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2012-City's, were collapsing, and no one knew why. The military where been sent in and all contact to that city was gone, that was until the Military had seemed to stop caring. City's kept falling, and the military kept trying to protect them, but this was a simple fail. Military gave up, and created small bases outside of major city's, the military new their last hope was on the people out their who had to fight threw this. The military knew, all that was left for humanity to survive was humanity its self.

2013 The military has officially sent out to all electronics, radios, and Tv's the same message. "Hello, this is the U.S.A state Military, we are still alive. When this message stops playing then all Military forces have been eliminated. We are currently outside the city, do not come though. This could be an issue for attracting zombies, so please stay safe and we will soon come and help. Men are been sent daily to scavenge." The Military currently sends squads of 4 out to explore into the city, they only do this to see if their is anyway to get people out easily. Some return, some times only 1 returns, this leaves the military in danger of losing this battle.
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Trader:They are never harmed by bandits, nor others they sell goods and trade for other goods.

Bandit: 2-4 They ride vehicles, and steal from others but won't harm unless attacked.

Raider: is 10-20 people and they go into camps and kill then take all supplies.

Scavenger: they go threw building's taking what they can find, and do their best to survive.

Citizens: They are the one's who tried to avoid the enemy's and stay back and wait for others to do their dirty work.

FBI Agents: They are working, or were working, for the FBI to try and find out about the disease causing people to turn into Zombies.

CSI Agents: They are very top-secret about the knowledge about the breakout of Zombies, many people don't know the reason why they are so secret about it.

1: No God Modding (finding guns, finding ammo, bringing in a horde of zombies with you, automatically popping in somewhere)

2:No cybering,

3: No killing other people

4:No been a zombie (if ur character becomes a zombie you are no longer allowed to use him)

5: No vehicle building/ No vehicles unless won in contest's Witch will be hosted by me.

6: No heavy weapons (start with small weapons)

7: When building machine's please make it some what realistic, as in a engine, pipe , and nails will make a nail shooter or ETC.... Just be realistic.

8:No braking these rules

(Coming soon!!!!!)
-Military Class

-FBI Class

-Scientist Class

-Science Lab

-Mechanic Class

-Citizens base

-Ammo system

-Health bar

-Food bar

-Weapon fixing

{Keep your eye out for these!}


The person to roll my number is the winner of 5 Mystery items!