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PostPosted: Sat Jul 10, 2010 7:20 pm
Hullo and welcome to my library! I specialize in story starters and one-shots, but I'm workin' on it! :3 Have a grand day!  
PostPosted: Sat Jul 10, 2010 7:22 pm


It seemed to be everyone's favorite holiday. From birth to middle school, and sometimes beyond, it was the trick-or-treating and an enticing sack load of treats. Then afterwards, parties and R rated movies oozing gore. Cameron liked these movies. Thus as his parents and younger brothers tottled off, he popped in House of Gore and Death, put popcorn in the microwave, and relaxed. There would be no Trick-or-Treaters here tonight. No no, Cameron had thought of that ahead of time. He had cunningly turned off the porch light after his parents had turned the corner, as they knew he would.

Okay, not so cunning, but at least it meant he would be able watch his movie in peace...

Or so he thought.

Half way through the movie, Cameron's eyes bulged, his elbows on his knees and slouching as to get closer to the screen. Screams, lots of screams. He smirked. Did that make him twisted? He didn't think about that right now, so wrapped was he in his movie.

The doorbell rang obnoxiously.

And he squealed like a little school girl.

Cameron's face blushed furiously as he went to open the door. Oh if his friends could see him now! He was the captain of the football team at Baker High School who dated the head cheerleader and threw band geeks in their precious percussion closet just to show them who was boss.

Oh yeah-

And squealed like a stuck pig when Trick-or-Treaters rang the doorbell.

Undoing the security latch, he pulled the door open so he could pound the hell out of the elementary student who dare disturb his movie induced slumber. Of course it wasn't an elementary student and it wasn't a preschooler with his parents. It wasn't even some middle schoolers who had forgotten how old they were. It was two high school students his age and an older guy-

And the older one was bleeding profusely from...well.....Everywhere.  



PostPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:21 am
Wow... I haven't posted in almost a year. I feel kind of guilty... Well, I suppose I'll make up for it by posting my newest story. Maybe that'll motivate me to write too! Hmm- optimism was never my strong suit... sweatdrop  
PostPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:24 am


Silence filled the chamber, echoing off its walls and laying like dust on everything in the room. Such silence was to be expected, as it was the middle of the night. The door to the stone room was opened and shut creakily. The hinges were in desperate need of oiling, but that wasn't why he as here. No, he came with other things in mind. Steps bounced off the walls ominously. He had come with greater things in mind.
Further in the room stood seven pillars: one for each deadly sin. He strolled to the center of the circle and dropped the body in his hands. Peter Quince, a trouble maker. No one would notice if he was gone. Everyone would assume he was expelled.
Silently, and without any and all remorse, he stood next to his pillar, greed, and began chanting. Bass notes crept from his mouth down his clothes, to the floor and into the center of the circle. The notes grew and shook the ground, sending vibrations through his very being.
The center of the circle began to glow in a pale green light. The light grew brighter and brighter and began letting off a miasma of energy. The light soaked into his bones and he practically screamed in delight. He could feel his energy growing double, triple- no, tenfold, because of his master. "Rucifel! Answer your servant! Take this boy as an offering and prepare for the Raptus Day!"
Laughing seemed to spill from the circle and engulf the entire room. Hands, bloodied human hands, pierced through the stone floor noiselessly and began tearing off the corpse's clothes. Then the hands ran over his naked flesh, bathing him in blood. Then the hands held tight to the boy and began dragging him into the ground. Soon the marinated meal was gone and the light slowly faded away, leaving the man cold and lonely. It was as if his Sun, the light that warmed his very being, was gone. Still, there was work to do and he could not afford to dilly dally.

The Raptus Day was soon...



PostPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:26 am
"Keiko, get down here, please!"


Keiko Takahata rolled around in bed sleepily. Then, much like a cat, she stretched vivaciously. The sounds of someone stomping up the stairs alerted her to potential danger and so she hid beneath her covers, lying very still as to avert trouble. Her door burst open and a slip of a woman ripped the blanket off Keiko. "Breakfast has been done for five minutes! Your father is tired of waiting! Be downstairs in three minutes or no breakfast!"

The slip of a woman was Keiko's mother, and Keiko's mother, Hotaru, was a frightening thing. Hotaru Takahata wasn't a mean woman necessarily, she merely liked to yell. She was also had red hair, which merely made her temper worse. Hotaru was a taller woman, known for her excellent cooking skills and tough exterior, which she rarely dropped. Angrily the red haired woman stomped away with the blanket in hand. "Three minutes!"

Keiko slid out of bed earnestly, as not to further upset her mother. The girl ran to her vanity mirror and gazed inside of it. This twelve year old stood four feet seven inches and was very proud of every single centimeter. Her brown hair had a tint of red to it, but was no where near her mother's. The eyes, however, were very much her own. They were large with thick black eyelashes bordering them. Her right eye was a ethereal blue and the left was a jubilant goldenrod yellow. She grabbed her brush and ran it through her hair a few times and then waved to her reflection. She then darted downstairs, afraid to test her mother's wrath.

The brunette slid into the kitchen table seat before her mother turned around with plates full of hot food. Her father, Rey, smiled at her knowingly. She was always late for breakfast, ever since she could walk to the table. Food was placed before them and her mother was in a cheery mood once more. Cooking had that effect on her.

Silence spread across the table. A familiar silence that was not heavy nor awkward. If anything, it was warm and reassuring, "Eat fast," her mother murmured, "We have to drop you off at the Depot in fifteen minutes." Keiko's eyes bulged and her head whipped toward the kitchen clock. Ten 'til nine and the carriages departed at nine o' five. The little girl squeaked and shoveled eggs into her mouth greedily. Then, with a fist full of bacon, she ran back upstairs to get changed and grab her things.

Off were the pajama bottoms and on were her blue shorts and shoes. As for her Aegis shirt- it was nowhere to be found! She searched and munched, searched and munched. Where could it possibly be?! She crawled under her bed and out again to spot green shoes, which she believed belonged to her mother. "Looking for something?" The stranger mused. It was most definitely her mother's mezzo. Lo and behold, her mother stood in the doorway, dangling the shirt just out of the girl's reach. Keiko smiled gleefully as she pulled out from under the bed. She righted herself and grabbed for it. Her mother merely pulled it higher out of her range. The petite brunette cursed her miniscule height and jumped for it again.

Her mother grabbed the girl in midair and held her to herself. She hugged tightly, afraid to let go of her little girl. As though, if she let go, Keiko would disappear. She held and snuggled. Hotaru wasn't really one for sentiments, but this was different. This was her one and only baby girl, going off to secondary school. She would get her during holidays, but it wouldn't be the same. There wouldn't be that reassurance that she was okay…

"Mom, it's going to be alright…" Keiko soothed, despite her muffled voice. Her mother put her down, kissed her forehead and handed her the shirt, gazing into the multicolored eyes of her daughter. Hotaru smiled and left the room, teary eyed. Her little girl, her little Keiko, was twelve and going off to secondary school. It was happening too soon for her liking.

The little brunette smiled halfheartedly as her mother walked away, surely to cry in her father's arms. Keiko was twelve, almost an adult. Her mother had to let her fly away some time. She sighed and slipped on the school shirt and grabbed her bag, waiting until her mother had calmed down and would come and take Keiko to the carriage.

She didn't wait long. Soon she heard footsteps on the stairs and she met them in the hall. Her father climbed slowly and stopped when he saw her. "Is Mom not coming?" Keiko asked. Rey shook his head no and waited for her at the bottom of the stairs.

"Your mother is a bit… choked up right now." He said simply, scratching his stubbled chin.
Keiko hopped off the last stair and left through the door he held open for her. The carriage Depot was down the block but it seemed a far shorter distance than it normally did. Together father and daughter stood outside the horse drawn carriages in a final goodbye for ten long months. Keiko dropped her bag and hugged her Dad around the waist and he patted her back.
"It's not forever, Kei," He insisted, lighting a black cigarette, "Goodbyes are never forever."

It was then Keiko broke down. She held her Dad tighter and he began losing circulation in his midsection. He didn't mind though. Instead he held her until the coachmen called for everyone to board their designated carriage. Then Keiko turned and ran, not looking back. Rey laughed silently. They were so alike, Hotaru and Keiko… He watched the girl's carriage pull away and heard huffing from behind. He turned and saw his wife. She stopped next to him and yelled for all to hear,

"Keiko, if you get bad marks you're grounded, you hear?"

She obviously did as she smiled and waved. The whips cracked and the horses kicked off at a run. Keiko waved until she was out of visual range and her parents did the same. They stood in silence as the carriage rode away, bathing in the fact that she was gone, their little angel. Hotaru turned to Rey and placed her hands on her hips. "Rey," She said in all seriousness, "We need more kids."

The cigarette fell out as his mouth and bounced away.  
PostPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:28 am
Keiko turned around in her seat and began crying, allowing herself to let loose now that she was gone. Now that she was already a mile away from her parents. One hot salty tear escaped and then another and another. Soon she was gasping for breath and just couldn't stop. She was alone for the first time in her life and already it was hell.

"Excuse me miss," a kind voice whispered, "Please don't cry."

The brunette opened her wet eyes and gazed at the voice incredulously. It was a boy. A tan boy around her age with wispy blonde hair and big blue eyes that bore into hers. He gazed at her gently, afraid she would break at the shock. He sat on the bench beside her and carefully placed her in his arms. Then he held on, giving her a reassuring hug.

She was in shock! Here this boy was, hugging her, when they didn't even know each other. When she hadn't even noticed him until now. She didn't know what to do, what to say! Still, the boy was soft and smelt like a library with leather chairs and withering tomes… She pulled away from him and he allowed her to go.

"Great job Tran," Complained another masculine voice, "You've gone and scared her! What have I told you about hugging strangers?"

Keiko turned to the other person in the cart she had not noticed before. He sat across from them, she and "Tran", with a sort of sneer on his face. He had spiked blonde hair and the same tan and oceanic blue eyes. (Though this boy's tan looked athletically earned and his blue eyes were not as kind as the other boy's.) The kind boy smiled guiltily, "I'm sorry," He apologized genuinely, "You were crying so I figured I should hug you."
"More like he just wanted to touch you. Tran has always been the creepier- OW," the brunette boy cried as his shin was kicked, "Tran, that hurt you twit!" The blonde boy kicked the other blonde in the shin as payback and they sat in fuming silence.

"Um.. T-thank you, um, Tran?" Keiko squeaked nasally, breaking the angry silence. The kind boy nodded, "My name's Keiko Takahata. I'm new to Aegis." Tran nodded and the other snorted. Apparently these two boys were as different as night and day. As though their clothes didn't depict such. Tran wore long jeans and a blue dress shirt while the other wore black shorts and a red shirt. Obviously brothers but so obviously different.

"My name," Tran announced, "Is Bertrand Devereux. Tran for short. This is my second year at Aegis and I can tell you, it is most enjoyable. The brat on the other side of us is my twin brother, Clotaire Devereux. Call him Clo. It is his first year as well."

Keiko nodded affirmatively... But wait, if they were twins, why were they in different levels? She voiced this and Tran laughed uneasily. "Tran couldn't control his ability so he went to school before he ended up killing someone," Clotaire replied. "I didn't have the basic power to be accepted so they split us up." Clotaire sounded extraordinarily bitter about this, as if he wished he were the one with the uncontrollable gift and didn't have to waste a year.

"Of course," Tran piped in, "I had to come home a lot because of sickness. See, Clo and I can't be apart for long periods of time. I think three months is our limit. The benefit of twins." He added sarcastically, bringing a smile to his brother's face. Keiko stared blankly at them. There was so much she didn't know! So much that her family didn't know about and thus she had never experienced or heard of. It was amazing and frightening at the same time. Like a present with no name on it.

They all sat without speaking, basking in each other's presence. Suddenly all of the horses with the carriage leapt and the carriage slapped against the ground and then began floating in the air. Then it even began ascending! Keiko's and Clotaire's eyes grew wide.

"Oh, yeah. I forgot to tell you that Clotaire, " Tran said whimsically, "We'll fall asleep soon. Right now the Pegasi that are pulling this cart are picking up speed necessary to bash through the defensive field around Aegis. It's in the sky, you see. Keeps wandering eyes and soiled pockets from coming and stealing or mapping it out for attack. We'll fall asleep because the Pegasi need energy, and where better to get it than a bunch of preteen storage tanks?" As a second thought, Tran asked, "How old are you anyway, Keiko? I know you're not supposed to ask a woman her age, but…"

"I'm twelve," she responded, "And will it hurt? Ya know, when the Pegasi… Take energy?"

"No, it won't." He replied. "We'll just get sleepy as our energy is taken and we'll wake up a little sore and very hungry. Well- I woke very hungry but I'm a thirteen year old boy, what do you expect?" He asked whimsically. Clotaire was silent and when Keiko looked over, he was gazing at her angrily. Had she done some thing wrong? Had she subconsciously pissed him off? What had she done? How could she rectify her mistake? Clotaire shook his head and turned to Tran.

"So, you finally gonna tell me about it?" He asked cryptically.

Tran furrowed his eyebrows and looked pensive for a moment before he snapped his fingers, "Oh yeah! 'That'! Well, since you're a student, I can tell you everything about it now! They forbid us to talk about things like this to non-students." Tran explained to Keiko. She simply nodded in response. Tran leaned comfortable against the wall and Clotaire did the same on the other side of the carriage subconsciously. They were such twins!
"Alright. Well, it's like this: once we get out of the carriage, you two will go to the Chamber of Trials. Cool name, cooler purpose. Once you enter the Chamber of trial, there are three doors. There's a black one, a white one and a gray one-"
"Which one did you pick?" Clotaire interjected.

"My little secret," he teased, "I want to see what door you pick first. It doesn't really matter though, I hear they all send you to the same place. Anyway, once you pick a door, you go in and it's pitch black. Then you get put into your worst nightmare situation. Once again-" He announced before Clotaire could ask, "My little secret. I’m curious to see how far this twindom goes! We're growing boys, so I want to see if we're still like we once were Clo."

Tran shook his head to rid himself of the million thoughts running through his head. "Anyway! Once you're in your nightmare situation, you have to fight for your very life and then you manifest yourself so to speak. Trust me, you will know what I mean when you do it."

Keiko nodded, slightly confused, but more so sleepy than anything else. Tran yawned and Clotaire followed. "Well, goodnight everyone," Tran announced, "The Pegasi have started the sucking. See you all when we get there." The other two murmered accordingly.

Keiko was still extremely worried. She knew next to nothing about things at Aegis, and the know-it-all in the room was already asleep. Not to mention that the first-before-day-of-school and already someone hated her. And this whole door test thing? She still didn't know how to make heads or tails of that. Still, she wasn't sure if she wanted to do it. It sounded scary. Your nightmare situation? It sounded so mysterious, if only she could have a real sort of preparation…
And with that, Keiko fell asleep.

A pair of gleaming ocean blue eyes gazed at her curiously as she slept, not knowing what to make of the girl... Then he too was asleep, too exhausted to continue ruminating.  



PostPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:30 am
Screams of anguish pierced the night sky.

Left and right the villagers fled for their lives. Children cried and howled as their parents were slain before their very eyes, their blood now covering their infant bodies. Soldiers inhuman in nature had barged through the village gates and were marching towards the House of Merovin, where their enemy slept. Torches were thrown upon hay piles and wood stacks that morphed the area into a fiery inferno. One man stood behind his army, a giant, looming ominously. He shroud himself in smoke and darkness so none could see his true form.
Another man, one not so tall, dashed wildly from his home and troops swarmed behind him. He stood at a small five and a half feet but had bulk to back himself. His hands were deft and his eyes were far better than a normal human's. His garb involved that of a blue and white tunic and soot covered black pants. His weapon, a naginata with a white silver blade and a black hilt. He shouted orders like a king.

"Put out the flames!"
"Evacuate the citizens!"
"No mercy!"

Were just a few orders he hollered to his men. They obeyed and dispersed, leaving only he and the giant to fight. The man hacked through demons and human mutations alike. There was no mercy to those who had sold themselves for power. He gripped his trusty naginata in his calloused hand. This was it. This was the final fight. He stood below the immense giant and shouted fearlessly,

"Come out Curifel! This ends tonight!"

Maniacal laughter shook the smaller man down to his core, just another reminder that his enemy was five or six times his height. Still he glared bravely into the smog with gold defiant eyes. With a refined silence, he brought down the staff of his naginata to the ground. It shook violently with the impact. "Ready Coronach?" he whispered.

The blade of the naginata glinted wickedly in response.
PostPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:35 am
Four tan hands gently shook Keiko, trying to rouse her from her fitful sleep. Bertrand gazed quizzically at his twin, capturing his lack of emotion. His mind began to wonder why his vehement brother was stoic, but he quickly snapped back to attention. He had to keep his thoughts on Keiko.

Blood, fighting, children… Death.

She felt sick, tired, upset and so many other emotions. Children her age and younger were being killed and eaten or their loved ones slaughtered in front of them. There was so much pain and agony in her dream, she began to cry. She clung to the nearest body and shook. So much violence, so much death- and the worse part was that it was so real and she could do nothing to stop it. The flames still danced behind her wet eyelids, taunting her even in the solace of the dark. Bertrand, the body she held, rubbed her back reassuringly and soon the tears ceased.

"Are you okay?" Asked Clotaire.
So maybe he wasn't emotionally inept.

Keiko nodded and wiped away the excess moisture, ashamed. She had know these two for less than a day, no less than half a day, and had already cried in front of them. Twice. Clotaire pulled a handkerchief from his knapsack and handed it to her. "Here, keep it," He said softly, "I don't want your disgusting mucus to taint my immune system. If I got sick, I might have to kill you."

She took back her prior comment; he was about as sensitive as a rock. Bertrand reached over and flicked Clotaire in the nose. "The girl just had a horrifying dream and you're worrying about getting sick?" The mature of the two brothers opened the door to the carriage and held the door open for the other two. "Besides," He stressed, "Didn't you know that the stupid can't get sick?" The blondes glared at each other and Keiko giggled as she grabbed her bag and hopped out beneath their killer gazes.

The girl lost her breath as she landed on her feet. Outside, the sun warmed the lush grass and a gentle wind tugged at her hair. It was… Paradise. Trees surrounded the dirt path the Pegasi had stopped at and gave the entire landscape a feeling of home. Critters jumped away from tree to tree and began jittering jollily. They didn't even care that there were strangers watching them. She readjusted her luggage and ran up the path, her eyes greedy.

White marble pillars greeted her as the trees ended and civilization began. There were fourteen in total and in the center of the half circle were four buildings, three in front of a gargantuan bluish building. The three in front were all different colors and all the same castle like shape: a silver castle, an obsidian castle and a gold castle.

"The blue building," mused Bertrand. He had caught up as she stared in awe and Clotaire was right behind him, "Is the main building where most of the classes are held. The other three are dorms." Keiko nodded dumbly and smiled a bright smile that lit up her mismatched eyes. This was home now and it was beautiful.

"C-can we…" Keiko began.

"C-can you what?" Clotaire mocked with a prominent smirk on his face.

"Explore?" She asked shyly, her face lit glowing brightly.

"But of course," Tran answered, "But first, you have to go through the Chamber of Trials. Then I'll give you the grand tour and then we can go crash."

Trial? She had practically forgotten about that little tidbit. What with her nightmare, the Pegasi and the excitement of actually seeing Aegis, she was already feeling overwhelmed. She wasn't sure if she was ready for such excitement just yet. Or maybe disappointment. She wasn't quite sure which. Clotaire looked over at the brunette and, seeing the worry on her face after the mention of trials, he muttered, "Come on Keiko, it can't hurt much."

Bertrand laughed and turned to face both his underclassmen.

"Oh you have no idea."  



PostPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:52 am
Bertrand had taken them from the brilliant walkway to the gold building, where he and Clotaire disappeared for a few minutes before popping out again. The three sauntered over to the gleaming obsidian building as others began to coagulate. A chime resounded in the distance and everyone grew quiet. Tran smiled reassuringly as he left the two to the mercy of the ongoing crowd. Obedient as cattle, the crowd dragged them from outside the black building to the end of the hall where their fate awaited their arrival.

Speckled granite stones winked at the young girl as she raced passed them. It seemed like ages until they stopped, but only mere seconds had slipped by. The huddled group of frightened children stopped before a small stage with stairs at its corners. On top of the stage were three doors, like Bertrand had mentioned, but their colors were not gray, black and white. Instead, what could be seen of the three doors was blue, yellow and red. “Stupid Tran…” she heard Clotaire hiss underneath his breath. It seemed he had noticed too.

The children waited impatiently for what seemed like hours after they reached the platform. No one of authority had spoken yet, despite there being four up there. There were two old men and two younger women, but they were all discussing something else. Finally, one of the older men split away and approached the front of the stage, saying,

“Welcome children, to Aegis, home to great minds and greater strengths! My name is Felici Del Toro and I’m the head of the school.”

The man looked nothing like a leader figure. Yes, he had the wrinkles, white hair, the hooked nose- all signs of a wise man, but he gave off the feeling of a friend rather than official with authority. Unlike the people behind him. The other older man had close cropped iron grey hair and piercing green eyes. He carried himself like a dean. Even the women carried themselves with pride and straight backs.

“Behind me,” Del Toro mused with trembling lip, “Are your teachers. For the Warriors, Clothilda Bruno,” one of the women nodded her tan head, blood red bun bobbing with her, “For the Mages, Tigris Griffin,” the old man with piercing eyes nodded, “And for you lucky archers, Jun Ying, who is new to our staff this year after Samuen Ying, her husband, was called to Colopis.” Jun smiled brightly from ear to Elven ear and waved to the kids. Keiko assumed she was a archer based off her obvious descent. “Okay children, I have work to do, so I’ll be passing the stage to Ms. Bruno, who will give you all the information you need to know. Have a good year at Aegis! I hope I don’t see you all any time soon!”

Clapping erupted from the crowd as Felici Del Toro departed and Bruno stepped to his spot. Keiko looked positively offended! Why wouldn’t he want to see them any time soon? Wasn’t that an insult? She voiced his to Clotaire and he smirked at her. “He’s saying don’t get in trouble in his own way, dunce.” She glared at him until Bruno began speaking.

“My name is Clothilda Bruno, as you heard. However, for emergency sake, please address me as Tilda. I‘d rather you not try to piece together my name if your leg is chopped off. ” Silence from the peanut gallery. “Now, behind me are three doors- blue, red and yellow. You will enter one- they all send you to the same place so don’t be picky- and then begin your trial. Trials come in all shapes and form and depending on how your trial ends, you will be placed in the appropriate class. You could end up in Warrior Class, Magic Class or Archer Class. All three are good and all three have saved my life personally on the battlefield. As for dorms, all girls are assigned to the silver dorm and boys to the gold. This obsidian dorm is for faculty, their family and head of Classes. So if you see tinier people than you, they’re not overgrown naked squirrels or short underclassmen, they’re infants apparently. Now without further explanation, if you’ll please start coming up we will begin the trials. Glück und wollen nicht sterben!”

As the crowd hobbled up the stairs, Keiko wondered what Ms. Tilda’s words meant. She assumed something along the lines of ‘Congratulations on entering the school’ or ‘Have a good day’, but with her stern face, the young girl would probably never know. The children waited eagerly for their chance. Clotaire and Keiko stood near the bottom of the stairs and had a clear view of the three doors. The two shuffled their feet from side to side, twiddling their thumbs nervously.

Silence could be heard behind the door. “Do you know how our classes are picked?” Keiko asked her companion. He raised an eyebrow at her stupidity, as though it were common knowledge. Then, realizing he was doing it, his brow lowered and his eyes looked away from hers.

“No,” he responded, “I have no idea. Something to do with 'summoning yourself' or however it was Bertrand put it. Stupid cryptic son of a-"

"You two, please leave your bags with me and enter the blue and red doors. We will have them sent to your new rooms," mused the elf.

Keiko swallowed and followed the woman's instructions, scared witless. She stepped in front of the red door and Clotaire in front of the blue. She looked at him for reassurance only to find him staring rebelliously at the door. He glared at it as if to say, "Bring it on". Oh what she wouldn't give for a slice of his confidence... She took one deep breath in, released it and grabbed hold of the knob. Despite being touched by so many people, it was still cold. Before she could lose courage, she opened the door and entered, unaware of what lay ahead.  
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