than a few minutes with any of them, in years. He was sitting inside the old Gummi Ship with his father, who was checking every little detail for perfection.


"And did ya say yer goodbyes t'everybody? Your brothers n' sisters?"

"Aye, and Mother."

"And the Princess?

"....The Princess.... I shan't think I'll return to her tonight."

"Why not? What's wrong?"

"...She.... She is so... frustrating! She fills my mind with endless confusion! I seek a solution in my solitary thoughts, but none can be found. 'Tis the most horrible pain I carry, even in the face of all my battles. I am lost."

Alasdair broke into a bout of loud laughter at this, for some reason. Lir gave him a puzzled look, eyebrow lowered and mouth half-open, just as his father was always prone to do. When the older man finally calmed down a bit, he slapped his son on the back heartily. "They all are, m'boy! They're all ********' confusing as hell."

"...Who? Royals?"

"No! Women!"


"Yes, women. They drive us all crazy. In fact, I think they thrive on it. But we tend to constantly piss them off, so I think they have a right to drive us crazy. Son, try not to get too mad at the Princess just 'cause she confuses you. You're kinda upset that she volunteered you for this, huh? It was written all over your face earlier today."

"...I do not wish to leave her side... Yet, I also wish to follow her every command. If she wishes me to go, then I must. Yet...."

"You're gonna miss her,"
Alasdair finished for him, patting his son gently on the shoulder. Lir nodded, but said nothing else. "I understand, son. If I were the one going, I'd miss your ma. I'd miss her terribly." At this, Lir's face went bright red.

"Father! I... But... The Princess.... That's not...! You...... W-what are you implying?"

"Just filling in the blanks, kiddo,"
Al chuckled.

"Th... This is completely different!"

"Aaahh, looks like I pushed some buttons. Look, son, don't mind me. You have to listen to your heart. You're going to miss her, right?"

"Of course!"

"Then go tell her that! I've got this under control. Go talk to her, straighten things out, and I'll still be here when ya get back. Besides, you're a Nevermore; we tend to be more lucky on a full moon. So you've got a good chance of not spewing out the wrong words."
He winked at his son, then went back to his repairs. Lir hesitated a moment, then jumped out of the Gummi Ship. It had been parked outside of the Nevermore home since before he was even born... Odd to think that it would soon be moving. But he soon shook all thoughts from his mind except those of the Princess.


"Princess...?" Lir called as he knocked gently upon the door. He stood outside her bedroom, the place he usually sat in silence all night, guarding her in her sleep. Tonight would not be spent that way. After a short moment, the door finally opened, revealing the Princess, who now wore her thick green nightgown. Without a single word, she pressed herself against him, wrapping her arms around his thin frame and resting her head upon his shoulder. "P...Princess! You cannot be seen doing such a thing!"

"I care not! I shall miss my friend, and I cannot bear it! Will he allow me to have this moment? I shall need it to carry on without him by my side."

"...Have it, and keep it, my lady. All that I am, and all that I have to give, belongs to you."

"Then my good Lir is angry with me no longer?"

"Not anger, Milady. Only grief, that I must needs depart from your side."

"Please forgive my hasty decision. I wished only the best for our kingdom."

"There is nothing to forgive, Princess. Your shadow feels pride and joy that his lady holds of him so high an opinion, to place such a thing upon him. Yet... Yet, I shall feel rather empty, not to be at your side. I shall do my best to carry on my duties."

"And I shall do the same, though I shall be in pieces without my shadow. This moment, I pray, will hold me together as best it can. My good Lir... We are friends, are we not?"

"Of course, Milady. Who other than yourself has ever been a friend to this humble servant? I have neither memory nor want of any others. If friend is the name my lady chooses to call me, then my heart is indeed lightened with joy."

"I am pleased to hear it. I beg you, my good Lir, grant me one request."

"Anything, Your Highness."

"I would have you return to me alive and unharmed, once all this is finished. And.. I would see your smile more often, once you are victorious."

"...If you wish it."


"And that's about it! Think you can fly this baby?"

"With your instruction, I shan't have any problems,"
Lir said as he pulled a cigarette out of his pocket. "Thank you, Father."

"Hey kiddo, mind if I have one o' those? I haven't lit up in years."

"Of course,"
Lir said, handing one of his cigarettes to his father. "But we shan't tell Mother you recieved it from me."

"Hell no, we won't," Al laughed as he struck up a match and lit his cig. "WHOA! Don't remember 'em packin' this much of a kick."

"Mayhap the reason being you smoked too much, in your younger days?"

"It's likely. So, how'd it go? With the Princess, I mean."

"...I... I can't be sure. Rather well, I suppose. 'Tis just strange... She... hugged me..."

"Sounds well enough,"
Al laughed. "Don't worry, son. Sure you'll miss her like hell. But that'll make it all the more amazing when you come back and see her. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, or some poetic s**t like that."

"Father! I... You assume overmuch. Th-there is nothing.... between... the Princess and I."

"Of course, son,"
Al said, still laughing. "Whatever you say." His smile soon faded when his wife, Siofra, yelled from within the house:

"ALASDAIR! Are you smoking again?!!"

"N... No, m'love!"
Al answered, quickly giving his cigarette back to his son. "I quit years ago, remember?"

"I smell tobacco!!!"

"That's 'cause Lir's smoking!"

"See what you did to our children? Tell him he needs to stop!"

"Yes, m'love!"

"Thank you, dear. I'm going to bed soon. Come in once you're done with that ship, please."

"Yes, m'love. It won't be too long."

"Good. I love you, dear."

"I love you too, honeycakes."
Al waited just a few seconds, then took his cigarette back. "Well, you heard your mother, son. You should stop smoking. It's bad for you."

Lir gave him a questionable look, but then his father burst into laughter; this caused Lir to start laughing as well, though not as loudly. "I was almost sure you couldn't be serious."

"Of course I ain't serious! You're grown, you can make your decisions." Al flicked his cigarette a few feet outside, then quickly jumped out of the Gummi Ship. "Well, I'm goin' in for the night, son. You should get at least an hour or two of sleep before you take off, too."

"I shall... But I must first have time to think on certain things..."

"Alrighty, I'll leave ya to it. Oh, and one more thing... If you meet a woman named Mina out there in the wild blue yonder, you'd do well to stick by her in a battle. Also, watch yer manners. And whatever ya do, don't piss her off."

"I shall do my best to remember."

"There's a good boy. Give 'em hell, kid."

"Sleep well, Father." Lir remained seated within the Gummi Ship, contemplating the usual things that were on his mind at the end of any ordinary day, with the addition of all of this...business. He had no idea what was in store for him when he departed in the next few hours, but... Best not to worry about it too much. Tomorrow is a different day.
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Name: Princess Amanita Francesca Bubblegum Destiny Morgana de la Luna (but we're going to call her Cupcake amongst ourselves ;D)
Age: She stopped counting about two hundred years ago, but she looks about 18!
Gender: Female
Race: Half-elf-God hybrid
Alignment: Good
Homeworld: Olympus

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 125lbs
Body Type: Athletic, but with curves in all the right places~
Skin Type: Fair, smooth, sparkly
Eyes: Rainbow (they change color depending on her mood, like a mood ring only they're her eyes!)
Hair: Purple with pink sparkles and rainbow streaks, waist-length, with curtain-style bangs dyed sky-blue
Other: Perfectly applied makeup that looks completely natural

Clothing: Pristine white dress with halter-style top, top half above her breasts is slightly transparent, doesn't quite touch the floor and never picks up dirt | white satin shoes that look elegant but are very durable for walking, dancing, et cetera | white lace fingerless, elbow-length gloves | white gold armband on each arm | Silver and moonstone necklace with matching earrings, ring on the middle finger of her left hand, and tiara.
  • Moonstone Earrings - grant immunity to any and all status effects; cannot be removed except by death of the wearer or by wearer's will
  • Moonstone Necklace - perpetual Charm spell; radius of 15 feet, will cause anyone with a weak will to react favorably towards the bearer despite most circumstances; cannot be removed except by death of the wearer or by wearer's will
  • Moonstone Ring - is there to look pretty and is very good at it
  • Moonstone Tiara - protects the wearer from all controlling or influential spells; cannot be removed except by death of the wearer or by wearer's will

  • Silver rapier with white tooled leather belt and scabbard, the hilt is silver wire with a knotted heart motif, the blade is made of mithril and etched with an elaborate knotted heart pattern as well. The grip of the hilt is wrapped in silver wire, and the pommel is capped with a flawless moonstone cabochon
  • Matching silver dirk (use your imagination, I can't find a picture I can yoink from Google)
  • White oak and mithril spindle disk
Armor: Her dress is magical armor enchanted with a spell that turns all blades and most spells. The only vulnerability is where she isn't covered by the cloth, which includes her head and her hands only.

Ability Slots:
  • Holy - a spell of purely Light magic
  • Dia - a Light magic spell slightly stronger than Holy, will also cause a random status change (must roll 6-sided die 1- blind, 2 - berserk, 3 - haste, 4 - mini, 5 - no status, 6 - no status)
    • Diara - stronger version of Dia (statuses: 1- blind, 2 - berserk, 3 - haste, 4 - mini, 5 - slow, 6 - no status)
      • Diaga - strongest version of Dia (statuses: 1- blind, 2 - berserk, 3 - haste, 4 - mini, 5 - slow, 6 - regen)
  • Esuna - cures all status ailments

Strengths: fast | agile | perfect balance | excellent tactician | graceful | charming | distractingly beautiful (it's the sparkles) | intelligent | insightful | quick-thinking
Weaknesses: She's not very physically strong, but that's okay because she's so pretty guys will fall all over themselves to do anything for her!

Personality: Princess Amanita Francesca Bubblegum Destiny Morgana de la Luna (I remembered it!) is sweet, charming, caring, loves everyone, is loved by everyone (with vanishingly few exceptions) who is always willing to lend a hand to those in need. She's charitable and will give selflessly anything she thinks someone may need, which is usually her sunny disposition and positive attitude. She considers herself perfect, and isn't far wrong, but she doesn't shove it in people's faces. Instead, she'll simply demonstrate her perfection and invite others to follow her example. She is always polite and kind and gentle, too. I mean, really, you don't get much more perfect than her.
Likes: Puppies, kittens, birds, flowers, sunshine, rainbows, butterflies, horses, dolphins, chocolate, candy, ice cream, any kind of yummy pie you can name, chasing cloud shadows, swimming, sewing, pretty colors, horseback riding, caring for the elderly, caring for children, children in general, hamsters, popsicles, anything with sprinkles (particularly donuts), jewels, precious metals, swords, watching people, dancing, watching people dancing, singing (she's really good at it), listening to and playing almost any instrument (except saxophone, that thing's just annoying. And the kazoo. Stupidest thing ever made. Who the hell likes the kazoo?), and probably many other things that haven't been encountered yet
Dislikes: Mean people, seeing people hurt, imperfection
Greatest Fear: She doesn't have one, she's perfect! What's she got to fear?

Family: Mother - Helen of Troy, her real name is Queen Helena Chrysanthe Pineapple Kismet Xena la Fae
Father - Zeus
Siblings - Pretty much all of the Gods, really. Zeus gets around
Acquaintances: (Characters they know who are already in the RP, if applicable. May list as Friends, or Enemies, or even under Family.)

History: Princess Angelina Francesca Louisa Contessa Banana Fanna Bobesca the Third... screw it. Cupcake! Cupcake was born on Olympus to Helen of Troy (who is a half-elf herself, which explains her unearthly beauty) after Zeus fell madly in love with her and impregnated her in whichever form he decided to take that time. Really, her father is such a man-slut Cupcake stopped caring a long time ago. She was raised as the princess she is, and was told from birth that she was a special child. Obviously, since she is Zeus' daughter! Cupcake had all of her siblings, the Greek Gods, to raise her and love her and teach her right from wrong. Really, with all the crazies in her family, you'd think she'd have turned out differently. But no, Cupcake was so wise, even as a child, that she knew instinctively the difference between right and wrong, though she usually just rolled her eyes at her siblings' antics. Around age eight, Cupcake started showing some aptitude for magic, fighting, and scholarly pursuits, so she was given the best tutors in all three areas that Zeus could find, which usually included her older siblings. Meanwhile, Hera, Athena, Diana, and Aphrodite decided to train her as a lady, and she took to those lessons as easily as she took to the others. At age twelve, Cupcake had mastered everything her teachers and siblings had to show her, so she went out traveling the world. She was somewhere on the other side of the worlds-galaxy collection thingy when Sora was running around doing his weird Sora-ish stuff, so she totally missed out on that but would have whooped that Xehanort jerks butt in seconds if she'd known what was going on!

Since she's the daughter of a half-elf and a freaking God (really, she can't stress that enough), Cupcake has a nearly infinite lifespan. She's been alive for mumble-hundred years, and is just barely reaching the end of adolescence physically. With so many centuries of experience behind her, Cupcake has become very wise and knowledgeable about the ways of the world. She came back to this section of the worlds about a month ago, and has been getting the scoop on what the Sorceress has been up to from her brothers and sisters since she came back. She's about to go kick some Sorceress butt, and even though she doesn't really need help, being the daughter of a God and all (was that mentioned yet?), she enjoys company and is looking for a group to go butt-whooping with.  


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PostPosted: Mon Sep 03, 2012 4:31 pm
User Image
Name: Darren Lake
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Legion of Lightbearers
Homeworld: Kleides

Height: 5' 8''
Weight: 138 lbs
Body Type: Athletic
Skin Type: Pale
Eyes: Green
Hair: Grey
Other: A long scar along his right forearm

Clothing: Uniform (not shown in picture; hat-less)
  • True Sight Pendant - A triangular pendant that, if looked through, highlights things of importance. For example, if the user is looking for a lost book, they would simply have to think about it, and the pendant would highlight the object. If they think 'anything unusual' the pendant would highlight anything unusual.
  • Sunglasses - Legion standard issue, allows night vision

Weapon: Katana - Legion standard issue with numerous upgrades, including Hammerspace (the ability to summon and dismiss weapon at will), Piercing (can cut through most armor), and Blessing (deals greater damage to heartless, dark creatures, undead, etc.)
Armor: Vest - Legion standard issue 'bullet proof' vest, worn under uniform

Ability Slots:
  • High Jump - Can jump twice as high as normal.
  • Weapon Proficiency - Has extensive training with the katana. Moves at higher than normal speeds.
  • Poison - Basic spell, poisons enemy, slowly draining their health, 50% chance of success.
  • Sleep - Puts target to sleep, 50% chance of success. Target will wake up if successfully attacked.
  • Confuse - Target attacks randomly (roll to determine), not able to distinguish friend from foe, 50% chance of success. Spell is broken if target is successfully attacked.
  • Esuna - Cures all status effects

Strengths: Speed | Evasion | Strength
Weaknesses: Underestimates opponents | Easily taunted | Gullible

Personality: Darren thinks that he is superior to a large number of people due to his fighting ability and natural intelligence. He's cocky and clever. He'll form an opinion of a person with the first five minutes of meeting them, and that opinion will rarely change. He makes friends easily, though he's largely self-centered.
Likes: A challenge, fighting, winning, moving up in the Legion, being the first on a scene, being in the midst of things, excitement, exploration, thinking, puzzles, games
Dislikes: Losing, being forced to face his own mortality, humility, inability to move, red tape, being insignificant
Greatest Fear: Being turned to stone

Family: Father and mother, no siblings
Acquaintances: ???

History: The Cornerstone of Fire is within the Legion's safe zone. Darren Lake was among the squadron sent (too late) to protect the CoF; his mission, specifically, is to find out what went wrong, and how to prevent a relapse in the future. His familiarity with status effects, like poison, is the reason he was given this assignment; although he's never done any 'detective' work before, the assignment brought him closer to the action, and he jumped at the opportunity.
His mission begins with an assessment of the Cornerstone.  
PostPosted: Sat Oct 06, 2012 9:37 am
User ImageName: Yujano
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Occlustrel [Snake-like humanoid]
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral; Self-Serving, but allied with the Sorceress
Homeworld: Tsuvryen

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Body Type: Lithe
Skin Type:
Eyes: Crimson
Hair: Black, short and loosely slicked back, with a strand or two falling in front.
Other: The places where his ears should be are tiny, almost unnoticeable slits; his 'nose' is a pair of similarly flat slits, much like a snake; he has a forked snake tongue; white tribal tattoos on either side of his face, drawing attention to his eyes.

Clothing: He wears a simple maroon shirt underneath a strapped dark-teal jacket with buckles down the front; around his neck, and often times his head, he wears a teal-gray scarf used more often than not to hide the bottom half of his face; the scarf has an adjustable chain link that helps keep it in place; he wears simple black pants and boots, preferring to seem plain than out of place.
  • Morpheus - A large, elongated crystal just slightly bigger than his hand with a mystical green glow that is attached to an ornate chain. The crystal has a subtle, almost-unnoticeable passive effect: all who gaze upon it (except the holder) may be calmed and have their mental defenses weakened, thus rending them more vulnerable to Neuromagicka. Yujano can actively strengthen the effect by charging it with his own mana--doing so brightens the glow and empowers the calming enchantment, and the more he charges it, the more powerful it becomes. Against those with high mental fortitude or those already mentally guarded, charging it may be a necessity.

  • Ophiuchus - An extensive length of chain with serpent-shaped serrated blades (each with hand-grip) attached to either end that, upon summoning, is wrapped around his torso repeatedly under his clothing before sliding out of his sleeves. Upgrades: Hammerspace [Can summon or dismiss]; Extension [Has no set length, within reason]; Resilient [Unbreakable within reason]

Armor: Ophiuchus - While summoned as a weapon, the central portion of Yujano's chain remains wrapped around his abdomen multiple times, providing a unique form of 'chain mail' protecting his upper body.

Ability Slots:
  • Neuromagicka [Ability Tree] - A type of magic that deals entirely with altering the state of mind of a target. Yujano has developed a special brand of his own, based around Hypnosis, but it requires eye contact; blinking will not interrupt, but looking away for a fraction of a second will.
    • Hypnotize {1} - Yujano can bewitch a target via eye contact into a state of 'waking slumber' in which their mental fortitude and inhibitions are diminished almost to nothing. Works especially well on the weak-willed, takes more time and effort for the strong-willed. Blinking does not disrupt a connection, though Yujano looking away even does. Throughout the duration, the target feels compelled to stay looking at his eyes, and other attempts at mental offense are greatly improved. The target's immensely lowered inhibitions can have multiple consequences.

    • Confession {1} - As long as eye contact is maintained, Yujano can tell if a person is lying via tiny glimpses of their thoughts. If the target of this ability is Hypnotized, he can read their thoughts, emotions, memories, and minds in more detail.

    • Connection {1} - As long as eye contact is maintained, Yujano can mentally speak to the target, and if they think clearly enough, the two can have a conversation. If the target is Hypnotized, Yujano can use the connection to subtly plant lies/ideas into the target's weakened mind. The more believable the lie, and the weaker the mind, the longer the lie will hold after Hypnosis ends.

  • Nethermancy [Ability Tree] - Lost Dark Arts that act under completely different dogma than the Pentacle System (Essentially 'Darkness Magic').
    • Transference {1} - Yujano can manipulate life force and mana and transfer it to (or from) a target of his choice via direct (touch) contact or indirect (equipment) contact.

  • Spit Venom [Racial Skill] - Yujano spits a potent venom with multiple effects. If it makes contact with flesh, it acts as an acid, causing burning pain; if it enters through the eyes, the target suffers Blindness and Poison for 3 turns. If, instead, it manages to enter the bloodstream (via an open wound, for instance), it goes through a more destructive process: immediately, the target is affected by Toxic (more potent than Poison), which lasts the duration of the remaining stages; if the target is not cleansed before his next turn, the venom attacks his nerves, causing a full-body Slow effect; if the target is not cleansed before the third turn, their limbs grow completely rigid via Petrification; and if, by the fourth turn, they are still not cured, then the rest of their body is Petrified, leaving them rigid until they are cleansed or until the venom wears off (at least until the end of battle). If ingested, the same effects occur as if it entered the blood stream, but they take twice as long for each stage to occur. He can also create an antidote.

  • Occlumens [Racial Passive] - As a gift of his race, and enhanced by his training in Neuromagicka, Yujano has the ultimate 'mental guard'. It is impossible to 'tell' that he is lying, and most (if not all) attempts at mental invasion and alteration are rebounded with ease. Mental ailments (such as, but not limited to, Silence, Confusion, Charm) have a lower chance of success against him. Consequently, however, physical ailments (such as, but not limited to, Poison, Cripple, Frost) have higher chance of success.
  • Pentacle's Birthright [World Passive] - On Tsuvryen, everyone is born with an inherent magical specialty, an inherent magical deficiency, and the ability to form special pacts with those of other specialties. Yujano's magical specialty is Neuromagicka, the magic of illusions and mind-targeting effects, and his magical deficiency is Æthermancy, Light-based restorative and supportive magic. He learns Neuromagicka spells and their upgrades at an accelerated pace, but learns Æthermancy incredibly slow. Casting Neuromagicka spells leaves no toll on him, letting him fully concentrate on other spells, but he receives half the benefit of normal restorative and supportive magicks (including spells such as Cure, Bravery, and Regen). Should others join his Pentacle, spells they cast on each other cost half as much.

Strengths: Magic | Strength | Dexterity
Weaknesses: Defense | Endurance

Personality: Yujano, as a person, can come off as a bit of a suspicious character- for good reason. He has a cold, silent exterior, made more suspicious by his secretive and methodical nature. Rarely does he reveal the aces up his sleeve unless they become absolutely necessary. Due to his upbringing in the political world, he is intelligent and equally calculating; with such a political lifestyle, however, he is also extremely manipulative, twisting and fabricating whatever he pleases without so much as a second thought.

However, he grew to loathe the politics, and as such, became a rebellious, selfish man. Arrogant and rake, he no longer thinks anything of ethics or the law, looking out only for himself and doing whatever it takes to make his own life better. He is greedy and power-hungry; he seeks the make his life one of riches, opulence, and excess.

Though capable of loyalty and compassion (in very, very low doses), the only people he'd ever felt for were the other members of his Pent; with the loss of Tsuvryen, they were scattered, and he has been 'freed' to serve only himself.

Likes: Freedom | Extravagance | Traveling | Manipulating | Getting what he wants | Soups | Fine Dining | Wine | Subterfuge
Dislikes: Caste systems | Staying in one place for too long | Salads | 'Common' Food and drink | Dull Architecture | Battle
Greatest Fear: Losing control of his mind

Family: Father (Status Unknown) | Mother (Status Unknown)
Acquaintances: The Sorceress - Willing 'Ally'

History: Yujano was born on the isolated continent of Ulodia on Tsuvryen to a wealthy political family. His mother was one of the few Occlustrel on the Ulodian High Council, and his father was a scholar and philosopher who spent his time teaching and studying. He lived a rather spoiled life, raised in a powerful and intelligent home by two over-ambitious parents who wanted the best of everything. He was taught various elementary basics, but what they really focused on were the psychological and sociological aspects of society--particularly, how to understand and manipulate the individual and the populace.

What they did not realize, however, was that their power-hungry attitudes did not simply pass on to their child; they were multiplied within him. He was greedy, envious, lustful, proud... and growing tired of rules that he didn't particularly feel fond of. So, he used his talents for himself, rather than the family--and once he'd taken what he felt was his birthright, he left to start a life of his own, apathetic over what might happen to his parents as a result.

Over time, he established a small, make-shift group of others like himself; a couple of them even joined his 'Pent', which made the travels interesting, if not also... annoying at times. Of course, when the world was Frozen, they were scattered, leaving Yujano free to travel of his own accord.

In his travels, Yujano sought out additional power; however, he cared not for ruling, or for dominion. His quest for strength was as simple as wanting to guarantee his survival and, in time, his opulence. At some point, he made contact with the Sorceress and established a truce of sorts--so long as he kept his freedom and control, he would never hinder her plans and would, should the time call for it, potentially aid her as well. He was a hesitant ally--he preferred keeping his distance from her domain as much as possible, but would sooner help her plans than lose his free will. His personal quest remains one of power--particularly, the legend of a porcelain mask said to hold immense power...


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PostPosted: Tue Nov 06, 2012 5:55 pm
Name: Alistair
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Good, Legion of Lightbearers--High Captain
Homeworld: Kleides

Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 145
Body Type: Lean
Skin Type: Medium caucasian
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light Brown
Other: N/A

Clothing: Legion Uniform
  • Communicator - Legion standard issue

  • Black steel Escrimas--Legion issue with upgrades: Hammerspace, Amplify (amplifies spells half way to the next spell level, weapon must come in contact with the person/object in order for the amplification to work), Bash (can cause damage through most armors, requires three post charge)
  • Twin daggers--personal weapon, sheathed under his coat behind his back

Armor: Vest - Legion standard issue 'bullet proof' vest, worn under uniform

Ability Slots:
  • Thunder - ability to conjure a directed thunder bolt
  • Thundera - ability to conjure a directed thunder bolt (stronger than Thunder)
  • Thundaga - ability to conjure a directed thunder bolt (stronger than Thundera)
  • Aero - Deploys a shield, protects against low level physical and magic attacks
  • Aerora - Deploys a shield, protects against mid level physical and magic attacks
  • Aeroga - Deploys a shield, protects against high level physical and magic attacks, deals damage to enemies
  • Imbue - Charges Alistair's Escrimas with any offensive spell in his repitore

Strengths: Defense | tactics | speed | quick to recover
Weaknesses: anger | self sacrificing

Personality: Alistair is a highly protective type of person and has an impregnable sense of honor, loyalty, and duty. He always has a mind for doing what’s right and is genuinely caring. He works hard on behalf of the Legion, believing in their cause, purpose, and philosophy wholeheartedly.
Likes: Training, teaching, working for the Legion
Dislikes: tardiness, lack of commitment, turncoats
Greatest Fear: ???

Family: Mother & Father (deceased), Aunt
Acquaintances: Tavor

History: Alistair was born and raised on Kleides in a family of Legionnaires. Ever since he could remember he desired to be in the Legion and enlisted as soon as he was of proper age. His mother and father were dedicated Legionnaires, and not long after he was promoted to Squad Leader they were killed in action as their unit came under attack by Frozen. He mourned the loss of them and became more dedicated than ever, believing that the only way to avenge them was not through revenge, but by continuing to fight as they did for the safety of others. The moment he caught wind of the situation with the Cornerstone of Fire he jumped on the assignment.
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