The Halloween horror dare By: Brianna j-me love A.K.A. HotaruBloodRose19
Have you ever been scared on Halloween? What about having to do a dare? Well, you would not know the meaning of scared until you have encountered what I have. Halloween is supposed to be about fun, trick-or- treating, dressing up as anything you want, screams, and candy right? Some of it is correct but my fun was ruined all because of a stupid dare. Would you like me to stop asking and start telling? Of course you would.
October 31, 2012, 11:00PM
I stared up at the giant, dark castle with horrified eyes. “Do I really have to stay the night here, especially on Halloween?!” I asked.
“Yes, you do, because we dared you to remember?” Dane shouted as I walked up to the steel doors. “Fine!” I yelled back. Okay, first off, I have to stay the night in an abandoned castle, in my costume; by the way I’m dressed as a wolf demon girl. Anyways, its 11PM now and I’ll get to leave at 6:30AM tomorrow. I opened the doors and walked in while closing them behind me. Inside it was pitch black, cold and I couldn’t help but have the feeling that someone was watching me. I flicked on the flashlight and decided to explore. An hour and a half later I was on the fifth floor gazing at a Victorian steel door. I tried to open it but it was locked.
Locked? That’s weird, why would it be locked? As I walked back I still couldn’t shake the feeling of someone watching me.*Creeeeeeeeek…* I whipped around, unprepared for anything to jump at me, I aimed the flashlight at the door. Nothing. (Must be my imagination.) I thought. Suddenly my flashlight turned off and darkness surrounded me. I tried to turn it back on but it wouldn’t even flicker. “Come on, Turn on! Please!” I whispered angrily. Then the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. I felt eyes piercing into me. As I turned around I couldn’t help but swing my flashlight at whoever was there. It slipped out of my hands and hit the floor, rolling down the hall. I cursed under my breath. Something caught my eye. I turned around and froze; two glowing, blood red eyes were staring into mine as if searching for an answer or secret.
“What are you doing in my castle?” The black figure asked.
I stuttered, “Y-Your castle? W-Well I thought it was abandoned and I was d-dared to be in here.” He stared at me with a pitiful look. “Ah. Dares can be fun yet troublesome at the same time.” He chuckled, “If you answer three simple questions, I’ll let you go.” I stared blankly at him but I was willing to take the challenge. “Okay.”
“How old are you?” My mind stopped. (Should I answer that question? Wait, what if he’s some sort of insane, maniac, murderer trying to figure out who I am so he can kill me?!) I gulped, “sixteen.”
“What is your name?” Grrrr. Another stupid question? What’s next, ‘How tall are you?’ Geez. “Rose Zane Thorn.”
“Okay, last question. What do you like better? Vampires, werewolves or demons?” I strained, trying not to burst out laughing. “Vampires.” I answered all three. “Good, now just one last question.” Said he.
“Hold on! You said I can leave if I answered all three questions!” I steamed.
“Yes, yes, that’s correct, but just one more.”
“Alright, shoot.”
“Would you run for your life if you saw a vampire?” He paused before the last two words. “Hmmm. That depends if the vampire was going to kill me or if the vampire wanted to just talk or be friends.”
“What if it was going to suck your blood and almost kill you?”
I paused to think for a moment, “Umm. I’d probably run….although I’d still think its cool that vampires were real.”
He laughed showing a perfect pair of glistening, white fangs. “Nice vampire costume.” I praised. He laughed again, “Thank you and what are you supposed to be? A werewolf or demon wolf?”
“I’m a demon wolf girl, yes but not a werewolf.”
“Ah. Now, would you like to run for your life out of here or not?” He asked. Puzzled I asked, “Huh?” Suddenly the candles lit for only a moment, lighting up the hallway then darkening it. The light reveled the man for only a moment; he was tall, one or two years older than me, wearing all black with little blood red. His eyes turned an emerald green, had long dark brown hair in a pony tail, and had regular teeth, no fangs. (Wait a minute. His eyes turned green, no fangs? He had red glowing eyes and fangs…Holy cats!) My eyes widened, mouth dropped and face pale from freight. “So, you finally figured out that I’m not a fake, wannabie vampire huh?” I nodded scared yet excited to know that vampires, the un-dead living kings, queens, princes, and princesses of the night were living on our world. “Are you…” I choked, “going…to k-kill…me?” My voice cracked at the last word. He shook his head, “I’m just going to see if you can out run me and by the way my name is Nail Kent.” As he said the last word he through something at me. I ducked and ran past him. I didn’t look behind me but I could hear his running footsteps closing in.
Finally I saw the staircase that lead to the first floor. I quickly looked over the rail. The darkness was hiding the floor, so I took a deep breath and jumped over the railing. I screamed as I was plummeting down, down into the darkness. As I hit the ground I heard a loud snap. I yelled as the pain gripped at my ankle. Ignoring it I ran, knowing that Nail was right on my tail. Suddenly someone pulled me into the closet. He or she covered my mouth so I wouldn’t scream. I bit the hand hard enough to where I could taste blood, he let out a mighty scream and I bolted out of the closet while he yelled after me, “Wait! Don’t go out there!” I ran and ran until I was about to burst out through the doors but something grabbed my neck and pulled me backwards up into the air. “You put up a good chase but you were this close to escaping. What a shame. Oh well, your loss.” Nail chuckled. I flared my arms and hit him in the face. He let go and I sped off towards the doors, and then quickly pushed them open. As I ran towards my house my friends were yelling, “What happened?! Its only three AM! Only three more hours left!”
“NO! I’m not going into that crazy castle ever again!” Tears were streaming down my face while I could still feel those menacing eyes on me. I returned home, went into my room and went straight to bed. I awoke at one PM in the afternoon. Stretching I spotted a letter on my window ceil. I picked it up and looked at it; there was a small rose on the front. As I was just about to open it a black cat leaped through the window. I jumped and the cat meowed at me. “Why hello there kitty. Are you a stray?”
“No.” The cat answered back. (Did it just talk?! No, it’s not possible, I must be asleep still. I’ll wake up soon.) But it never happened, I was definitely awake. I went nuts. “Calm down, calm down, I’m here for you. I’m your friend.” I looked at him puzzled, “For me? Am I in trouble?”
“No. I just want to protect you because you now know of vampires.”
“That they are real.”
“Yes. My name is Kentaro.”
“Nice to meet you, Kentaro.” I said politely. He smiled. I looked at him trying to see if there was any difference from him than any regular cat. “Your ear, the top of it has been ripped off.” He said nothing and had a far off look in his eyes. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything.” I grieved.
“No, no, it’s quite alright. It’s not your fault for asking.” *Ring, Ring!* The doorbell rang. “Oh, got to go, I’m going with my friends and cousins to the park and don’t worry I won’t tell anyone of what was in that castle or of what happened there.”
“Alright, good bye.” Kentaro jumped out the window and ran to the other side of the road and hopped a fence. I quickly got dressed and ran outside to meet everyone. We headed towards the park next to my house. “So, what happened last night? Why did you come crashing out of there? Was there something in that castle?” Kyle, my cousin asked me. I looked at them and said, “The reason why I ran out of there was because I saw a shadow of a goblin and there were giant tarantulas.” They all laughed. “Ha,hah! You’re such a girly girl!” Dane taunted.
“Am not! I hate the color pink!” I countered.
“Anyways, we want you to give us a tour of the castle! Tonight!” My mouth dropped. “What?!”
“You heard him!” Mia, my other cousin said.
“No! No, no, no, no, no!! Never in a million years!” (If they find out what is in there I’m dead!) “Oh you’re going! We’re going to drag you there if we have to!” I gulped and finally said, “I’m going home…see ya…”
“Okay. See you tonight!” Dane yelled. As I walked home I remembered the letter. (I wonder who it’s from.) I thought. I quickly ran home and went to my room. Grabbed the letter and carefully opened it. It read:
Dear Rose,
I’m sorry for frightening you last night but I was only trying to save you from my brother/leader, Nail. Anyways if you ever come back, be extremely careful and bring a weapon if possible. Hopefully nothing brings you back here, but if anything does maybe I can help you so you don’t get caught.
Senserially, Taint Kent
I quickly grabbed a piece of paper and wrote:
Dear Taint,
Thank you for your concern but I’m in a bit of a problem. You see, my friends and cousins are going to drag or force me to go back and give them a tour or the castle tonight. I would not want them to know that vampires exist so if I do come back then do you think I’ll be able to keep the secret or will your brother blow it? Anyways if you have any advice I would really appreciate it. Please write back as soon as you can.
Senserially, Rose Thorn
Suddenly Kentaro jumped into my room, I quickly walked up to him. “Can you do me a favor?”
“Sure what is it?”
“Do you think you could bring this letter to Taint Kent, if you know him, in the castle?”
“Of course I can, I’ll give it to him right away.”
“Thank you.” I said. He took the letter, jumped out the window and headed to the castle. About two hours later Kentaro returned with another letter. This one read:
Dear Rose,
I am shocked on what is about to happen tonight. Don’t stress out too much just stay calm and when you come I’ll have to meet you at the gate. I’ll make sure you and your friends/cousins get in and out safe. If Nail does come and attack then I guess the secret will be out. If anything gets worse I’ll erase their memories of the night and Halloween night. Do not fret; just make sure you bring a weapon.
Siserially, Taint Kent
I skimmed through the letter looking at the last sentence over and over. (How will I be able to get a weapon when mom and dad are awake? Hmmm….I’ll have to go into the kitchen and grab two butcher knives and get chicken to cover them up. Then when I go I’ll be ready.) I thought to myself.
“Are you planning something?” Kentaro asked knowingly. I snapped back into reality, “Sort of. I’m just thinking on what to do for tonight’s so called ‘tour’.”
“Interesting….” He pandered for a moment. Then he left. “I wonder why he left so fast.” I asked myself. That night I got prepared. I wore a jacket to hide the knives and I grabbed a flash bomb I had found at the graveyard. When I went to the castle I saw a tall man with short brown hair and emerald green eyes. He had a black jacket on with dark jeans. “Are you Taint Kent?” I asked him.
“Yes, so you must be Rose Zane Thorn. Pleased to meet you. Did you bring a weapon to protect yourself if I can’t protect you?”
“Nice to meet you too and yes, I brought two butcher knives and a flash bomb.”
“Good and I’m guessing those are your friends and cousins.” I looked behind me and saw them walking up. “Hey, you showed up and who’s this? Your boyfriend?” Mia taunted. “No, he’s just a friend; he’ll help us if we get caught by anyone. He’s really good with excuses. Aren’t you Taint?” I nudged my elbow into his arm. “Yup.” He answered.
“Let’s go in shall we?” Klaws insisted. I tried to hide how worried and nervous I was but Taint could see it clearly. We walked in and walked up to the stairs. I was in front leading them and Taint was in the back. We descended up the stairs and walked down the hall. Suddenly we were at the cross way of the hall, the left was to the dungeon and the right was to that huge door. “Let’s go right!” Dane exclaimed.
“No, left.” I argued. “Right!” “Left!” “Right!!” “Left!!”
“Shut up! Rock, paper, scissors for it!” Mia yelled. So we played…and I lost. We went right. When we were at the door Dane tried to open it. “It’s locked.”
“No dur, captain obvious.” I taunted. Suddenly tow hands busted through the floor and forcefully grabbed onto my ankles. “Taint!!” I screamed. He quickly came to the front and grabbed my hands just before I was pulled into the darkness. “Let go of my ankles you creep!” I looked down as the butcher knives fell out of my pockets and into who knows were. Two menacing blood red colored eyes stared up at me and then to Taint. “Let go Taint. You know as well as I that we all want her blood.”
“You’re wrong on that one Nail.” Taint hissed. I kicked at Nail but it didn’t help. That’s right; I picked up the flash bomb! “Taint! Let go of my left hand!”
“No!” He argued.
“Just do it! Please!” He let go and I quickly grabbed the flash bomb, bit off the handle, threw it down and a few seconds later it went off. Blinding light hit Nail and he lost his grip. Taint pulled me back up and I looked over at my friends and cousins, cowering in a corner. “Do you promise on your lives to keep a secret?” They nodded. “Good, because if you don’t these vampires will erase your memories.” I said quickly.
“Okay, you guys have to run and find a way to get out of here while I stall Nail for you.” Taint said.
“GO!” He ordered.
“Alright, fallow me guys.” Me and everyone ells ran the other way towards the dungeon. I opened the door and flashed the flashlight into it. Slowly we walked into the bloody prison. Suddenly we saw the door open, we all ran into one of the cells and hid silently. (Please God help us, don’t let us die please!) I prayed.
“There is no God here….” A dark voice hissed behind me. “…Only us! Only us!! ONLY US!!!” I froze and so did everyone ells. A hand grabbed hold of my shoulder. My heart nearly stopped, I panicked. “AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!” I shrieked. (What do I do? What do I do?!)
“Nothing, just hold still and die!” The voice hissed. I whipped around and saw a demon. “A-A g-g-ghost!” Mai shrieked. Suddenly about ten more appeared. They were laughing insanely and some sang, “La, la, la, la, la.” While others were chanting some sort of spell. “Run!!” I yelled. We ran back to the door and crashed into someone. I looked up and saw Nail with the bloody butcher knives. I screamed at the top of my lungs. He laughed insanely and thrust one of the knives, cutting my cheek and some of my hair. I was paralyzed with fear. (I’m going to die here. I’m going to die! Please someone help us!!) He thrust the knife at me again attempting to stab it into my arm. Adrenalin set in and I dodged it, grabbing it so it wouldn’t hit anyone ells. A really bad choice it was. The knife sliced into my hand causing blood to spill. I winced as the pain hit. He grabbed my hand with extreme speed and got really close to biting it but someone had gotten between me and him and threw him. Causing him to crash into the wall. “Who…” I trailed off. Kile grabbed my arm and pulled me in order to start running. We ran and ran and finally burst out the doors and ran all the way to the park. We rested for a bit still shaken from the encounter.
Suddenly there was a rustling in the bushes. We stood up, prepared to run. “Don’t run!” A familiar voice warned. A black cat walked steadily out from the bushes. “Kentaro!” I yelled excitedly.
“Did that cat just talk?” Dane asked.
“Yes, I did and you cannot tell anyone of this or you’ll be in deep trouble. Got it?” They all nodded. “Rose your hand!” He exclaimed. I looked down at my hand. It was still bleeding. “Ya, Nail got me with my own weapon.” Kentaro walked up to me and put his paw in my hand. Then it started to heal. “Thank you.” I said, eyes twinkling from the awesome power. “Can I talk to you for a moment? Privately?” He asked.
“Sure.” I answered. I followed him to the pond far enough from everyone’s hearing. “Okay, are you the girl who has the wolf demon within her? Wolf Bane?” I froze. (What?! How could he have possibly known?!) Gulping I mumbled, “Yes…” I looked away ashamed of what he knew. Was my secret already out? Had the government already broken the promise? “I knew it. The moment I saw you I knew you were that girl.” I shook my head, “No one ells knows of this do they?”
“Not really.”
“What do you mean ‘not really’?”
“I mean that the world of demons and creatures know you.” Suddenly a giant toad jumped out of the pond scaring us both. When I looked at Kentaro, he wasn’t there but Taint was. (Wait a minute. Taint Kent and Kentaro….Kent-taro!) “Woh! You were Kentaro!” I said slightly shocked. He looked embarrassed and said, “Yes…” He kept his eyes on the ground. “Whenever I get scared I’ll turn into a black cat and if I get scared again I’ll be myself again.” I looked at him, “Ya that sometimes happens to me, but only if I get these wristbands cut off. Although I can’t get them off anymore.” I said sheepishly. It was about one AM in the morning when we all went home. The weight lifted off my shoulders from telling someone on what I was. Two days until school. I went to sleep. Six hours later I awoke to my dad’s fists pounding on my door. “Get up! Quickly or you’ll be late for the art festival!” I slowly got out of bed and got dressed. Ugh…. Today is that day of every month when some of my demonic powers escape from the wristbands…I looked in the mirror. Wolf fangs and my eyes changed to a golden color with a sliver of red then changed back to my crystal blue color. I glanced at my hands. My nails changed from regular to razor sharp claws then back. I looked at my back and then head. No wolf tail or ears, that’s good. Walking down the stairs I grabbed all of my art supplies just in case something went wrong with my drawings, paintings or sculptures. “Are you ready?” My mom asked. I nodded and headed for the garage. Once we were in the car we drove to the art museum where they were holding the art festival. Ironic huh? Well to me it was. We arrived to the festival early enough so I could check my art. Nothing was broken or ruined. About twenty minutes later the festival began. People looked, admired, and praised my art. A while later I started to get bored.
Suddenly I heard, “Rose?” I looked up from my book and saw Taint with his family. “You entered in the art festival?” He asked.
“Ya, I’m really nervous to hear what the judges think.” I said nervously. Then Nail stepped up in front of taint. I almost screamed but yelped. Fire surrounded me and I was shorter than what I normally was. “She just turned into a wolf…” He said chuckling. I turned back to my old self and snarled at him, showing my glistening fangs. My claws returned and my eyes changed to the golden color. Knowing this I quickly calmed down. “Don’t get me angry today and don’t mess around in here.” I stood up to him, protecting myself from any problems that would cause me to have to leave this town. Nail said nothing and returned to the back. “So this is your family?” I asked Taint.
“Ya, Shane, Loch, Kare, Nike, and Nail, my five brothers. Mira, Naomi, and Sarah, my three sisters and my mom and dad, May and Mark Kent.”
“Nice to meet all of you.” I said politely.
“Nice to finally meet you too.” They all said. “Did you really make that sword?” Kare asked. I walked over to it, “Yup, It has a blood stone and moon stone imbedded into it with some of Wolf Banes power. Watch as I put blood onto it.” I cut my finger on the point of the sword and let it drip onto the carved path to the blood stone. As it hit the blood stone the sword glowed a demonic glow as it formed into any weapon I suggested in my mind. “Woh. That’s awesome!” Nike yelled excitedly. “Ya, you’re like a mad scientist or something from the way you crafted this sword.” Said Loch. I then grabbed a cloth and whipped the blood off the sword. “I can fix and trick out any weapon. It is way too easy for me.” I bragged. The music from the giant speakers filled the air. I noticed who the band was like no other. “Wow. They actually played Shpongle!? Wait that can’t be what I think it is…..It is! Shpongleyes!”
“What’s Shpongle? A food or something?” They questioned. My mouth dropped. “Where did you live before here?”
“Europe.” Nail said in an obvious tone. I was surprised that they didn’t know who Shpongle was. “You guys lived in Europe and didn’t even know who Shpongle was?” They nodded. I bowed my head and gave them the full history of how Shpongle started. Then filled them in on what this song was, “The name of this song is Shpongleyes like I said earlier.” We listened for a moment then a buzzer sounded for the judging to begin. I watched nervously as they left and the judges came. When they finished judging all the contenders, they announced the winners. “In first place is………Janice Len! In second place it’s……Rose Thorn!” I came in second place. Second place! Hooray!
After the announcements were done I headed over to my spot. When I got there I froze, standing right in front of the stand was a black and blood red raven, staring at me with its beady eyes. It flew right onto my head. I panicked a bit but decided to see the creature. I let it hop onto my arm. It continued to stare at me. I raised my other hand to pet it, it spread out its mighty wings showing the blood red tips of its feathers. As I touched the birds head it calmed down a bit. Its feathers felt soft and silky. They looked healthy and clean too.