This season was filled with ups and downs. The first 5 games, were awesome, save UMass. Then as the big ten(the best conference in college football this year) season progressed, it seemed like we were in for another 5-7 season after 3 consecutive losses to Michigan State, Penn State, and Iowa. Then during the Penn State game, our best corner(playing) got injured. So going into the Illinois game, i wasnt expecting muc, but the first few possesions of the game changed that, Roundtree's 75 yard TD and after that, is history, 3 OT's resulting in a 67-65 win with an injured reporter(whom Tate ran into during the OOB run and after the game) and excitement about the bowl game. Then Purdue was a monsoon game which we were sorta lucky to win. The last 2 games, were games in which we were hopeful to win, yet we knew it wasnt to be. As i type this, i am trying to watch the SEC championship game rooting against Newton, hoping Michigan goes to the Gator bowl against a 6-6 Tennesee team. In conclusion, this was a good season for this team, with no defense, and i am optimistic for next year(if Dee Hart stays on the Mich comitiment train)