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[b]5. Is this your main account or a mule? [/b]
[b]6. Where did you hear about this clan? (be as specific as possible): [/b]
[b]7. Why do you want to join this clan? (at least 2 sentences): [/b]
[b]8. Are you in a similar or affiliated clan or guild? [/b]
[b]9. Have you ever been banned for anything or received any warnings? [/b]
[b]10. Have you ever applied to join before? [/b]
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Contact Information
If you need to contact the clan, please try the link above first. If you don't receive a swift answer, please drop a discrete message to a Vice Captain, or Crew member, as appropriate. Thank you

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To see what we are about why not visit these threads.
zOMG Elite Clans Of Battle Thread
Clan FAQ help & reference thread
zOMG at its best!
The zOMG Elite Bug Report
Complete Maps, Rings, Monsters, Items & More!
zOMG! Recipe/Item Giveaways & Contest
ZEA Registered Guild Thread

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zOMG Elite Overview
  • Exclusive membership (based on account age, # of posts, & other variables)
  • Friendly community
  • Exclusive tutorials
  • Access to hundreds of CL10 members within the community
  • The best zOMG team systems on Gaia! (ZEL & Independent)
  • Exclusive art (including customized/personal clan art)
  • Monthly contests (free to enter with great prizes)
  • Dedicated sub forums for specific discussion ranging from animé, video games, roleplay and more!
  • & much more, so join today!

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Gaian Testimonies:

People told me not to join zOMG Elite because everyone must be elitist. I wanted to see for myself, so I joined, and I was blown away by how nice everyone is! No questions about the game go unanswered. No lower-level player goes unhelped (if they ask nicely, that is. wink ).

And I'm so happy with the resources we have, such as guides researched first-hand, connections to developers, and the many people on hand who love crewing with and helping other players.

W00t w00t for zElite! heart

What attracted me to zOMG Elite were the banners, the somewhat high position in the list of clans and all the promising member testimonials out there in the main page, all of which was somewhat lacking in other clans. I have yet to be disappointed. I was promised a friendly community, great tutorials, clan events: An enjoyable experience for both new and expert players, and that's exactly what I found inside. I'm glad I gave this clan the chance it deserved. I got many friends and it got me into gaiaonline in a way I never thought I'd ever be before.
All I hope is that anyone being given the same promises about this clan would do the same. And yes, I mean YOU!

Samurai Takeo

I came to this Clan because I saw an advertisement in someone's signature. It took me a day or two to join, because of the mass amount of users here (7000+) and I felt that if I joined a clan like that, I'd be just a number.

How wrong I was.

I joined, and in the first few hours, I found the main chat room, and just fell right into place. Over the course of a week, I had gotten so much help and advice from these people, that I became entangled into zOMG! again. I'm now a regular here, and I love it. Everyone is friendly, you don't get turned down for anything, if you need help with a quest, or perhaps need to orb farm, these guys will help you out. I guarantee it!

I definitely do not regret my choice of joining zOMG Elite. It was the only clan to catch my attention, and I wish I had joined much sooner. I've made much progress in the game since joining the clan, since everyone is so helpful and friendly. And once I started participating in the threads, I've made countless numbers of friends, who have helped in so many ways, both in and out of zOMG. This is definitely the clan you want to be in!

Well to tell you the truth I had no intention of ever joining a clan, or even other guilds without people I knew in them. I'm relatively new to Gaia ('08 ) and so I wasn't really into the whole meet people, chat in the forums thing. But coming to the clan really got me into not only Gaia but into zOMG as well. Being in zOMG Elite really helped me to get into the game, get into the people here, and just meet some really cool people to hang out with. I mean I would never have hoped to find someone as computer-y as me here, but then I met Jan. I even met people who were really close to where I live. So in all the clan itself really helped me to connect to more people, and I actively participate and promote it in hopes that others can benefit from it as well.

Before I joined zOMG Elite, I had a few friends that I occasionally hung out with or even talked to. Then, one of them recommended zOMG Elite. I'm glad i followed his advice. I joined that day and started posting in the forums. Almost instantly I got responses. I feel right at home here, as everyone is nice and generous. If I am not chatting with someone on zOMG, I'm talking to people in the forums. I now have a lot of friends and they are mostly from this clan. I can't say enough how glad I am to have joined zOMG Elite.

I'll just enter mine here...xD

I've never really been active in anything until I joined zOMG Elite. Never really felt the need, or the good that could come out of being active. I lurked, and was too shy to ever post anything, for fear that I'll be called names. I was just another avatar in the crowd. However corny it sounds, zOMG Elite changed my life! I've been to several events, and made some really great friends here. It's by far the funnest thing I've ever been in on Gaia. No one ever put me down because I was a lower CL like I thought they would...actually, I don't think I've ever met anyone say anything mean here! I must admit, I had doubts about joining- in such a big clan, it must be hard to stand out...but it's really not.
So join. I don't regret it one bit.