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PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2008 8:12 pm
Here is a list of the original and replacment music for the series.  
PostPosted: Thu Oct 23, 2008 8:43 pm
Episode 1. Pilot

Sarah Mclachlan - Fear
Dave Matthews Band - Crash Into Me
Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight
Filter - Hey Man, Nice Shot
Garbage - I Think I'm Paranoid
Hole - Boys On The Radio

Episode 2. The Morning After

Dido - Honestly OK
Smashing Pumpkins - Blank Page
The Cardigans - My Favourite Game
Gus Gus - Ladyshave
Loni Rose - I Never Thought That You Would Come

Episode 3. Monsters

Third Eye Blind - The Background
Semisonic - Made To Last
Christina Aguilera - Genie In A Bottle
Tin Star - Head
Other Star People - Drip
Folk Implosion - My Ritual

Episode 4. Leaving Normal

The Band - The Weight
Mandy Moore - Candy
Smashmouth - Then The Morning Comes
Save Ferris - Mistaken
Sugar Ray - Someday
Sarah McLachlan - I Love You

Episode 5. Missing

Creed - Torn
Stereophonics - Pick A Part That's New
Filter - Take A Picture
Beck - Novacane
Counting Crows - Colorblind

Episode 6. 285 South

Stroke 9 - Little Black Backpack
Euphoria - The Dreamer
Euphoria - Delerium
Laura Webb - On Any Given Day
Grassy Knoll - Safe

Episode 7. River Dog

Crash Test Dummies - Get You In The Morning
Bachelor Girl - Blown Away
Finger Eleven - Quicksand
Bramhall - Snakecharmer

Episode 8. Blood Brother

Jeremy Toback - You Make Me Feel
Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly
Citizen King - Long Walk Home
Pennywise - Alien
Ginny Owens - If You Want Me To
Bree Sharp - America

Episode 9. Heat Wave

Yaz - Situation 99 Remix
Santana featuring Everlast - Put Your Lights On
Save Ferris - Let Me In
Warren G - I Want It All
The Flys - Got You (Where I Want You)
Gomez - We Haven't Turned Around

Episode 10. The Balance

Jewel - Absence of Fear
Third Eye Blind - Deep Inside Of You
Angie Stone - Everyday
Fountains of Wayne - Troubled Times
Cirque Du Soliel - Incantation
Gigolo Aunts - Everyone Can Fly

Episode 11. The Toy House

Amel Larrieux - Get Up
Counting Crows - Amy Hit The Atmosphere
Third Eye Blind - Never Let You Go
Jessica Simpson featuring Destiny's Child - Woman In Me
Buckcherry - For The Movies
Three Dog Night - Shambala
G. Love & Special Sauce - Rodeo Clowns

Episode 12. Into The Woods

Matthew Sweet - Faith In You
Edwin - Theories
Van Morrison - Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
Plumb - Stranded
Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want

Episode 13. The Convention

The Toyes - Waiting For The Aliens
B52's - Planet Claire
Owsley - Coming Up Roses
Klaatu - Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft
Lit - Miserable
Sheryl Crow - My Favorite Mistake
Pennywise - Alien

Episode 14. Blind Date

Dramarama - Anything, Anything (I'll Give You)
Joe 90 - Truth
Our Lady Peace - Is Anybody Home?
Blink 182 - Adam's Song
Kevon Edmonds - 24/7
Majandra Delfino - In The Air Tonight
Lenny Kravitz - Stand By My Woman

Episode 15 Independance Day

Collective Soul - Run
Euphoria - Delerium
Bis - Detour
Bush - 40 Miles From The Sun
Jars Of Clay - Hand
Radford - Closer To Myself

Episode 16. Sexual Healing

Sarah McLachlan - Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
Tara MacLean - If I Fall
Addict - Youth
Marcy Playground - Sex & Candy

Episode 17. Crazy

Getaway People - She Gave Me Love
Angela Via - Picture Perfect
7th House - Gypsy Queen
Lori Carson - Take Your Time
Radford - Don't Stop

Episode 18. Tess, Lies, and Videotape

Foo Fighters - Everlong
Godsmack - Voodoo
Lit - Zip-Lock
Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground

Episode 19. Four Square

Folk Implosion - No Need To Worry
Collapsis - Automatic

Episode 20. Max To The Max

8STOPS7 - Question Everything
Filter - Welcome To The Fold
Tam! - Aliens
Beth Hart - Just A Little Hole
Guano Apes - Open Your Eyes
Chris Cornell - Wave Goodbye

Episode 21. The White Room

Remy Zero - Yellow Light

Episode 22. Destiny

Dido - Here With Me  



PostPosted: Thu Oct 23, 2008 8:45 pm
season 2

Stone Temple Pilots - Sour Girl
Three Doors Down - Kryptonite
Bif Naked - Lucky
Richard Ashcroft - Brave New World

Tarsha Vega - Be Ya Self
Amanda Ghost - Idol
The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You
Trinket - Crease - 867-5309 (Jenny)
Trinket - Superhuman

Trinket - Boom
Neve - Digital On
Quad City DJ's - C'mon N' Ride It (The Train)
Fishbone - One Planet People
Franka Potente and Thomas D. - Wish (Komm Zu Mir)

Vast - Free
Mest - Drawing Board
Frank Sinatra - Fly Me To The Moon
Brian Setzer Orchestra - In the Mood
Jimmy Dale Gilmore - Mack the Knife

The Pierces - Save Me
Jason Behr - Tres Diaz
Jason Behr - Tres Diaz (wav file)
Sheryl Crow - I Shall Believe

Cleopatra - U Got It
Gene Autry - Back in the Saddle Again

Foo Fighters - Next Year
Good Charlotte - Complicated
Elvis Costello - Alison
Vitamin C - The Itch

Belle & Sebastian - Don't Leave The Light On Baby
Linkin Park - With You
Papas Fritas - What Am I Supposed To Do?
Glenn Campbell - Rhinestone Cowboy

The Pharcyde - Passing Me By
Radiohead - How To Disappear Completely
Lifehouse - Everything

Fountains Of Wayne - I Want An Alien For Christmas
The Wallflowers - Babybird
Jane Siberry - Calling All Angels
Angie Aparo - Silent Night
Eels - Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Christmas
Paul McCartney - Wonderful Christmas Time

Delerium ft. Jenifer McLaren - Fallen Icon
Delerium - Amongst The Ruins
Three Doors Down - Duck And Run
Fuel - Innocent
Vallejo - Into The New
Collective Soul - Turn Around
Crystal Method - Trip Like I Do

Old 97's - King Of All The World
Vertical Horizon - Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)
Travis - Turn
Gomez - Bring Your Lovin' Back Here
James Taylor - Her Town Too

Nine Days - Sometimes
Jesse Dayton - The Creek Between Heaven and Hell
Palo Alto - Throw The Brick
Lifehouse - Quasimodo

Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass - Taste Of Honey
Bebel Gilberto - So Nice (Summer Samba)
Colin Hanks & Nick Wechsler - American Pie
Stereophonics - Lying In The Sun
Jill Phillips - Everything

ZZTop - Viva Las Vegas
Morcheeba - Be Yourself
Semisonic - Chemistry
Majandra Delfino - I've Got The World On A String
Majandra Delfino - I've Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)
Shawn Colvin - Viva Las Vegas

Doves - Catch The Sun
Coldplay - Don't Panic
Josh Rouse - 100m Backstroke
Josh Joplin Group - Camera One
Robbie Williams - Rock DJ
Ivy - Worry About You
L7 - Slide
Nelly Furtado - I'm Like A Bird
Musiq - Girl Next Door
Ivy - Undertow

Blessed Union Of Souls - Storybook Life
Meat Puppets - I Quit
Emer Kenny - Light Of You
Peter Searcy - Nothing
Emer Kenny - Heaven
Fisher - Human
Majandra Delfino - Amazing Grace
Beth Orton - She Cries Your Name

Paddy Casey - Whatever Gets You True
Pancho's Lament - Perfect Place
Jim White - Handcuffed To A Fence In Mississippi
Fisher - I Will Love You  
PostPosted: Sun May 17, 2009 7:17 pm
the replaced stuff was ok , but I still liked the original much better and was disappointed about the change  


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PostPosted: Thu Jul 16, 2009 12:07 pm

Episode 1.1 Pilot
Starfly - "Crash & Burn" (TV song is Eagle Eye Cherry - "Save Tonight" wink
Scene: Show opens in Crashdown Cafe before Liz gets shot.

Sarah McLachlan - "Fear" (TV song is the same)
Scene: At Crashdown as Max heals Liz and later when Max reverses connection with Liz.

Eleventeen - "Let's Go for a Ride" (TV song is Hole - "Boys on the Radio" wink
Scene: Isabel listens to CD using her powers.

Living In Question - "My Mother Was a Sun Worshipper" (TV song is Filter - "Hey Man, Nice Shot" wink
Scene: Maria runs screaming out of Crashdown after Liz tells her Max is an alien; Max, Isabel and Michael race by in Jeep; Liz and Maria corner them in alley with Jetta.

The Hippos - "Shake It Up" (TV song is unidentified)
Scene: At Crash Fest, Maria and Isabel encounter Alex who remarks “Nice cones”.

Hexx - "Hallucination Generation" (TV song is the same)
Scene: At Crash Fest, Kyle takes off his mask and Valenti notices silver paint on his fingers.

Dave Matthews Band - "Crash Into Me" (TV song is the same)
Scene: At Crash Fest as Max and Liz talk at end of epi.

Episode 1.2 The Morning After
James William Hindle - "Doubt" (TV song is Smashing Pumpkins - "Blank Page" wink
Scene: Max and Liz stake out Topolsky's office from eraser room.

Electrostatic - "Shine" (TV song is Gus Gus - "Ladyshave" wink
Scene: At Crashdown, scenes leading up to Liz and Maria giving Alex "cramps" excuse.

Loni Rose - "I Never Thought That You Would Come" (TV song is the same)
Scene: Max and Liz walk and make plans for a “lunch”.

Episode 1.3 Monsters
Christina Aguilera - "Genie in a Bottle" (TV song is the same)
Scene: Maria drives and sings along then sees Isabel with broken down jeep.

Aeon Spoke – "I've Seen Those Eyes" (TV song: Tin Star – "Head" wink
Scene: Isabel fixes the radio in Maria's Jetta.

Buva - "Almost See You" (acoustic version) [TV song: Third Eye Blind - "The Background"]
Scene: Max "accidentally" bumps into Liz in the school hallway.

The 88 - "All the Same" (TV song is Other Star People - "Drip" wink
Scene: At Crashdown, Maria waits on "Queen Amidala"
Also plays in Baby, It's You, in the school hallway as Max and Michael look at yearbook picture Isabel changed to an alien.

The 88 - "Hate Me" (TV song is Folk Implosion - "My Ritual" wink
Scene: At Crashdown, Valenti orders Heavenly Hash special from Maria.

Kevin Bowe - "Ordinary Life" (TV song is Semisonic - "Made to Last" wink
Scene: Maria and Isabel return to school and everyone walks off at end of epi.

Episode 1.4 Leaving Normal
Black Toast Music - "Where It's At" (TV song is Smashmouth - "Then The Morning Comes" wink
Scene: At school, Michael gives the jock an itch.

James William Hindle - "Leaving Trains" (TV song is The Band - "The Weight" wink
Scene: Liz’s grandmother arrives at Crashdown.
(Portion of scene when Liz’s dad sings along is omitted on the DVD).

Alastor - "Monopoly" (TV song is Save Ferris - "Mistaken" wink
Scene: At Crashdown, Agnes goes on another break and Maria flips out.

Iffy - "Double Dutch" [TV song: Sugar Ray - "Someday"]
Scene: Isabel substitutes for Liz in the Crashdown.

Episode 1.5 Missing
The Waking Hours - "Almost Nearly There" (TV song is Filter - "Take a Picture" wink
Scene: At Crashdown, Kyle enters and tells Max he’s "on" to him.

Goldo - "Feedin' On The Pain" (TV song is Beck - "Novacane" wink
Scene: In classroom, Michael paints his vision while wearing headphones.

Glen Phillips - "Darkest Hour" (TV song is Counting Crows - "Colorblind" wink
Scene: Liz finishes writing in journal and hides it in wall.

Episode 1.6 285 South
Euphoria - "Wait For You" (TV song is the same)
Scene: At Lift Off gas station, Michael starts to drive off in Jetta and Maria blocks him.

Skycopter 9 - "Cosmic Explosion" (TV song is the same)
Scene: "Abducted" Maria secretly calls Liz on her cell phone.

Keith Kohn - "Black Vanilla" (TV song is the same)
Scene: Liz, Max, and Isabel drive in jeep and Kyle calls Liz on her cell phone.

Julie Wood - "Imaginary Girl" (TV song is Laurie Webb - "Any Given Day" wink
Scene: At roadblock, Max and Liz talk in Jeep and Max mends rip.

Episode 1.7 River Dog
Rip Tide Music - "Sinking Ship" (TV song is Bachelor Girl - "Blown Away" wink
Scene: Maria and Michael talk in car on way back from Atherton's.

Melodine - "The Le Tingo" [TV song: Doyle Bramhall II - "Snakecharmer"]
Scene: Sheriff Valenti and Miss Topolsky's conversation at the bar.

Dispatch - "Time Served" (TV song is Finger Eleven - "Quicksand" wink
Scene: At Crashdown, Eddie talks to Liz about meeting River Dog.

Morphic Field (Keith Kohn) - "Loves Deadly Touch" (TV song is Crash Test Dummies – "Get You in the Morning" wink
Scene: Michael, Maria, and Isabel wait at Crashdown to hear from Liz and Max.

Episode 1.8 Blood Brothers
Communique - "Cross Your Heart" (TV song is Foo Fighters - "Learn To Fly" wink
Scene: Max and Liz leave school and song plays on car radio.

Bleach - "Broke In The Head" (TV song is unidentified)
Scene: Alex tries to recruit guys for his band and Maria comes to take him to hospital.

weaklazyliar - "The Story of My Life" (TV song is Ginny Owens - "If You Want Me To" wink
Scene: Topolsky leaves, Alex demands Liz explain about Max and the FBI, Liz tells him she can’t, and Alex walks away.

Episode 1.9 Heat Wave
Morphic Field - "I Won't Lie to You" (TV song is Santana, featuring Everlast - "Put Your Lights On" wink
Scene: At Crashdown, Maria and Michael make out.

James William Hindle - "Come Down Slowly" (TV song is The Flys - "Got You (Where I Want You)" wink
Scene: Liz walks through school halls noticing how everyone is pairing up.

Dive Index - "Middle Man" (TV song is Urban Species feat. Imogen Heap - "Blanket" wink
Scene: Max & Michael/Liz & Maria talk in their school restrooms; Michael and Maria make out.

Save Ferris - "Let Me In" (TV song is the same)
Scene: Alex and Isabel dance in Alex's dream.

Extreme Music - "Club Asia" (TV song is Yaz - "Situation 99 Remix" wink
(Extreme Music is a film/TV/radio music production company)
Scene: Beginning of party at Old Soap Factory and into scene when Alex find Isabel.

Heiruspecs -"Meters" (TV song is Warren G feat. Mac 10 - "I Want It All" wink
Scene: At party at Old Soap Factory, Liz and Max walk and laugh.

Steve Reynolds - "Satellite" (TV song is Gomez - "We Haven't Turned Around" wink
Scene: On Liz's balcony, Max and Liz kiss for first time.

Episode 1.10 The Balance
Mustard Seeds - "Coming Up Roses" (TV song is Fountains of Wayne - "Troubled Times" wink
Scene: Max and Michael enter Crashdown; Max and Liz share a look.

Jackpot - "Hide In The Frequency" (TV song unidentified)
Scene: At Crashdown, Alex and Maria talk about how he's dealing with things knowing about the aliens; Maria warns against getting romantically involved.

Chris Heifner/Hefshil - "Yesterday" (TV song is Radford - "Fly" wink
Scene: At Crashdown, Isabel shows Alex the cave symbols drawing, then tells Alex to stop staring at her.

Dan Mackenzie - "Don’t Even Start" (TV song is Third Eye Blind - "Deep Inside of You" wink
Scene: Max and Liz play pool, read fortunes, and dance on date at Señor Chow’s.

Gigolo Aunts - "Only You" (TV song is Gigolo Aunts - "Everyone Can Fly" wink
Scene: Liz and Maria have ice cream gab fest over Max and Michael.

weaklazyliar - "Again" (TV song is Jewel - "Absence of Fear" wink
Scene: Max tells Liz he needs to take a step back.

Episode 1.11 The Toy House
Hutch - "Turn It Around" (TV song is Three Dog Night - "Shambala" wink
Scene: Mrs. Evans and Max talk just before grease fire breaks out.

Counting Crows - “Amy Hit the Atmosphere” (TV song is the same)
Scene: Max and Isabel talk in his room; later at rock quarry as Isabel and Max talk and hug.

RubberSideDown - "Hot Wheels a Go Go" (TV song is Third Eye Blind - “Never Let You Go”)
Scene: Gang watches basketball game.

Alexi Murdoch - "Song For You" (TV song: G. Love & Special Sauce - "Rodeo Clowns" wink
Scene: At Crashdown, Liz tells Max she feels responsible for Kyle getting injured.

Joya - "Sumthin Ain't Right" (TV song is Amel Larrieux - “Get Up”)
Scene: Isabel changes lipstick shades before her mom enters and asks her what she remembers.

Communique - "Annabelle" (TV song: Buckcherry - "For The Movies" wink
Scene: Kyles comes into Crashdown and apologizes to Liz; Max sees Liz talking to Kyle through window of Crashdown and leaves without going in.

Episode 1.12 Into The Woods
Allergic - "Slippin'" (TV Song: Edwin - "Theories" wink
Scene: Liz and Maria talk at Crashdown; Liz and her dad talk about campout.

Athenaeum - "Banana" (TV song is Vertical Horizon - “Everything You Want”)
Scene: At Crashdown, Alex freaks out about Isabel; Maria tells Liz that Max has been staring at her.

Communique - "Evening In The City" (TV song is Mattew Sweet - "Faith In You" wink
Scene: Crashdown - Michael tells Max and Isabel that he thinks River Dog is their father.

Thomas Anderson - "You Surprize Me" (TV song is Van Morrison - "Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child" wink
Scene: Sheriff Valenti visits his dad at nursing home.

Episode 1.13 The Convention
Manplanet - "I, Robot" (TV song is The Toyes - "Waiting for the Aliens" wink
Scene: In front of UFO Center, Max dressed as alien watches Liz wait tables outside Crashdown.

Raging Honkies - "Alien" (TV song: Brian Setzer - Flyin' Saucer Rock 'N' Roll)
Scene: At UFO Center, Michael and Isabel talk and Max comes in and takes off his alien costume head.

Astronaut Wife - "Flying Saucer" (TV song is Klaatu - "Calling All Occupants of Interplanetary Craft" wink
Scene: At UFO Convention, Liz tells Max about Jennifer and Larry being at Crashdown; Amy Deluca bumps into Valenti; Alex finds Isabel.

Bree Sharp – "Galaxy Song" (TV song is unidentified)
Scene: Mr. Frakes puts his hands in cement.

Hypnogaja - "The Spaceman" (TV song is Ultra-V "Can I Crash Here Tonite" wink
Scene: Jennifer is in booth at Crashdown reading "Men Are From Mars" and crying as Liz tries to console her.

Sherstin - "Lucky" (TV song is Sheryl Crow - "My Favorite Mistake" wink
Scene: At Crashdown, Larry proposes to Jennifer.

Episode 1.14 Blind Date

Buva - "Smile Tonight" [TV song: Dramarama - "Anything, Anything (I'll Give You)"]
Scene: Crashdown, as Alex strums his guitar and the winner of the radio contest is announced.

Bleach - "Heartbeat" (TV song is Our Lady Peace - "Is Anybody Home?" wink
Scene: At school, Maria and Liz talk about radio contest.

The Belles - "Never Said Anything" (TV song is Joe 90 - "Truth" wink
Scene: At Crashdown, Michael, Max and Isabel discuss 4th alien; Liz is interviewed by KROZ about her ideal man.

Elusive - "How Long I Waited" (TV song is the same)
Scene: At Crashdown, Liz looks through door of back room and complains to Maria.

Relient K - "Falling Out" (TV song is Blink 182 - "Adam's Song" wink
Scene: Song plays on radio as Michael comes through Isabel's window to ask her to come search for 4th alien.

Buva/Sandstrom Thomas - "The Things That You Do" (TV song is Lenny Kravitz - "Stand By My Woman" wink
Scene: Liz and blind date Doug dine at restaurant and through scene when Kyle gets Max to take drink from flask.

Thomas Anderson - "Holiday" (TV song is unidentified)
Scene: Liz and Doug sneak into Crashdown on run from KROZ crew.

Majandra Delfino - "In The Air Tonight" (originally by Phil Collins) (TV song is the same)
Scene: Maria sings at concert; Max and Liz talk.

Episode 1.15 Independence Day
Highwater Rising - "Life in Three Parts" (TV song is Collective Soul - "Run" wink
Scene: Michael arrives at Maria's in the rain.

The Get Set - "Big Nothing" (TV song: Radford - "Closer To Myself" wink
Scene: At Crashdown, Isabel, Liz and Maria talk about Michael; Max comes and tells them Valenti's got him.

Neva Dinova - "Did You Disappoint Your God?" (TV song is Bush - "40 Miles From The Sun" wink
Scene: Michael hitchhikes.
Also plays in Max in the City, as Max is tested by the emissary. It also plays in Chant Down Babylon, as Maria tells Liz that Max is dead and at the end of Chant Down Babylon, as Maria, Max, and Liz walk away together.

Episode 1.16 Sexual Healing
Last Days of April - "All Will Break” (TV song is Marcy Playground - "Sex and Candy" wink
Scene: At Crashdown, Liz spills strawberries then Max and Liz kiss in the kitchen.

Rebecca Lord - "After All This Time" (TV song is unidentified)
Scene: Maria and Liz discuss what Liz and Max were doing at Michael's apartment before Maria interrupted them.

Evan Olson - "Ticking Away" (TV song is Sarah McLachlan - "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" wink
Scene: Max and Liz talk before going into Crashdown.

Episode 1.17 Crazy
Erin McKeown - "Slung-Lo" (TV song: Angela Via - "Picture Perfect" wink
Scene: Beginning of the episode, Max comes into Crashdown and kisses Liz.

Renee Stahl - "Above Beside Below" (TV song: Everything But The Girl - "Low Tide Of The Night" wink
Scene: Liz and Max make out in jeep before Topolsky pounds on window.

Lori Denae - "Kinda Wanna" (TV song: Lori Carson - "Take Your Time" wink
Scene: Michael and Maria make out on couch in his apartment.

Treble Charger - "What You Want" (TV song: 7th House - "Gypsy Queen" wink
Scene: Alex and Isabel talk at lunch and Isabel makes "sucking face" comment before Tess asks to join them.

Athenaeum - "On Her Way" (TV song is Radford – "Don't Stop" wink
Scene: Delivery man brings flowers which Maria grabs to give to Liz.
Also plays in Max to the Max, as Michael comes out of the kitchen with a glass of milk for Isabel; Max enters and tells Isabel she's not pregnant; Maria says Liz left with Max; they all realize Liz has been kidnapped

Wayne Wesley Johnson - "Rumba Azul" (TV song is the same)
Scene: Liz unwittingly meets Topolsky at Señor Chow's.

Julie Wood - "Open My Eyes" (TV song is unidentified)
Scene: Tess walks up to Alex and Isabel's table at Crashdown.

Episode 1.18 Tess, Lies, and Videotape
Bloom - "Love Minus Zero" (TV song is Sneaker Pimps - "Six Underground" wink
Scene: Max has vision of kissing Tess passionately during school lab.

Allergic - "The End Of Days" (TV song is Godsmack - "Voodoo" wink
Scene: At Crashdown, Michael refers to Tess as Max's "new girlfriend".

The Tories - "Greatest Foe" (TV song is Lit - "Zip-lock" wink
Scene: At Crashdown, Max, Michael and Isabel discuss camera they found.

Episode 1.19 Four Square
RubberSideDown - "Some Other Place" (TV song is Folk Implosion - "No Need to Worry" wink
Scene: Max, Liz, and Maria talk about Tess; Maria says Max needs constant supervision.

Bullets of Orange - "Girl" (TV song is Collapsis - "Automatic" wink
Scene: At Crashdown, before and during Liz telling Kyle he should stay away from Tess.

Episode 1.20 Max to the Max
The Get Set - "I Feel Free" (TV song is 8 Stops 7 - "Question Everything" wink
Scene: In Crashdown kitchen, Maria overhears Michael and Isabel talking about baby.

Jettared - "A Conversation With The Past" (formerly titled "Unsaid" wink (TV song is Guano Apes - "Open Your Eyes" wink
Scene: Nasedo-Max takes Liz out of Crashdown for a drive.

Athenaeum - "On Her Way" (TV song is Chris Cornell - "Wave Goodbye" wink
Scene: At Crashdown, Michael comes out of kitchen with a glass of milk for Isabel; real Max comes in and they realize Liz has been kidnapped.
Also plays in Crazy, as delivery man brings flowers for Liz, which Maria grabs to give to Liz.

Luna Halo - "Aliens" (TV song is Tam! - "Aliens" wink
Scene: Liz and Nasedo-Max arrive at carnival.

Curtis Skelton (singer), Jim Latham (composer) - "Master of Ceremonies" (TV song is Filter - "Welcome to the Fold" wink
Scene: Liz runs from Nasedo-Max into Mirror Maze and through scene when Max follows Sheriff into Maze.

Episode 1.21 The White Room
Hypnogaja - "Nothing Box" (TV song is Remy Zero - "Yellow Light" wink
Scene: At Crashdown, Valenti talks to Liz, Maria, and Alex and continues as Max is tortured.

Episode 1.22 Destiny
Dido - "Here with Me" (TV song is the same)
Scene: Liz walks away from Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess. Song is also theme song of Roswell.
PostPosted: Thu Jul 16, 2009 12:11 pm

Episode 2.1 Skin and Bones
Mackabella – "The Way You Are" (TV song is Bif Naked – "Lucky" wink
Scene: Crashdown – Alex, Tess, Michael, Maria, Max before school year begins pizza party.
Also plays in Heart of Mine, at the end of the episode

Buva – "I Fall Asleep" (TV song is Richard Ashcroft – "Brave New World" wink
Scene: Crashdown – Max and Liz talk outside, and he touches her arm.

Big Stone City - "Drive Away" (TV song: 3 Doors Down - "Kryptonite" wink
Scene: Nasedo/Pierce walks into the Crashdown

Episode 2.2 Ask Not
The Collective – "Up In It" (TV song is Tarsha Vega – "Be Ya Self" wink
Scene: Crashdown – Isabel, Maria, Tess, then Liz dance; the scene is inter-cut with scenes of Max running, with no music, as he runs.

The Pattern – "Nothing Of Value" (TV song: The Dandy Warhols – "Bohemian Like You" wink
Scene: As Kyle gets off the bus and waits for his dad to pick him up.

Rebecca Lord – "Angels Fall" (TV song is Amanda Ghost – "Idol" wink
Scene: Maria and Liz drive past Max and Tess walking together at night.

Agent 51 – "American Rock N Roll" (TV song is Crease – "867-5309 (Jenny)" wink
Scene: Kyle's room, as his alarm goes off, he rolls out of bed, and does push ups.

Melodine – "Over My Head" (TV song is Trinket – "Superhuman" wink
Scene: At the Crashdown, Max and Isabel tell Tess and Alex about their encounter with Brody, Kyle arrives and tells Tess he is letting her have his room while she stays with them, Courtney talks to Michael about piercings. The song continues after Max finishes his "I'm coming for you" speech to Liz before sitting back down at the table.

Episode 2.3 Surprise (TV song is Trinket – "Boom" wink
Sprung Monkey – "What's That You Say"
Scene: At the beginning of Isabel's birthday party right after she walks into the darkened Crashdown.

Almost Ugly - "Superstar" [TV song: Quad City DJ's - "C'Mon N' Ride It (The Train)"]
Scene: Alex's "dance".

Blueberry - "Remember Heaven" (TV song is same)
Scene: Michael tells Isabel she can't see Grant anymore.

Black Toast Music - "A Walk On Cloud Nine" (TV song is Avenue A featuring Holly Golightly – "Run Cold" wink
Scene: Isabel tells Max & Michael about her visions of Tess.

Episode 2.04 Summer of '47
Relient K – "Pressing On" (TV song: Mest – "Drawing Board" wink
Scene: When the gang get to school in the morning.

Nero - "This Isn't Time" (TV song: Vast – "Free" wink
Scene: In the Crashdown, Maria waits on Michael and Hal and into scene when Maria and Michael argue about Courtney in the storeroom before Maria lends Michael her car.

Rebecca Kyler Downs – "Love Me Like Candy" (TV song is the same)
Scene: bar, as Richie pretends to be drunk to Hal.

Pat Tuzzolino - "Until It Happens To You" (wma here) (TV Song: Frank Sinatra - "Fly Me To The Moon" wink
Scene: At the bar as Hal and Richie discuss what they should do. Betty Osorio is at the counter.

Joel Evans Orchestra feat. Patrick Tuzzolino - "Maybe It's You" (TV song: Frank Sinatra - "There Will Never Be Another You" wink
Scene: In the bar, when Hal meets Betty, who introduces him to Yvonne.

Episode 2.5 The End of the World
Vaughan Penn – "The Deeper I Fall" (TV song is The Pierces – "Save Me" wink
Scene: Liz, Alex, Maria driving to psychic. The song also plays later in the episode in Liz’s room, as Kyle and Liz talk.

Olivia Tremor Control – "Love Athena" (TV song is the same)
Scene: Crashdown kitchen – Maria asks Michael not to be a jerk; Courtney slaps Michael’s butt; Michael and Maria discuss Courtney.

Loni Rose – "Let Me Go Back" (TV song: Holly Palmer - "Switched" wink
Scene: Liz and Maria talk in the Crashdown storeroom and Liz realizes what she needs to do to make Max fall out of love with her.

Sheryl Crow – "I Shall Believe" (TV song is the same)
Scene: Liz's rooftop and park bench – end of episode, Liz and Future-Max dance; Max and Tess talk; Future-Max disappears.

Episode 2.6 Harvest
Angela Johnson - "Rescue Me" (TV song is Cleopatra – "U Got It" wink
Scene: Liz and Maria walk to their lockers and Maria makes the comment about getting her heart stomped on.

Doug Stebleton (songwriter) - "There's A Good Times A-Comin'" [TV song: Gene Autry - "Back in the Saddle Again"]
Scene: Max, Tess, Liz and Isabel in the Whitakers' house.

Episode 2.7 Wipeout!
Melodine – "Over My Head" (TV song is Good Charlotte – "Complicated" wink
Scene: Max and Isabel are eating their mother's breakfast frittata before she disappears at the beginning of the episode.

Elvis Costello – "Still" (TV song is Elvis Costello – "Alison" wink
Scene: Liz's room – Liz tells Max that her mom likes listening to Elvis Costello on laundry day.

The Waking Hours – "Everything's Alright Forever" (TV song is Foo Fighters – "Next Year" wink
Scene: near the end, as everyone hugs after things return to normal.

Episode 2.8 Meet the Dupes
Wurkt – "Foreskin" (TV song is Linkin Park – "With You" wink
Scene: New York City – the Dupes steal produce and money, take basketball, and talk as they walk; also as Zan chases basketball, near end of episode.

Zeromind – "Sick Inside" (TV song is Coal Chamber – "El Cu Cuy" wink
Scene: New York, Rath, Lonnie, and Ava steal the TransAm.

Ken Huddleston - "Hard Luck, Hard Liquor, Hard Women" (TV song: Glen Campbell - "Rhinestone Cowboy" wink
Scene: Played on the car radio as the dupes drive to Roswell.

Beth Thornley – "I Will Lie" (TV song is Imani Coppola – "You Stole My Fun" wink
Scene: Crashdown – Maria at serving window telling Michael to be sure to include pepperjack on Brody's sub.

Hypnogaja – "Need to Believe" (TV song is F.O.S. – "Lovely" wink
Scene: As the Dupes enter Roswell, the Sheriff stops their car.

Apples in Stereo – "Shine A Light" (TV song is the same)
Scene: Crashdown – Maria and Brody have breakfast.

James William Hindle – "The Great Woodland Summer" (TV song: Belle & Sebastian – "Don't Leave The Light On Baby" wink
Scene: During Max & Liz's awkward conversation in the Crashdown.

Episode 2.9 Max in the City
Neva Dinova – "Did You Disappoint Your God?” (TV song: Radiohead – "How to Disappear Completely" wink
Scene: Max is tested.
Also plays in Independence Day, as Michael hitchhikes; and in Chant Down Babylon, as Maria tells Liz that Max is dead and later, as Maria, Max, and Liz walk away together.

Sanctus Real – "Hey Wait" (TV song is Lifehouse – "Everything" wink
Scene: NY vacant building, Evans kitchen, Liz's room—Max and Tess, Max and Isabel, Liz and Ava hug, Brody and Maria talk, Max and Liz through ending.

Episode 2.10 A Roswell Christmas Carol
Swingtips – "Santa Swings" (TV song is the same)
Scene: opening scene, Max and Michael examine Christmas trees.

Kevin Bowe - "Little Miss Christmas" [TV song: Fountains Of Wayne - "I Want An Alien For Christmas"]
Scene: Crashdown - Michael and Maria discuss their Christmas plans.

The Toms - "Fake Christmas" (TV song is Tennessee Brown & The Silvertones - "Jingle Bells" wink
Scene: Isabel stops at Michael's apartment and he shows her his Jetta bumper gift for Maria.

The Mighty Turbans – "The First Noel" (TV song is the same)
Scene: At grocery store when Valenti, Kyle and Tess run into Amy Deluca.

Brooke Ramel - "Jingle Bells" (TV song: Luscious Jackson - "Let It Snow" wink
Scene: Hardware store - Michael looks for a Christmas gift for Maria as Isabel gives him some advice.

Alfie Alessandra – "It's Just Not Christmas Without You" (TV song is Burl Ives – "Have A Holly Jolly Christmas" wink
Scene: At the Valenti home, during Tess' "I am here, Hello!" speech.

Cliff Hillis – "On A Day Like Christmas" (TV song: Eels – "Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Christmas" wink
Scene: Valenti Christmas dinner.

Black Toast Music - "Hey Mr. Kringle" (TV song is the same)
Scene: When Michael gives Maria her Christmas present.

Jane Silberry – "Calling All Angels" (TV song is the same)
Scene: hospital, as Max heals the children.

Episode 2.11 To Serve and Protect
Electrostatic – "Eliminate Me" (TV song is Delerium featuring Jenifer McLaren – "Fallen Icons" wink
Scene: Liz's dream

Ginger - "Aloweta" [TV song: Collective Soul - "Turn Around"]
Scene: Crashdown - Kyle and Tess have breakfast.

Episode 2.12 We Are Family

Luther Russell - "Look Out Here's My Love" [TV song: Old 97s - "King Of All The World"]
Scene: School hallway, when Alex returns to school.

Lucky Jim - "Endless Night" (TV song: Vertical Horizon - "Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)" wink
Scene: Isabel, Liz, Maria and Alex are on Liz's roof celebrating Alex's return home; Liz encounters Sean stealing food in the Crashdown storeroom.

Athenaeum - "Young Again" (TV song: Travis - "Turn" wink
Scene: While Liz and Alex are on her rooftop looking at his slides.

The Stratford 4 - "Where the Ocean Meets the Eye" (TV song: Gomez - "Bring Your Lovin' Back Here" wink
Scene: During Liz and Sean's "mustard scene" at the Crashdown.

Darran Falcone - "Hermosa Avenue" (TV song: James Taylor - "Her Town Too" wink
Scene: When Amy and Jim kiss.

Episode 2.13 Disturbing Behavior
Audio Adrenaline – "Ocean Floor" (TV song is Lifehouse – "Quasimodo" wink
Scene: Crashdown – Sean interrupts Liz, Alex and Isabel's conversation, asking where Maria is.

Bleach – "Knocked Out" (TV song is Palo Alto – "Throw the Brick" wink
Scene: Isabel and Grant have their "starting over" conversation in the Crashdown.

Luna Halo - "Forgiveness" (TV song is Nine Days - "Sometimes" wink
Scene: Michael and Maria spy on the police station with binoculars from the roof across the street.

Episode 2.14 How the Other Half Lives
Matt Beckler – "Fools At The Table" (TV song is Stereophonics – "Lying In The Sun" wink
Scene: Laurie Dupree and Michael talk in her room.

Lucky Jim – "You're Lovely to Me" (TV song is Jill Phillips – "Everything" wink
Scene: Dupree home and Michael’s apartment – end of episode – Michael and Maria talk about Laurie.

Episode 2.15 Viva Las Vegas
Julie Wood - "It's Only Love" (TV song: Morcheeba - "Be Yourself" wink
Scene: Michael hands out the cash and creates fake IDs in the hotel suite.

The Pattern - "Thunder Us" (TV song: Dead Kennedys - "Viva Las Vegas" wink
Scene: Liz and Tess' conversation at the pinball machine.

Episode 2.16 Heart of Mine
Never Heard Of It - "It's Not Possible" (TV song: Vibrolush - "Touch and Go" wink
Scene: At school, Max and Michael talk about Max's newly recalled memories.

Neva Dinova "The Tin Man" (TV song: Coldplay - "Don't Panic" wink
Scene: Sean gives Liz a ride to school.

The Sonnets – "How It Feels" (TV song is Doves – "Catch the Sun" wink
Scene: Liz and Sean on a date in a restaurant. They talk and kiss in his car.

Josh Rouse – "100m Backstroke" (TV song is the same)
Scene: bowling alley, as Liz bowls with Sean

Juliana Theory – "We're at the Top of the World (To the Simple, Two)" (TV song is Josh Joplin Group – "Camera One" wink
Scene: Crashdown – pre-prom gathering.

Zan Passante – "Good Good Times" (TV song is Robbie Williams – "Rock DJ" wink
Scene: Plays as everyone makes their entrances to the Prom.

Real Lulu - "Pushed" (TV song: L7 - "Slide" wink
Scene: as Liz dances with Maria at the prom.

Vaughan Penn – "If You Could See You" (TV song is Ivy – "Worry about You" wink
Scene: Prom – Max and Liz dance.

Black Toast Music - "Laughing in the Rain" (TV song: Nelly Furtado - "I'm Like A Bird" wink
Scene: Michael arrives at the prom and into the scene when Max tells Tess it's over with Liz.

Mackabella – "The Way You Are" (TV song is Ivy – "Undertow" wink
Scene: Prom – Max and Tess kiss, Liz’s sees. Liz's voiceover, as Michael and Maria dance, then Liz lane dances at bowling alley with Sean.
Also plays in Skin and Bones, at the Crashdown pizza party, before school year begins.

Episode 2.17 Cry Your Name
Communique – "Cross Your Heart" (TV song Meat Puppets - "I Quit" wink
Scene: Max and Michael discuss movies as the gang hangs out at the Crashdown right before Valenti comes with the news of Alex's death.

Frost – "Damian" (TV song Emer Kenny - "Light Of You" wink
Scene: Isabel's first dream after Alex's death.

Frost – "Half Whole" (TV song Emer Kenny - "Heaven" wink
Scene: Liz sees Alex's locker the morning after the accident.

Renee Stahl - "Home" (TV song: Fisher - "Human" wink
Scene: Football field memorial.

David Rice – "So Long My Brother" (TV song Peter Searcy – "Nothing" wink
Scene: Isabel's 2nd dream – Isabel and Alex at the Crashdown - Alex says "Goodbye Isabel" and "I think we both know I loved you too."

Poloroid – "Silence" (TV song is Beth Orton – "She Cries Your Name" wink
Scene: Crashdown, end of episode, as Liz looks at pictures of Alex, thinks about him, and cries.
[NOTE: Dan Rowe wrote and sang; unreleased on CD]

Episode 2.18 It's Too Late and It's Too Bad
Wake – "Mind Is Yours" (TV song is Pancho's Lament – "Perfect Place" wink
Scene: school grounds, Michael tells Isabel that she cannot go to college in San Francisco.

Evan Olson – "I Can't Forget" (TV song is Jim White – "Handcuffed To A Fence In Mississippi" wink
Scene: Maria explains her ideas for Alex's memorial collage at the yearbook meeting.

Vaughan Penn – "I Can't Help Myself" (TV song is Shawn Colvin – "Bonefields" wink
Scene: DeLuca kitchen – Michael and Amy talk; Michael uses powers to fix garbage disposal.

Audio Adrenaline – "Dirty" (TV song is Paddy Casey – "Whatever Gets You True" wink
Scene: Liz questions Derek, the computer geek, about binary code and Max walks up.

Sherri Youngward – "Where This Love Goes" (TV song is Fisher – "I Will Love You" wink
Scenes: end of episode – Max and Tess make love at the observatory; Liz at the airport learns Alex didn’t go to Sweden.

Episode 2.19 Baby, It's You
Psapp – "Always In My Head" (TV song is Mazzy Star – "Fade Into You" wink
Scene: Max and Tess wake up in observatory, then arrive at Valenti home. Kyle sees them kiss.

The 88 – "All the Same" (TV song is The Soft Boys – "I Wanna Destroy You" wink
Scene: school hallway – Michael and Max look at yearbook picture Isabel changed to an alien, as Isabel and Kyle watch.
Also plays in Monsters, as Maria waits on "Queen Amidala"

Evan Olson – "Don't Run Away" (TV song is Badly Drawn Boy – "Another Pearl" wink
Scene: school hallway – Max and Tess talk and come upon Michael, Isabel, and Kyle; scene changes to stadium, as Isabel and Kyle talk.

Athenauem - "One Day At A Time" (TV song: Lifehouse - Only One)
Scene: Crashdown - Isabel tells Kyle she won't play any more tricks on Max or dreamwalk girls with him again.

Tina Dico - "Break of Day" (TV song is Emiliana Torrini – "Wednesday's Child" wink
Scene: Outside Evans' home, as Max knocks over the trash

Landing Gear – "Atmosphere" (TV song is the same)
Scene: night, outdoors by stream, end of episode, as Michael gives Max and Isabel the translation and crystal.

Episode 2.20 Off The Menu
Evan Olson – "Shoebox Blues" (TV song is Uncle Kracker – "Follow Me" wink
Scene: Maria and Brody talk at the Crashdown, Maria returns the picture of his daughter, and Brody says he thinks he remembers Maria helping him during his "abduction".

Episode 2.21 The Departure
Sex and Reverb – "Here She Comes Now" (TV song is Doves – "Here It Comes" wink
Scene: Outside Crashdown, beginning of the episode, as Max and Michael come to talk to Liz and Maria who are sitting with Sean and Kyle and Kyle drums his fingers on the table.

Patrick Conway – "Brave Goodbye" (TV song is Remy Zero – "Perfect Memory" wink
Scene: Night, Alex's grave – Isabel and Alex talk and dance

David Gray – "My Oh My" (TV song is the same)
Scene: outside Crashdown, as Max gives Liz the pendant necklace, before leaving.

Cactus Groove – "Shoulder" (TV song: Doves – "Blackbird" wink
Scene: in bed together, Michael tells Maria he must leave Earth in an hour.

The Sonnets – "City, Spark, Fire" (TV song is Coldplay – "Trouble" wink
Scene: Night, desert - Michael sends the jeep over the edge in flames; they say goodbye to Valenti.

U2 – "Walk On" (TV song is the same)
Scene: end of episode, Michael, Maria, Liz, Max, Isabel, and Kyle by rock formation.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 16, 2009 12:12 pm

Episode 3.1 Busted
Evan Olson – "Anyone Else" (TV song is Sugar Ray – "Under the Sun" wink
Scene: opening scene, outside Sam’s Quik Stop – Max and Liz kiss, talk, and don ski masks.

Cutlass Supreme – "Words I've Never Heard" (TV song is Sensefield – "Here Right Here" wink
Scene: Max shows Liz how to use a gun.

Jason Collett – "Bitter Beauty" (TV song is Minibar – "Choked Up" wink
Scene: Max brings Liz roses as they meet to go on their date on the dock.

Plus/Minus (+/-) - "Megalomaniac" (TV song: Preston School of Industry - "Whalebones" wink
Scene: Michael talks to Mr. Seligman about rejoining class and Isabel arrives to tell him about Max and Liz being arrested.

n.Lannon - "Hollow Heart" (MP3 here) (TV song: Even Johansen/Magnet - "Where Happiness Lives" wink
Scene: as Liz and Max drive away after switching the diamond. Continues through their make-out session in the Crashdown's back room before Liz's dad comes downstairs.

Proto – "Monkey" (TV song is Blur – "Trimm Trabb" wink
Scene: Starts with Max talking to Agent Burns and returning to the convenience store, finding out that the space ship is no longer there.

Billy Squier – "If You Would Hate Me Less, I’d Love You More" (TV song is Van Morrison/Mark Knopfler – "The Last Laugh" wink
Scene: end of episode, as Max talks to his father, who says "silence is not acceptable"; Liz leaves with her parents; Max alone in his car, looking at the night sky.

Episode 3.2 Michael, The Guys and the Great Snapple Caper
Fonda – "I Will Remember You" (TV song is Merrick – "Infinity" wink
Scene: Isabel and Jesse secretly meet at a convenience store and Kyle catches them making out.

60 Cycle Hum – "East of Eden" (TV song is Stereophonics – "Have A Nice Day" wink
Scene: Max makes the alien mural at the Crashdown "talk" to Liz.

Angela Correa – "Glorybelt" (TV song is Leona Naess – "Promise To Try" wink
Scene: Isabel joins Kyle at Crashdown counter. She tells him about Jesse and warns him not to tell anyone. Kyle tells her good that she’s found someone special. She thanks him.

Episode 3.3 Significant Others
Smooth – "Walking On Space" (TV song is Emer Kenny – "Dance Until Dawn" wink
Scene: Isabel dreamwalks Jesse and sees him propose to her.

Adam Schmitt – "Second Story" (TV song is same)
Scene: Crashdown - Michael & his Meta-Chem buddies come in for breakfast.

Jason Collett – "Little Clown" (TV song is still unknown)
Scene: Isabel breaks up with Jesse outside the movie theater.

Evan Olson – "Not What I Wanted" (TV song is same)
Scene: Maria and Michael are on their date at the Bowling Alley.

Stars – "The Vanishing" (TV song is Emer Kenny – "Shattered" wink
Scene: restaurant restroom – Isabel (looking in mirror) talks to Alex about expecting the proposal from Jesse.

Michelle Anthony – "White Lies" (TV song is Shawn Colvin – "I'd Say I'm Sorry Now" wink
Scene: Liz goes to her father and asks if she can read his poetry. They talk and he tells Liz that she is the poetry.

Patrick Conway – "Brave Goodbye" (TV song is Remy Zero – "Perfect Memory" wink
Scene: Night, outside restaurant – Isabel says yes to Jesse’s proposal and Alex smiles.
Also plays in The Departure at Alex’s grave, as Isabel and Alex talk and dance.

Episode 3.4 Secrets and Lies
Sherri Youngward – "Where This Love Goes" (TV song is Miranda lee Richards – "The Beginner" wink
Scene: Jesse gives Isabel the engagement ring.
Also plays at the end of It's Too Late And It's Too Bad, as Max and Tess make love at the observatory; Liz at the airport learns Alex didn’t go to Sweden.

Episode 3.5 Control
Avion – "Beautiful" (TV song is Sugarcult – "Lost In You" wink
Scene: Mrs. Evans comes into Crashdown and tries to get Liz to reveal what she knows about Max

Blueberry – "Elevate Her" (TV song is Garbage – "Can’t Cry These Tears" wink
Scene: In the Crashdown, Isabel talks to Michael, and then to the wedding planner.

Athenaeum – "One Day at a Time" (TV song is Better Than Ezra – "Closer" wink
Scene: end of episode, in Crashdown, as Max returns to Liz; they talk, then hug.

Episode 3.6 To Have And To Hold
Artist Unknown, Felix Mendelssohn, composer - "Wedding March from a Midsummer Night's Dream" (TV song is the same)
Scene: Opening scene as Isabel wakes up, remembers about the wedding and jumps out of bed.

Artist Unknown, Antonio Vivaldi, composer - "Concerto No. 1 In E Major 'La Primavera'" (TV song is the same)
Scene: Maria comes to check on Isabel when she doesn’t show up at the Crashdown as expected and Isabel remembers about the wedding and flys into a panic.

DVD song is still unidentified (TV song is Lunatic Calm - "Sound Of The Revolution" wink
Scene: Max and Michael interrogate Jesse while trying on tuxes.

Stanley Holloway, from the original movie soundtrack of "My Fair Lady" - "Get Me To the Church On Time"
Scene: Starts the scene at Jesse's bachlor party.
NOTE: This song plays only on TV version... on the DVD, the song "All Points In Between" sung by William Sadler starts here.

Extreme Music - "Hava Nagila" (TV music is the same)
Scene: Isabel discovers that Michael and Max have tested Jesse's blood.

Aberdeen -"Handsome Drink" (TV song: Ivy - "Digging Your Scene" wink
Scene: Liz's dad confronts her about catering Isabel and Jesse's wedding.

Mozart (composer) - "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - Minuetto and Trio - Allegretto" [TV song is the same]
Scene: Isabel's wedding - Mrs. Evans wants her daughter to wear her wedding dress.

Artist Unknown, Richard Wagner, composer - "Bridal Chorus" (Here Comes The Bride) (TV song is the same)
Scene: As Liz and Maria start down the aisle and Mr. Evans steps in to walk Isabel.

Vaughan Penn – "The Deeper I Fall" (TV song is Alana Davis – "God of Love" wink
Scene: Isabel and Jesse’s wedding, as they exchange vows
Also plays in The End of the World, as Liz, Alex, Maria drive to the psychic, and also later in the episode in Liz's room, as Kyle and Liz talk.

Ivy – "The Edge of the Ocean" (TV song is the same)
Scene: end of episode, at wedding reception, as people dance and talk.

Episode 3.07 Interruptus
Fonda - "Round And Square" (TV song is the same)
Scene: Mr. Evans comes into the Crashdown to ask Jeff Parker some questions about Max.

Of Montreal - "Disconnect The Dots" [TV song: Frou Frou - "Breathe In"]
Scene: Maria tells Liz that her dad and Mr. Evans are up to something.

Loni Rose - "Hold On" (TV song: Heather Nova - "If I Saw You In A Movie" wink
Scene: La Jolla, Jesse and Isabel dancing. Kivar spikes Jesse's drink so he can dance with Isabel.

Communique - "Ouija Me" (TV song is unidentified)
Scene: At the Crashdown, Kyle tells Liz and Maria about Mr. Evans coming to ask about Tess; Maria sees flyer for missing man and they realize Max and Michael are planning to kill an innocent man whose body has been taken over by Kivar.

Nedelle – "Come Around" (TV song is Toploader – "Dancing in the Moonlight" wink
Scene: La Jolla hotel bedroom, as Isabel and Jesse talk after consummating their marriage.

Episode 3.8 Behind The Music
The Lift – "Carousel" (TV song is Sparklehorse – "Apple Bed" wink
Scene: Michael and Liz are at the Crashdown talking about Maria making italian food for Billy and the sugar jars explode.

Episode 3.9 Samuel Rising
Brad Hatfield – "Swingle Bells" (TV song is same)
Scene: Jesse hangs his stocking and Isabel moves it.

Hangnail – "O Little Town of Bethlehem" (TV song is the same)
Scene: Kyle complains to Isabel about his dad's date.

Gypsy Soul – "Silent Night, Holy Night" (TV song is the same)
Scene: Max attempts to heal Samuel to talk.

Episode 3.09 Samuel Rising
The Honeydippers - "Jingle Bells" (TV song is the same)
Scene: Santa (Michael) arrives at the park as the children boo the elves (Liz and Maria).

Gypsy Soul – "The First Noel" (TV song is the same)
Scene: Kyle and his dad talk; Isabel apologizes to Jesse; Samuel tops the Christmas tree with his parents, as Max observes outside.

Episode 3.10 A Tale of Two Parties
John Doe – Totally Yours (TV song is the same)
Scene: Beginning of episode, as Liz's dad sings and plays guitar alone in the Crashdown; Jesse returns to see Kyle and Isabel asleep on the couch; Michael awakens in Liz's bed, as she dries her hair. Also plays near the end of the episode, as scene changes to Mr. Parker opening the shade on the door of the Crashdown, and then at the very end, as the group tells Mr. Parker what they each want for breakfast.

Artist Unknown, originally recorded by Frankie Laine – "You Wanted Someone To Play With (I Wanted Someone To Love)" (TV song is same, but it starts a little later in the scene)
Scene: Isabel gets the apartment ready for New Year's dinner with Jesse as he calls to say he is stuck in Houston and won't be making it home.

FM Static – "All The Days" (TV song is unknown)
Scene: Crashdown – Maria discusses her plan to find Enigma, as Liz tries to get out of working on New Year's Eve. Maria and Michael talk after their shift about finding Enigma together.

Blueberry - "Twilight" (TV song is same)
Scene: Michael comes to tell Maria to go on to Enigma after overhearing her and Liz talk; Mr. Parker tells Liz she can leave with Max.

60 Cycle Hum – "East of Eden" (TV song is the same)
Scene: Kyle talks with girls in the parking lot, their boyfriends walk up and then he and Isabel sit talking on the hood of the car.

Toby Mac – "Get This Party Started" (TV song is the same)
Scene: Max, Maria, and Michael go to the frat house party.

Treble Charger – "Wear Me Down" (TV song is the same)
Scene: At Frat party, Maria asks about clues for Enigma; Max is carried by guys; Michael sees guy grab Maria’s butt.

Jet Set Satellite – "Baby Cool Your Jets" (TV song is the same)
Scene: Michael gets drunk at Frat party.

Beston – "On And Up" (TV song is unidentified)
Scene: Kyle and Isabel arrive at party and Isabel introduces Kyle to Bitsy.

Monet – "Stand" (TV song is Mystic – "The Life" wink
Scene: Kyle and Bitsy sit on couch talking about Buddha while Isabel listens, then Kyle thanks Isabel for hooking him up with Bitsy and has a "moment" about Isabel as she walks away.

People at the Crashdown New Year's Eve party – "Auld Lang Syne" (TV song is the same)
Scene: Crashdown party—Max, Liz, Liz’s dad, Maria, Valenti, and others sing at 10:30 "midnight".

The Appleseed Cast – "A Dream for Us" (TV song is Turin Brakes – "Underdog" wink
Scene: Isabel and Kyle cover the Viper; Kyle imagines them kissing; he agrees to watch Rudolph’s Shiny New Year and tells himself not to be a complete idiot, after she kisses him on the cheek.

The Witch Hazel Sound – "Morning Becomes Vibration" (TV song is the same)
Scene: outside Bud’s 24/7, Maria and Max figure out the clue on the fake Crashdown flyer to find Enigma in Blue Moon Canyon.

Absinthe Blind - "Shields" [TV song: The Boo Radleys - "Smile Fades Fast"]
Scene: Max and Maria walk up the hill to Enigma.

Episode 3.11 I Married An Alien
Dee – "She's Expensive" (TV song is C&C Music Factory – "Everybody Dance Now" wink
Scene: Ramirez home—Jesse's friend Eric plays CD, while Isabel brings bedding for him to sleep on the couch.

Shotgun Vegas – "Thanks For Nothing" (TV song is The Divinyls - "I Touch Myself" wink
Scene: Jesse tells Eric about unusual things he's noticed about Max and Isabel and Eric makes the crack about Jesse being married to one of the Roswell aliens.

Man Of The Year - "Western Sun" (TV song: Spiritualized - "Do It All Over Again" wink
Scene: Crashdown, as Isabel and Max discuss telling Jesse their secret.

Episode 3.12 Ch-Ch-Changes
Plus/Minus (+/-) – "Summer Dress 1 (All Her Winter Clothes)" (TV song is Turin Brakes – "The Door" wink
Scene: Outside Crashdown, as Kyle and Liz in the car discuss what she said to Max in the desert. Kyle tells her to try to get some sleep.

Travis – "More Than Us" (TV song is the same)
Scene: end of episode, as Liz leaves in bus for Vermont.

Episode 3.13 Panacea
Communique - "Black Curses" (TV song: Stereophonics - "Have A Nice Day" wink
Scene: Liz arrives at her dorm room and meets her roommate Eileen.

Sandstrom Thomas - "All I Can Do" [TV song: Pete Yorn - "Strange Condition"]
Scene: Maria's bedroom, as she chooses clothing and talks about Michael with Liz.

Episode 3.14 Chant Down Babylon
Bob Marley – "Chant Down Babylon" (TV song is the same)
Scene: Liz's dorm room, as Maria listens to the song and Clayton comes.

Neva Dinova – "Did You Disappoint Your God?" (TV song is Sense Field – "Save Yourself" wink
Scene: end of the episode, Winamen Academy – Maria, Liz, and Max walk and leave together. Also earlier in the episode, when Maria tells Liz that Max is dead.
Also plays in Independence Day, as Michael hitchhikes; the song also plays in Max in the City, as Max is tested by the emissary

Episode 3.15 Who Died And Made You King?
Celldweller - "Switchback" (TV song: Tricky - "Evolution Revolution Love" wink
Scene: Michael forces Maria out of the Jetta.

Zach Ziskin – "Falling to Pieces" (TV song is South – "Paint the Silence" wink
Scene: end of episode, as Isabel and Jesse get rid of Agent Burn’s body in the junkyard; song continues in their apartment, as they talk.

Episode 3.16 Crash
Ben Taylor Band - "Day After Day" (TV song: Marshall Crenshaw - "Someday, Someway" wink
Scene: Crashdown - Liz is teasing Max, and Maria complains that Michael hasn't apologised for throwing her out of the car when he was king.

Neva Dinova – "Dances Fantastic" (TV song: Coldplay - "Brothers & Sisters" wink
Scene: end of the episode, as objects swirl around Isabel in her old bedroom, while being unknowingly taped by her parents.

Episode 3.17 Four Aliens and a Baby
Smooth – "Floating" (TV song is Zero 7 – "Destiny" wink
Scene: Max and Liz kiss on Liz’s bed. Then Mrs. Evans calls to ask Max to dinner.

Speed Not Steel – "Dying Slow" (TV song is Elbow – "Red" wink
Scene: Liz and Maria talk after discovering Tess has returned.

Oh Susanna – "The One" (TV song is Kasey Chambers – "Nullarbor Song" wink
Scene: end of episode, as Max says goodbye to his son.

Episode 3.18 Graduation
Evan Olson – "Call Me Again" (TV song is Ryan Adams – "Somehow, Someday" wink
Scene: Opening scene at Crashdown, Liz and Max talk about him following her to college and into scene when Liz has premonition about the woman customer being attacked and robbed.

Irving - "L-O-V-E" (TV song: Riddlin Kids - "Here We Go Again" wink
Scene: Crashdown - Liz gets a letter from Northwestern.

Amilia K Spicer – "Falling In" (TV song is Mandalay – "Deep Love" wink
Scene: Liz’s bedroom, as Max and Liz kiss, and Liz sees first vision of them all being killed.

The Belles – "Victory Parade" (TV song is Jimmy Eat World – "My Sundown" wink
Scene: Rock formation – Liz tells Maria that Maria needs to try to decide what she wants and then go get it. Kyle tells his dad that he doesn’t want to be a cop. Isabel tells Jesse to take the job in Boston. Michael tells Max that he will be the first to leave, and they hug, as group looks on.

Ash – "Shining Light" (TV song is the same)
Scene: end of episode, outside chapel, as group leaves and drives away.
PostPosted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 5:48 pm
wow that is sooooo cool and it must have taken alot of work, thanks I was looking for a list  


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