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: : A literate roleplaying guild based on One Piece by Eiichiro Oda : : 

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Reply RP : : East Blue
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2012 11:23 pm
~Lily Sanjfroid~
Marine Captain
First thing Lily set to accomplish, get the civilians to safety. It's not like the pirates were trying to run away so they weren't going anywhere. "Permafrost!" the captain chanted, firing a blast into a wall near the family. With a simple kick to the frozen wall, it broke a hole for which they could escape through. Once they were safely evacuated and from the vicinity of the battle, Lily proceeded to reactivated her Cold Heart- regaining her blue skin and white hair. It seemed like everyone just followed Enji into this building. Given its damaged structure, it could give way from the slightest attacks. Especially from acid boy...  
PostPosted: Sat May 05, 2012 8:10 pm
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Enji Neit

xxxxxx With a grit of his teeth, his gut still held by his hand, Enji gave no more time to breath. His foot hit the nose of his board, flipping it up into the air, rotating in front of him. Spinning around, the back of his heel striking the rear of his boat, he sent to damned thing flying through the path of destruction he had left. Flying like and arrow in rotation, it blasted through the cloud of dust, leaving a nice hole for one to see through.

Before that could be abused, Enji ran from his spot, grabbing the smallest of the family from her mothers clutches, kicking the others out of the way. What little attempt the father tried to stop him failed with a foot planted in the mans face as Enji stole his daughter, leaping up to the stairway. He ran around the corner and down the hall, only to hear the screams of terror left behind him. He jumped threw a window, stabbing Shi into the outer wall to change his swing upward, the little girl in his arm scared stiff as he slung them around to the roof.

There he landed hard, swinging Shi down to the girls throat, showing his threat clear and true to anyone who saw.

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RP : : East Blue

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