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The Fight Against Ymir 

Tags: Battle, Combat, Drama, Writing, Fighting 

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Beloved Lunatic

PostPosted: Fri Aug 06, 2010 9:40 pm
When in doubt...

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York Neely
Hero of 1000 Worlds
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The Overseer

Repedes eyes formed into a glare as the man spoke to him, he wasn't the type to get upset easily but if this guy wasn't a cop he would probably never have been seen again, "Animal thing? Owner? I'm sorry, but if you continue with these insults I might wind up getting upset... If you have something you want to say, say it to me. I will determine whether or not York is needed or not." Repede watched his words, he wasn't the least bit afraid, but assualting an officer wouldn't help anybody. York listened as all this went on but remained where he was, Repede was already angry, going over their wouldn't really help the situation yet.


...Do it anyway
PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2010 6:41 pm
Strifer Garuwashi
Acresius looked in shock as the man dropped the chair to knock his own weapon out of his hands. Regardless of how things went now he had already planned to follow through with a spin, it would just end in a punch now. He straightened his left arm as though he were going to close-line someone.

The plan seemed fine, as he began his spin, when suddenly a heavy blow knocked his jaw. Acresius' vision went white, he could feel the very slightest sensation of his eyes beginning to water. There was something else he also felt. The hard heavy punch didn't stop his spinning motion, it just made it go faster.

Unfortunately though the blow was now spinning faster, Acresius' eye sight was just starting to come back. The white had begun to start fading like droplets of water sliding down a window. All he knew was that his blow was going to either make him do a ballerina type spin until someone made him stop or his vision came back, or Snaggletooth was going to be in some sort of pain.


That would hurt. Snaggletooth would get slammed, most likely in the face, and the blow would most certainly be strong enough to knock out a few remaining teeth. Snaggletooth went down, his head slapping the counter before his body fell backwards on the floor. There was blood on the floor.

As Snaggle Tooth attempted to get up, the three big men approached, the one taking point folded his arms and looked at Acresius.

The bar was in general chaos now, only the three men together daring to attempt to gang up on Acresius. The other two guys went to either side, attempting to ensnare him up against the bar counter.

"You want to take the Brether Brothers on now?" asked the lead guy.  


Strifer Garuwashi

PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2010 7:10 pm
When Acresius had stopped spinning his bright blue eyes now fell upon three burly looking men in a triangle position. The man at the point spoke to him, his voice sounding like someone speaking over sandpaper being ground. As the bar continued it's chaos Acresius brought his right hand up to his left jaw, and began to rub.

"Considering I only came here to get a glass of water and a room, I hadn't intended to ever mess with whatever you guys called yourselves, the Breast Brothers was it? Snaggletooth over here started everything." He knew his mouth was going to be the end of him someday, even if it wasn't all that witty. He just hoped that someday, wasn't today.

With out waiting for any sort of heated response, Acresius extended his long arm over the bar to reach for the first two bottles he found. He gripped them in between his index finger and middle, then his middle and ring fingers. He flipped one over the bar, grabbed it with his free hand, then threw both at the men one either side of the point man. He hadn't intended for a hit, as he instantly turned to run towards the stairs, he shoved one of the smaller looking men trying to box him in to the ground as he went. Acresius was in no shape for a fight anymore, and it showed as he ran, stumbling and tripping over himself and others. He hoped if he could at least make it to the stairs he'd have the higher ground. Acresius wasn't sure if it'd be any help, but it seemed like the higher ground would be a good thing.  
PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2010 8:25 pm
CBH Hotel Arcadia

The lead officer raised an eyebrow at Repede.

"Are you not familiar with hierarchy of rights in Apothos," The officer said smartly, "Simply put...

1. The Royal Family
2. The Senate and family members
3. The Commission of nobility.
4. The Citizens of Apothos.
5. Human Non-citizens
6. Human Slave Classes
7. Meta-humans and humanoid creatures. (Gladiator Class)
8. Meta-human and humanoid creatures. (Slave class)

Now, since gladiator class meta-humans aren't legally allowed to roam about the city freely you would either be a slave or an illegal. In the case of an illegal you'd have to be apprehended and put down. In the case you're that boys slave, he'll have to pay extra for the room to cover for dander cleaning. Still, since there was a misunderstanding and you aren't an animal but a non-human being, there won't be any animal cruelty charges. However, we will have to see that your owner has all the required paper work so we don't have to terminate your existence. So be a good dog and step back now that I explained for you. We don't want any trouble, but know we deal with powerful beings all the time here in CBH, we have foolproof methods for apprehension."



Beloved Lunatic

PostPosted: Tue Aug 10, 2010 9:04 pm
When in doubt...

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York Neely
Hero of 1000 Worlds
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The Overseer

Repede listened to the officers words carefully... He was getting on his nerves and would probably end up dead, but this was not the time, nor the place. As they say, give them a show, and they will love you! "Really now...?" Repede said as the man finished speaking. He then turned and dashed at York, shouting his name as he opened a portal, he couldn't manage these much at all anymore, so short distance would be his only option. Both him and York entered the portal from differant sides, it closing behind them.

The portal let out in Red's room, York really hoped she wasn't changing... He made his words quick as him and Repede made for the window, "If you want us, just head to the arena!" From there the window was opened and both Repede and York jumped down, Repede easily landing on the ground, York having to spring off the wall for some forward momentum before hitting. They both rushed across the street into the arena, which must have seemed odd, but they forced their way through to the floor of the stadium... Yes, if it was a show the audiance wanted, they would get one...


I may be wrong, bt the hotel is also an arena right?

...Do it anyway
PostPosted: Sun Aug 15, 2010 7:23 pm
Red awoke and sat up to see Repede and York flash into her room and jump out the window. She was in red pjs, so it wasn't like she was exposed or anything. It was a two story fall, so she hoped they were okay. But knowing them, it was probably fine.

She blinked a few times and went back to sleep. She'd take a few more hours, get dressed, and go to the arena to see what was up.



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