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The Yu Yu Hakusho Old Plot
Fourteen-year-old Yusuke Urameshi is the worst student at Sarayashiki Junior High. He gets terrible grades, skips class as often as possible, and has little respect for authority. On top of that, his coarse language and brash, arrogant manner get him into more altercations than he can count. Fortunately for him, he's good at protecting himself.

Really good. In fact, Yusuke has the reputation of being the toughest kid in town. But despite his killer rep, Yusuke is misunderstood. His home life is troubled. He is constantly hounded by his teachers, by his mother, and by fellow students gunning for him... As such, Yusuke is generally pretty miserable. Only after being assigned the job of Spiritual Detective does Yusuke truly begin to find his place in life. Now meeting Hiei, Kurama and Kuwabara his found a place in his life, To save the world...but now...There is a new story, A new Epic parody like story.
When Yusuke's two best Friends have a child together A parody Story starts!


When Parody Takes Over
Now years have passed for the group and things have changed. . . A lot has changed. Yusuke had hosted a Christmas party for the last year of seeing everyone and. . . Something weird happen. Hiei and Kurama both drank to much and it equaled them to having a Kid name Kuhi. Not only that but a lot has happen.

Hiei works for Mukuro now because of this reason of Kurama and the Kid and works with a Imp name Lucifer who is a water imp and is annoying as hell. They each have a MM mark on there upper arm or wrist and they even have a Vampire working for them. Yoh Akuro in love with Isuna Kaze, Oh how this is all become so weird.

For in the Human world Yusuke works with Keiko at the Noodle house, There son Yuuji works there at times and is most the time of trainng with Genkai-san.
Kurama and his son Kuhi both run the hot spring at a big victorian Mansion. Kuhi happens to be just like his father, But one thing is different, Fighting seems to be a bigger thing for Kuhi then school like it used to be. So his demonic hidden self is now coming up.

Kuwabara and Yukina have two kids, One is a eight year old girl and the others is a four-teen year old boy who is scared shittless of Ghost and anything, He uses a purple spirit sword for his weapon.
There little Girl Hina sees ghosts, and use Ice and healing powers because of her having more of the demonic blood in her. she is a very spooky little girl but everyone loves her.

Genkai happens to still happens to be alive and kicking, For someone who is really old the old hag seems to have someone after her, no it's not Toguro, It's luke the water imp.
With that Genkai also has a young four-teen year old student who is a girl. Her name is Kana and she uses spirit powers and seems to go to the school and be friends with the other.


In Other Role plays here, They all have different stories, This is the fact of the Guild for Parody. Yu Yu Hakusho is a great show but it's so much fun to make parodies. Many have been made or ideas are floating about.

Our World Role Play
In our world a lot seem go on when Yu Yu Hakusho drops from the sky to are world. None one say this coming when they figure out they have to help the cast and yet two people helping happen to be working for the women who had sent them there.
This is a mixed up Role play but the amusement in it.

In another Role play which is the one with the most posts at this point!

The Orders of Human World
The YYH gang has spilt up. Though, the worlds have been slightly connected by a link. Humans tend to wander into the demon world and it's Mukuro's workers job to clean up the mess or get them out of there.
As it happen Hiei works in the human world for Mukuro living there with a few people who also work for Mukuro as it's there job to deal with the humans that wander to the demon world, but it's also there job to deal with the demons who wander into the human world to cause hell.
Nothing really changed though, Mukuro stays only in Demon world and sends her trusty Imp 'Luke' or her little puppet User ' Kid' to send all missions and messages to those working for her in the Human world.
What can happen with this new story that's been set up?

So when boredom Hits, and Parody takes over. Any anime is not safe. but Parody Kids have come to take over Yu Yu Hakuhso!
This guild is a small spot for Role playing and other stuff.
Due to boredom this Guild will have place to chit-chat, Role play, fanfic area, contests and etc for YYH and all that. Now let see how badly when can have fun with Parody!

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