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PostPosted: Sun Jul 10, 2011 5:57 pm
[ Hmm...we need to kick-start this up again! ]
PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2011 7:27 am
((hi guys, I'm new. nice to meet you all.))

Alfred had completed his studies for the day and decided to go for a stroll around the neighborhood to unwind. Stopping by one of the convenient stores near the school, he was in one of the aisle when suddenly a lone gunman stormed in brandishing a gun. Demanding that everyone stay put he pointed it at the cashier demanding money from the register. Complying the frightened clerk did as he was told and began to open the cash register. Glancing about, Alfred noticed the terrified customers and saw that the man's attention was away from them and looking outside. Using this as an opportunity, he heard the music coming from one of the speakers in the store and began to cause it to feedback very loudly. Everyone, including the gunman, covered their ears to protect themselves from the pain. Unaffected, Alfred used this opportunity to overcome the gunman. Taking one of the chairs nearby, he cracked it over the gunman who fell to the floor unconscious.

Once the noise had stopped everyone saw that the gunman was down and the gun out of his hands. The police arrived shortly to apprehend the man after the clerk called while a confused crowd of customers wondered what had just transpired. Thankful that no one was hurt they began to leave the store, but only after a brief questioning by the police. Once outside, Alfred could only smile as he saw the robber pushed into the car and off to jail for aggravated assault.  



PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:31 am
[ Sorry i havn't posted D: just PM me whenever aybody replies to Roaran so i can reply as soon as possible; i don't check my guilds that often Dx ]

User ImageUser Image

Roaran x C a s e y

Roaran had already been sprinting down the street earlier this morning in order to escape a small, highly known gang. And now, she finds herself, once more, sprinting from the same exact group in the same situation. As she ran, her feet did not drag, but pounced off the ground in almost leaps in order to gaina s much speed as possible - jumping over tipped trash cans, sliding over cars and cursing back at yelling elderly.

And, once again, she'd found herself cornered in the same dark, eerie allyway, pressed against the same hot, damp brick wall she was pressed to this morning. The only unfair thing about both the past and present situation: They were all collage boys and she was just some high school girl. Deeply irritated at the situation she found herself in, Roaran couldn't do anything but stand there, acting all frightened like any other girl would have been.

They started talking. The average, "Well Well, what do we have here?" Stuff. Roaran just drowned them out as she thought to herself. Quickly processing a plot, she leapt off the wall and ran herself like a truck into the main gang leader, bashing him to the ground and rolling off of him to a stand. Now facing her back to the other gang members.. She Ran.

Roaran had already been late to class this morning because of these dupes. And now, she was going to be late for her shift down at the Cafe Shack. If that hapened, she'd personally send them a card and a basket of kick-@$$ and pretty little dragon lilies. Now sprinting out of the ally and at the streets, Roaran was plotting how to do that Basket-o-Kick-Butt later on. She might just use her Bang Baby "gifts" to be able to do it. Maybe she'd just go as No Face. Yeah. That sounded good to her; Roaran hadn't worn that pretty little white dress in ages (more like since last night) ans she wanted so badly to slip it on again.

Now, the pretty little petite girl was running like no tomarrow to the Cafe Shack in order to get to work. Maybe afterwards she'd pay a visit to the bank to retrieve her.. well "her deposit."

User Image

` ` N o xx F a c e ` `
PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2011 4:51 pm
((Okay I'm really really really really really sorry! I've been soooooo busy. If I could get a real quick update I promise I will post tomorrow))  

Maya Freana

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 14, 2011 7:35 pm
[ Hey guys, welcome! I believe if someone quotes Roaran, it will show up as a notice, but we could just pm if there's no reply for a few days perhaps.

And @ Maya: Basically your character, Kezziah, and Renka were talking in an ally, and Motor was watching from a rooftop ]

"Well that was interesting," Crescent muttered to Nero. The cat flicked its ear in answer but the pink haired boy sighed. "There really isn't much to do when the whole gang's gone like this. I mean, I already ate...wasn't I thinking of robbing a bank or something?" Nero flicked his other ear this time. "Well if I got done quick there wouldn't be time for anyone to show up," he said defensively. The fact that he likely looked crazy walking on the street talking to a cat seemed of no concern to the boy.
PostPosted: Fri Jul 15, 2011 9:38 am
Alfred returned to the school to pick up a few things later that afternoon and could hear from passing cars of the recent event at the store. he only smirked to himself at his accomplishment. It crossed his mind briefly that perhaps he could make this a more often occurrence. His powers didn't actually have any properties that would make him a prime suspect and the last time he used it, they concluded that it was a malfunction of the stereo system. They found it to be a weak but plausible outcome. Still he wanted to be able to help others with what he could.

((thanks for the welcome. glad to be here.))  



PostPosted: Fri Jul 15, 2011 5:24 pm
[ Lol, no idea what to do...I guess I'll have him rob a bank...or something next post if nothing happens ]

Crescent stood in his usual hands-in-the-pocket stance, 'window shopping'. He was looking in particular at a couple of cages filled with cats. "Whaddya say, Nero? I think she looks like your type." Nero flicked his tail in Crescent's face. He chuckled and rubbed the feline's head. "What would you say to a bit of jail-breaking?"

[ Actually, I think he's just going to break into this place... ]
PostPosted: Fri Jul 15, 2011 5:46 pm
[ um so :3 I think Ima have her go rob a bank right now. Anybody care joining? ^-^ ]

User ImageUser Image

Roaran x C a s e y

Roaran had just finished a looong shift of snotty, bratty children, impatient elderly, and annoying little cheerleaders and jocks from ehr very high school teasing her throughout her whole working day. Of course, Roaran was easily peeved, so, of course, she did a few... Naughty things. Yeah, she "tripped" and spilled a smoothie onto the perky blonde at table 9. And sure she had a little slip up and served some steak with chili sauce mixed into the BBQ to the allergenic man at the back bar stool. Yeah yeah, it wasn't on video, so she didn't do it.

Just as she was untying the apron and leaving that worn-down, good-for-nothing cafe, Roaran felt the urge to enjoy herself a bit. Now of course, she had to make a pit stop to grab her dress and do up her hair a bit. So, as she walked the streets blankly to her apartment, Roaran did some thinking. How would she get into this bank? Who would she impersonate? Maybe that idiot brunette from science class that kept giving googly-eyes to the new kid that Roaran just-so-happened to take a liking to; just 'cause he was new and cute. Yeah. Sounded good enough to her.


Roaran had on that glove-fitted white dress over her milky complexion features. Her current face: Adrianna Hunter. That idiot brunette who couldn't control those aquamarine eyes. Now, Roaran actually liked being Adrianna a bit. Her cute little freckles fringed the topper-half of her cheeks; the sapphire hues gave an angelic look as she stared about the bank. And the hair - oh lord did Roaran have fun braiding that silky, smooth complex of hair.

Now, as Roaran went into the bank as Adrianna Hunter, nobody would suspect her. However; as soon as she broke for the vault - she got suspected. Lucky as she was, Roaran could break the most complex alienated pieces of locks within 5 seconds record. So, before the guard could even shout, "YOUNG LADY WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" Roaran was in, and her face was gone.

"Dear Lord Almighty.. It's No Face... " Said the guard in the lowest of whispers, too in awe to even contact others. Once that went adrift, however, he immediately reached for that walkie-talkie strapped to his shoulder to call in others. Too late.

[ :3 Anybody mind joining? ]

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` ` N o xx F a c e ` `


Maya Freana

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 15, 2011 7:08 pm
As another girl emerged, Amaya sighed. I didn't ask for all these people to start showing up.... She thought to herself as she shoved her hands in her pockets. But this new girl seemed to have the other distracted. Maybe now was the perfect time for her to slip away, which she did. Amaya sank into a shadow reappearing a block away as she began walking down the street, acting as though nothing had happened.  
PostPosted: Sun Jul 17, 2011 8:24 am
((sure I'll join in.))

Alfred walked down the street contemplating of what to do that day. He knew that the bills had to be paid soon so perhaps a short stop at the bank would be a good start. Stopping at the ATM, the machine read that it was not dispensing bills that day. With a sigh, he went inside and decided to wait in line which was at this time of day very long since pay day had been this morning for most of the professionals. "How can they have pay day and the ATM out of money?" he muttered as the line moved at snail's pace. Little did he know that a robbery was about to take place.  



PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, 2011 7:43 pm
[ Aww, Crescent would, but he's a little preoccupied right now... ]

The cages in the front of the store blurred as Crescent focused on what was beyond, the 'deep innards' of the store. If a pet store could have deep innards, that is. Nero stood on his shoulders and the cat's tail curved into a long scyth which soon smashed the top of the store's window.

Crescent smirked. "Never was one for being sneaky." Nero's wings had grown from his back, but he remained standing curled around the boy's shoulders. "Hup." It wasn't very difficult for Crescent to jump inside, being part cat and all, landing on the balls of his feet.

"Well now," he said, flicking his bangs from his face, "Time to get to liberating." Nero's tail flicked the locks off of several cages and they crashed to the ground.

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