No sooner than Zyx sliced the first Drakonian in half when three raiders came after him. Finally come out to play huh? Zyx Laughed and turned from the Raiders at a charging drakonian. He slammed his hand into the drakonian's chest and forced his decaying magic throughout the shiphand's lungs. The shiphand fell to the ground, unable to even gag. Suddenly above there was a large explosion. Large chunks of flaming debris fell down on and around Zyx, but instead of getting hit by any of it he put up a shadow barrier and hurled it all at the remaining shiphands. He then turned to the raiders, time for the real fun to begin. He lunged towards th nearest one and grabbed the raider's head, forcing corruption into the raider's mind. He released the raider and laughed as it turned to the other two raiders and charged. The raiders stood there in shock for a moment, but began parrying the blows of thier friend, trying to get him to snap out of it. One of them managed to disarm Zyx's "puppet" without actually harming him, and the controlled raider grabbed him in a big hug. Zyx plunged his sword through the two radiers and sliced upwards effectively slicing them both in half from the waist up. This left only the one raider, standing in complete shock. The raider dropped his sword and turned to run, but didn't get very far. Zyx Cloaked the raiders mind in darkness so he could not see, nor hear, but feel, oh, he could still feel. He could feel as Zyx ripped out his ribs one at a time and stabbed them into various places on his body, starting with hands and feet and working his way inward. The raider didn't last for very much longer. Zyx looked around and noticed the clear blue sky above, casting light upon the desolated massacre. there was no more fight inside the ship, but he caught sight of a group of raiders siting back, one of them decked out in the best armor with a beautiful jet black claymore. Zyx's eyes shined and he smiled. He had found his next target, and he had found his spoils of war. All that sword needed was a gem, blood red and shaped like a coffin. That would be arranged.

(Five kills, I'm not counting the shiphands I rained debris on.)