Melena Rai
I think the policy changes throughout the years is from a combination of power switching hands (a lot of the most "lewd" items came out after Lanzer left, for instance) and the user base getting older. Yes, the user base got older, believe it or not. Gaia just turned 15 years old this year, so all the 13 year olds that started on the site when it was launched are now 28. Granted, there are probably still plenty of youngins that are newer to the site, but Gaia is no longer the "hot spot" for teens, so many of the current users started quite a few years ago and are approaching, if not already in, adulthood.

I can understand that, although there are a lot that joined up before Gaia first started, so there is a wide range of ages. One of the items I used is actually a leg item that somehow clips the front of the bra off.
LOL many items somehow change others .. it is sometimes frustrating because i am like gonk i like the combo lemme do it!

Yeah! I know! Also, only the front of the bra? O_o If I turn myavatar around in it the back can still be seen. The bottom part I use is just close to my avatar's skin color. There's a thread in guides on how to do it.
meh i don't have enough brain power to waste to learn that - i will just change avis lol