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Artemis Wolfe

PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2011 3:07 pm
Pokémon Legends: Liberation

Pokémon Legends: Liberation is part of the Pokémon Legends universe. This RP focuses on new characters in the Unova region, developing from the plot of Pokémon Black and White. The story and plot are overseen by JAMT - Jump Einatz, Artemis Wolfe, Marsuru, and Troperopius.


-->☆ OOC (out of character) text should be confined to (()) or similar

-->☆ Day-to-day timeskips will be announced with fair warning and time will be given to wrap up interactions. However if 24 hours pass following the initial timeskip call then the skip will be forced. Character actions taking place before the skip should then be marked with a [Flashback] or [Past] tag.

-->☆ No god modding of any kind. This means no power playing, meta gaming, protect spam, etc.
---->You may ask if you have any questions or specific circumstances.

-->☆ Posts must be typed out in full sentences. We enforce appropriate grammar and spelling.

-->☆ You must submit a profile to Marsuru or Avalite with the title "Pokémon Legends" and wait for approval before posting your profile here.
---->Use the following form to create a base for your profile:

Current Residence:


Pokémon (Team):

Pokémon (Box):


Extra Info:

-->☆ No using aura without permission.

-->☆ Psuedo-legendaries require permission to use.

-->☆ You may not start with more than three Pokémon.

-->☆ Keep accomplishments realistic. Back stories should also be realistic.

-->☆ Keep active, if you're going to hold someone up because you can't be, leave that person alone immediately.
---->No one will yell at you, especially if you tell us beforehand.
---->This is a longterm RP, going inactive for two years won't even get you kicked out.
---->(But you will be responsible for reading the summaries)

-->☆ All world-important characters such as; Plasma members, Legendaries, Gym Leaders and Elite Four members require permission to be used, sought out, etc.

-->☆ No dreamworld abilities(yet) or going to the dream world (without permission).

-->☆ Swearing is fine, but strings of curse words can easily be summarized as "X let loose a string of curses."

-->☆ Protect now works differently than before. The first use blocks 100% of damage, the second blocks 50%, then 25%, 12.5%, etc. This does not reset until the end of the day.

-->☆ Detect will put you in a position where, if you're attacked immediately afterward, you must allow that attack to connect if you're still within range by the end of the detect. If you're a distance away then you may to dodge.

-->☆ You may have more than one character, however focus should be given to a core trainer-type character. You can't have multiple characters if you fail to give attention to your trainer's development first. Any requests for additional characters should be sent in a PM to either Marsuru or Troperopius.

-->☆ If a Pokemon is not found on that route, you will not find it on that route.

-->☆ The right to change/alter rules is reserved, rules may change as assholes abuse them.

-->☆ You can place dibs on one Pokemon as your character's 'main pokemon', however you must first own this Pokemon, and second, you must give them significant development before you are allowed to claim this.

Unavailable Pokemon:
Munna->Musharna (because they're extinct)

Link to Summary Thread: here
Link to Character Log: here
Link to OOC Thread:here

All right. The time has come.
Your very own tale of grand adventure is about to unfold.
On your journey, you will meet countless Pokémon and people.
I'm sure that along the way you will discover many things, perhaps even something about yourself.
Now, go on, leap into the world of Pokémon!
PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2011 3:24 pm
Location: Accumula Town, Unova

"My name is Ghetis." The man in robes spoke to a crowd. Men and women appearing as knights stood at his side, holding up banners with a large emblem resembling a "P" on them.

"I'm here representing Team Plasma. Today, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to talk to you about Pokémon Liberation." He paused, to take in the reactions. The crowd began to murmur.



"I'm sure most of you believe that we humans and Pokémon are partners that have come to live together because we want and need each other," Ghetis continued.

"However… is that really the truth? Have you ever considered that perhaps we humans… only assume that this is the truth? Pokémon are subject to the selfish commands of Trainers… They get pushed around and when they are our "partners" at work… Can anyone say with confidence that there is no truth in what I'm saying?"

Again, the crowd spoke.


"I don't know…"

"No way."

"Now, ladies and gentlemen," Ghetis said, raising his arms. "Pokémon are different from humans. They are living beings that contain unknown potential. They are living beings from whom we humans have so much to learn. Tell me, what is our responsibility toward these wonderful beings called Pokémon?"

"What could it be?" someone said. "Liberation?"

"That's right! We must liberate the Pokémon!" Ghetis announced. "Then, and only then, will humans and Pokémon truly be equals.

"Everyone, I end my words here today by imploring you to consider the relationship between people and Pokémon… and the correct way to proceed. We sincerely appreciate your attention."

As he closed his speech, Ghetis turned to one of the 'knights' and inclined his head. The group of Team Plasma members gathered in a formation protectively around the robed man and left - leaving the crowd desperate and confused.

"About that speech… what should we do?" an older man asked, turning to the others.

"Liberate Pokémon? That's not even possible!" another man shook his head. The crowd of people began to stagger off, whispers continuing about the uncertainty of Ghetis' speech.

Artemis Wolfe

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2011 3:47 pm
Accumula Town. Spring.

Ghetsis had gathered a crowd, people to listen to whatever he said. He was a bizarre-looking man, no question, but there was an odd charisma to him. No matter what he said, it seemed to make sense. Around half the town had gathered, some for what he had to say, others to sate their curiosity. Wayne Lee gathered for neither.

As the man continued, gesticulating with broad waves of his arms, his long cape billowing in the wind, one member of the crowd watched with a quiet, stern expression. His thick, messy black hair partially obscured his gaze, his skin lightly tanned from being outdoors, his eyes a shrill blue. Wayne was skinny by an adult's standard, but right for his 17 years of age and he wore a black sweater over a white shirt with his sleeves rolled up. He was an easy spot amidst the colourful townsfolk.

He wanted to be spotted. For Ghetsis to see him, to see reflected in his gaze: I am here. But he was powerless right now. All he could do was ball his fist and watch as the show ended and the charismatic man left. Wayne looked about, the crowd breaking down into smaller groups. He had nobody else to go to, he was here on his own after all, and with little reason to stick around he decided to depart.


Well, he wasn't entirely alone. He had his Pokémon. Wayne reached the outskirts of town, a dirt track where the road ended and the tall wild grass began. Out of the realm of people, into the world of Pokémon. Maybe the two were already separate?

Wayne cracked a smile as he overlooked the expanse. Waves of grassy hills and trees leading to Nuvema Town beyond the horizon. The teenager rubbed the back of his head, somehow managing to mess his hair up even more, and pulled a pokéball from his pocket.

"Alright," he said as he looked through the translucent red lid, "we're not gonna get very far without a little training. Let's see what you can do."  
PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2011 4:46 pm
Accumula Town

Henrietta stood with the crowd, stuck someplace in the middle. She was able to half take in what was said. When it came to the charisma, the teen who lacked confidence was sucked right up. Even so, when she thought about it, she couldn't understand him.

Looking at her Pokemon, they seemed friendly enough. She had never made them battle, never tried, but from Nimbasa to Nuvema they hadn't taken a single hostile action toward her. Not one hostile bit of reasoning. Was it because she didn't make them fight?

Either way, now she was just one route away from her goal. Before she could trust the roads, and ask for escorts but on the home stretch she wanted to at least try on her own.

So, stumbling through the dispersing crowd and struggling to make sure she didn't bump into anyone, Henrietta made her way to the route.


Here she stood, looking out. Three Pokemon stood behind her with curious expressions. She turned to them and knelt down. "We're going to do a tinsy bit of practice, kay?" she said with one hand raised, index finger and thumb curled in a gesture.

That done, she rose up, straightened her skirt and set out. Then came the first challenge, Lillipup.

"Darumi!" she called and then she froze.

What were his attacks?

As she fumbled for the papers containing the list of her Pokemons attacks the battle began.

And promptly ended as Darumi hit the dirt, only making a failed attempt to fight back.

"Ack! Socant!" she shouted, then her eyes dropped to the paper and then they moved to the Lillipup. Luckily for her new Pokemon weren't stupid or trusting enough to wait for orders from slow trainers.

After a "fierce" battle Socant, too, was down.

Lillipup then started on Melty. And promptly passed right through the Ghost type.

Henrietta blinked, remembered what she'd learned in class, and grinned. "Ember!" she shouted and Melty complied. The ember attack hit Lillipup who retaliated with Oduer Slueth.

And soon Melty, too, was down.

Lillipup growled and Henrietta hesitantly took a step back. The Pokemon smirked at the fear and proceeded to tackle the already beaten Darumi.

"Stop!" Henrietta shouted. One must think fast in these situations and so, grabbing her Shinai, Henrietta charged into battle.


(five minutes later)

Henrietta lay in the grass next to her battered Pokemon. She herself was covered in marks, nothing fatal but it hurt to move. "I'm sorry," she mumbled to her Pokemon and, wincing the whole time, she propped herself up on her shoulders and one by one she recalled her Pokemon.

And it was then that she heard growling from nearby. Turning her head she saw the pack of Lillipup. A look of fear dominated her expression soon after and she grabbed and gripped her shinai.

And as the reared to charge the girl covered in bruises screamed.

((Long cause I'm going to bed, g'night! Bed back to post in a few hours!))  


Artemis Wolfe

PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2011 4:48 pm
Route 1

It was fortunate that there was tall grass between Nuvema Town and Accumula Town. With all the wild Pokémon, the day-old trainer of seventeen had been too caught up in fending for her life - and her clothes - to be present during Ghetis' speech. If she had, her thoughts might be swayed by his words.

She paused as she stepped into the towards the town, looking down at the Pokémon at her feet. He was brown and tan, and he looked extremely tired from the walk. Although she didn't understand Pokémon training beyond running away from them and attacking them when necessary to prevent from dirtying her clothes, she sympathized with the Painter Pokémon. She had received him years prior as part of her mother's attempt to get her involved with Pokémon, but Eunmi Sung only saw the Smeargle as little more than a pet, and at most a companion to the arts. She didn't even know if he knew how to battle or where her mother had gotten him from.

"We're almost there," the teen said reassuringly to the lazy dog. "Just as long as-"

The grass around them rustled. Eunmi froze and watched for further movement. Her hand slowly reached towards her bag. Suddenly, a brown rodent-looking Pokémon jumped from the grass, and she stumbled out of the way as she struggled with her bag.

"Crap," she said, finally pulling out the red and white ball, raising it in the air and tossing it forward. She missed, overthrowing by a few feet, and the ball popped open to reveal a blue and white Pokémon - an Oshawott - that hardly put her out of harms way.

"-trat!" the Pokémon cried as it ignored the Oshawott and charged for the girl.
PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2011 5:17 pm
Accumula Town

The crowd was dispersing before the youth could waddle all the way there. He'd heard some of the louder words, something about liberation 'n all that, but he'd not been fast enough to really reach it in time. Those who were there looked like they had mixed feelings about what was said, but that was about all the fat youth could see.

His red hair was sticking out on all sides, and he didn't seem to really bother trying to fix it, some might even suspect that he couldn't properly reach it, with his short arms blocked by fat. There was no disappointment at missing the man, since he couldn't know what he'd missed. But with the excitement done, Rubby Tu- Robby Tobb decided to start with this whole adventure thing. He was supposed to go after badges or somethin', right? That meant going back home...


The obese youth was sidetracked on his way, as he slowly waddled towards the outskirts, by the fact that his bag of potato chips was empty. So, as he made his way, Tobb slowed down even more to go through his bag for some more chips. It wasn't hard, really, not like they weren't at the top or anything. But the slowness turned into fully stopping, and that turned into laziness.

Why was he going on a real adventure anyway? Cause he was kicked out? He'd do better to sit down and do nothing... But if he did that, how would he get a new place? Eating contests weren't as easy to find as he'd thought, and traveling here had proven to him that he needed the pokemon. With a reluctant sigh, the youth began his waddle once more.

The scream broke through his train of thought, and for a moment, Robby Tobb thought himself ready to be a proper hero. He started running towards where he thought the scream had come from. Now, to anyone else, this run would look like someone mock running while really going at a walk. But to him? That was the fastest you would possibly go.

(Ten steps later)
Robby was finding it difficult to keep his breathing up, and his legs were straining. There was no way he would reach the voice anytime soon, especially now that he was again waddling, but this time at half speed...  

Klarp Glornharm


Angelic Strawberry

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2011 5:41 pm
Accumula Town - Spring

Liberation of Pokemon...not a bad idea. A misguided one, but... The boy's thoughts trailed off as he walked away from the scene that that man had created. Ghetsis was his name? It didn't matter. Avan presumed he'd never see him again. The idea however would stick. He thought about it. Maybe we are using them for our own gain. Then his mind went to the Munna, Baku, he had been traveling with for almost a year and half. This was obviously a two street; Avan got what he wanted, but so did Baku. As for the lovely, little Yamask? She followed him of her own free will. Though he did catch her, but that was for obvious reason. Easier to keep track. Yes, easier. And that's how Avan liked things. Easy. If it was too much trouble, he'd prefer not to get involved. But that made him wonder how he got roped into this search for dreams in the first place. This was obviously a lot of trouble to go through, but if it kept his nightmares away, then so be it.

The route to Nuvema seemed bustling that afternoon. He had seen trainers passing in and out of earlier. "I'll start there..." he muttered to himself, "Come along Baku." He motioned for the Munna that floated beside him to follow.

((I too shall be back a bit later. I got special company over :3 ))
PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2011 6:02 pm
"So...do you think that monocle thing he was wearing was just for show?"

The Battle Girl Trainer neared the exit to Accumula Town, her hands resting behind her head as she casually strolled only minutes after Ghetsis's speech. Beside her was a Pansage, taking quicker steps to keep up with his trainer.

"Pan," the monkey said with a shrug, not really knowing. Salieri shrugged back, not really caring either way. The man sounded like a heretic, and as far as she knew the crowd his plea had fallen on deaf years. Sal needed her pokemon on her journey. There was no way she'd be letting them go, although the idea was still nagging at her. Pokemon Liberation? Was it as ridiculous as she thought it was?

"Yeah, it didn't it look like it was doing much for him." She sighed and turned her head back, looking to town. She had only left Nuvema a few hours ago, and yet it still felt like forever. Maybe it was because she was waiting to leave for a such a long time. "Chen Zhen, what did you think about that whole thing?" Chen Zhen the Pansage raised an eyebrow at his trainer, who lowered her arms to put her hands onto her waist. "Pokemon Liberation, I mean."

Chen Zhen rolled his eyes. "Pan pan pan, paaaan," he told her, waving off her comment in reassurance. Chen Zhen shook his head. "Pan, Pan Sage."

Salieri smiled and squatted down so she would be close to eye level with her monkey. "Hehe." She grinned, poking his nose. "I have no idea what you just said." Chen Zhen's mouth fell in disappointment, and Salieri stood up to her full height again. "But I think I get what you wanna tell me. Thanks." Chen Zhen smiled back up at her, giving a happy thumbs up to his trainer.

She turned back to the route ahead and peered into the distance, spotting a black haired boy standing with a pokeball in front of some tall grass. Sal looked down to grin at Chen and her pokemon grinned back. Clearly this boy was a trainer.

"Hey you!" she yelled over to Wayne as she walked towards the trainer, trying to get his attention. Wasn't the rule that if you made eye contact with another trainer, you had to battle? She was about to find out either way.  

Jump Einatz

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2011 6:29 pm
Wayne jumped when he was shouted at, nearly losing his pokéball to the grass. He held the back of his head sheepishly, turning around and trying to laugh. In the end, all he could release was something akin to a whimper. He blinked when he saw the battle girl approaching and turned around all the way.

"Hey..." he said, letting the pokéball shrink down and slide back into his pocket. Oh no. Did he meet her eyes? That was the sign for a battle, right? He did not want to end up in a battle just yet.

"...you... whoever you are? Do I know you?"

((Ren's got a boyfriend, nana nana na na!))  
PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2011 6:41 pm
"Feeeeaaarrrrr" the giant bird shrieked as it flew through the sky.

The massive Fearow, size comparable to a small plane, beat it's mighty wings as it soared through the sky, flying from the western side of Unova to the south side.

Atop it's huge back where two people, one fairly older than the other one.
"Did we have to travel this way?" the younger man shouted, trying to talk over the wind.

"Flying is the only way to travel, Danny! You should know that by now!" the man said with a grin.

After a few more minutes, the massive bird started it's descent and landing in a nice field, about twenty feet from what looked like a Pokemon Lab.

Folding her wings back, the Fearow stared at the two as they dismounted, before turning her head and preening her feathers.

"Okay, so you have your pack, and your two Pokemon?" Danny's dad asked him, looking the boy over.

"For the last time, yes, I'm all ready to go." he said, with an impatient sigh.
"Well, alright then. Check in with professor Juniper to register, and we'll see you when you make your way back to Driftveil city. We might have some new Pokemon for you. Take care!" his dad said.

With that, he climbed back onto Fearow and the bird took off, headed back for home with less to carry.

Danny turned and walked towards the building and entered through the sliding doors.
After meeting the professor and explaining who he was, Juniper went through her beginning trainer speech and walked Danny through everything.

After about twenty minutes, he was on his way again, heading towards route one, and a brand new adventure.  


Artemis Wolfe

PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2011 7:45 pm
"Leave me alone!" Eunmi shouted, swinging her bag to knock the Patrat away. She missed, of course, but the attempted swiveled her body out of the way of getting tackled.

"Osha?" the blue Pokémon murmured, tilting its head to the side.

"Dali, do something!" she cried, her voice shrill and childlike as she scurried behind the otter Pokémon. The otter extended its arms protectively, but as the Patrat ran at them again, it realized she hadn't actually told it to do anything. The Patrat tackled it, and Dali was forced to the ground. Eunmi took several steps back, fumbling again with her bag and nearly dropping her Pokédex as she slid it open.

"Whatwasthatattackagain?" she stammered, scrolling through the Pokédex' menu. She should have remembered by now.

"Tail Whip!" Eunmi said, envisioning the Oshawott's sturdy looking tail knocking the Patrat upside the head. Instead, Dali seemed to do an awkward dance of wiggling its tail.

"Uhh..." Eunmi looked back down at the Pokédex. "T-tackle?"

The Patrat ran at Dali again, but this time Dali charged as well. The two headbutted, colliding into one another, the force knocking both Pokémon back and off their feet. The Patrat, dazed, slowly began to rise, but Dali was out cold. Eunmi quickly snatched the Oshawott up and started to run away. Da Vinci, her Smeargle, followed reluctantly.

"Pheh...heh..." she gasped for her breath as soon as they were a safe distance away. She would have doubled over if it weren't for Dali nestled in her arms. She looked down and felt a pang of guilt. The Pokémon's breathing was heavy still and he hadn't appeared to regain consciousness. Her mother had pressured Professor Juniper to give her the Pokémon for protection - everyone knew that the best way to start a Pokémon Journey was by getting a starter Pokémon from a professor. They were always strong, and traveling with a Pokémon was supposed to be safe.

"I don't know how to do this!" she scowled. She was unaware of her surroundings - that she had already stumbled into town a bit, and that the safe haven of the Pokémon Center wasn't far. For all she knew, she was going to get attacked by another Pokémon, or worse-

"Eek," she chirped. Upon looking up, she realized she was standing between two people. The one girl was wearing what seemed to be a kick boxing outfit, which was intensely intimidating.

"H-he...lp," she said, intending to say 'hello'. Realizing what she'd uttered, she looked down at Dali. Was he going to be okay? He wasn't going to...d-di-die, was he? Her lower lip began to quiver.
PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2011 8:02 pm
"Well sh*t," Wayne said as Eunmi pretty much collapsed onto the scene. He was surprised he hadn't notice her creeping up but now that she was here and he had a good look at what she was cradling... "Err..."

The trainer started to pat himself down, checking his pockets. He didn't carry a backpack though he was seriously considering the investment. He finished the quick search and concluded that: no, no potions had magically appeared on his person.

He crouched down next to Eunmi, giving her a quick glance, saying, "Relax, it's probably not gonna die. Unless, like, there's internal bleeding or something. Then it's probably going to die."

His face dropped when he realized what he'd just said and he quickly started a nervous laugh as he rifled through his pockets. Aha! Wayne extracted one of his balls. Pokéballs. And double-tapped the button across its middle. It increased in size to about that of a tennis ball and then cracked in half.

Petilil appeared in a blinding flash of light. She was a small grass type pokémon that resembled the bud of a plant with small leaves growing from the top of its head. Petilil took one glance at Salieri, Eunmi and Dali then quickly scurried behind Wayne's kneeling legs. She managed to peek out but only just.

"Hey, come out from there," said Wayne, his arms going up as he looked down at the little plant, "it's okay," he looked at the other two trainers. He didn't know either of them. "Uhh, I think it's okay anyway." Wayne turned back to Petilil, carefully gripped one of her leaves with the tips of his fingers and said, "Just need to borrow this."

Wayne plucked a slender leaf from Petilil and presented it to Eunmi, eyebrow raised in what he hoped was a reassuring gesture, "Feed it this. I think it'll wake it up. Said so in the Pokédex anyway."  

Vice Captain

Artemis Wolfe

PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2011 8:19 pm
"Huh?" Eunmi stared at the leaf. He had just plucked it off that green Pokémon's head!

"C-can that really help?" She took the leaf and stared at it before slowly forced the leaf into the Oshawott's mouth. Almost immediately, the Oshawott jumped up - the taste of the leaf was bitter in the way smelting salt smelled.

"Dali!" she shouted. "Thank you thank you thank you!!"
PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2011 8:27 pm
"Whoa, I can't believe that actually worked!" Wayne grinned and lifted Petilil up by sliding a hand underneath her. She looked nervous. The grass type carefully looked from person to person, finally setting eyes on the little Oshawott. It took a few seconds, but she eventually tried to calm down a little.

"Still, you should probably get it to the Pokémon Center for a check up," Wayne said as he let Petilil hop onto his lap. She watched everyone quietly. Wayne suddenly realised: "Oh yeah. I'm Wayne, Wayne Lee," he said, jabbing his chest with a thumb, making Petilil flinch and look up. He gestured towards Salieri, "This is... uhh..."  

Vice Captain


PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2011 9:46 pm
She was on her feet and running back toward Accumula town before she could blink. And as with any breed of dogs, this was the sure fire sign to chase.

Henrietta got about twenty steps when she looked back to see if they were still chasing her.

Yup, totally doing that. And as her head turned back?


She hit a wall, a bouncy wall that repelled her and she fell hard on her rear. She looked up at the wall to see it was just a snorlax.

Or wait, that's human.

A boy, a teenager, to be exact, stood between her and Accumla town, and the Lillipup were gaining fast.  
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