One day 78 people in Barton went to the hospital all with the same symptoms and the gaians magic could not heal them. later that day a nurse went to check on them but when she got there they were dead so she used a phone in the room to call the front desk and tell the front desk they were dead in the middle of the call the front desk herd screaming coming form the other end. the person at the front desk sent up somebody to check what happen. So a doctor took the elevator up. once he was up there he didn't see anything. so he went to the room where the infected were staying. he opened the door and in the corner of the room was her dead body being eaten by the infected. he screamed and the infected turn to him. he never did close the door behind him. so the infected was released to the hospital. Later that day the police sealed up the hospital and then 3 days later they saw some of the boards around the hospital doors starting crack. The most powerful mages in Gaia sealed the city and no one was allowed to leave the city. 2 years after the 1st infection 98% of Barton's total population was infected and killing.

As one of the survivors you try to live in a city full of zombies.

3 millon lived in Barton town
unknown how many live


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