User Image~*~Rules for Our YN Fan Club~*~User Image

-Follow the Gaia TOS

-No Trolling, Flaming or abuse! Be nice to other users. In short; if you wouldn’t like people doing that to you. Then don’t do it to other people.

-No spam. Please if you want to make gold by bumping go do that in the CB.

- No Cybering. :T

-And last but not least. No randomly turning off light switches like 64 times. OK?! Srsly. You’ll run up Poniko’s electric bill.

If you have any problems with these rules you can just say hi to the Ban Stick and the captain's Purple eyed bird girl sword. Please, if you are being bullied by anyone in this guild; PM the Captain immediately! She'll deal with them in a 1 in a 65% chance. LOL, Nah She'll deal with them faster than you can say kyu kyu. I promise you, she's good like that~

User Image~*~About the Game Yume Nikki~*~User Image

Yume Nikki is a “Dōjin soft” or homebrew game produced independently by Japanese developer Kikiyama. It is a game simple in graphics yet deep in symbolism of the main character’s life events. The game’s fans have many speculations about YN and its characters but the most widely accepted interpretation is that of Madotsuki’s social life.

(Ma-doht-ski) User Image

She is believed to be a hikikomori, which basically means shut-in, in Japanese. She refuses to leave her home. Leaving only the option of playing a depressing video game (Nasu which means eggplant) or geting down to the main part of the game. -Her occasionally disturbing and/or frightening dreams! There are 12 doors which lead to dreamscapes or worlds that Madotsuki ventures through. They are all located in the central part of the game. A.K.A. "The Nexus, Door Room or Hub."

In many of these worlds you find effects that you use to interact with other beings or objects in Modotsuki’s dreams. Although, most of the effects are purely cosmetic or comical. The object of the game is to explore every thing you can, obtain all 24 effects and then drop all the effects in the Nexus.