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In the year 2020, all civilization that we've ever known will come to an end. A deadly infection has been widespread all across the world. Originating in Western India, the virus spread like wildfire due to the vast amount of people that coincide in India. A few weeks after the first thousand cases of the infection had been spotted, the majority of Europe had become overwhelmed by this infection and started asking America for help. America set up Salvation Camps somewhere on the Eastern Shore of the United States. The United Kingdom began to send transports of civilians and important political figures over by helicopter and other aircraft. Due to the large amount of infected people in the UK, the UK couldn't spare any troops to ally any nearby countries or provide military escort for the transports. Only about 200 transports made it through to the Salvation Camps. The United States had lost contact with the United Kingdom, and sent a few scouting parties over by plane. Upon return, the only news to report was total destruction. Europe was lost.
One of the camps started to go into a panic mode after a sick patient went missing and then soon after started to attack the other residents. The camp became over run and soon a big portion of the near by states were becoming infected. As the survivors of this Apocalypse watch their beloved country fall into ruin. They do what ever they can to survive. And these are their stories.

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1. The zombies do NOT run, have special abilities, super mutations, etc... (This is the general type of role play, if you wish to create an alternative type of infected or scenario see rule 11.)

2. Respect all of members of the guild.

3. Do NOT spam or troll in the forums.

4. Please do NOT use anime characters in your posts unless it's the introduce yourself topic.

5. No Godmoding such as, "Comes out of no where." , "Drops nuke and blows everything up." , "Kills all zombies." , "Is immune", "Finds random weapons cache and get's a bunch of AK-47's"...Etc

6. Be active and Semi-Literate!

7. If you just join a forum topic please read through the whole topic before entering so that you get a better perspective during the RP other players don't want to have to summarize everything.

8. Have fun!

9. Do NOT enter a topic bringing a huge change of events such as "Runs down the road with a horde of zombies following behind, etc...

10. You must follow Gaia's ToS.

11. When creating a topic make sure to specify in detail the type of role play style it will be in. ex: Unrealistic superpower characters and weapons, realistic, zombie type (speed and/or mutations) etc...