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This Guild is a place for GAINS of all ages who want to promote their tanks and learn how to make MILLIONS IN GOLD with BOOTY GRAB.
Doesn't matter if you are just starting your first AQUARIUM or have many.

This GUILD is for people of all ages young and old who want to learn and grow from EXPERIENCED booty grabbers and hopefully become GAIAN MILLIONAIRES from booty grab.

This guild will teach new and experienced booty grabbers all the ins and outs, all the dos and dont's, to become successful and make profit from their AQUARIUM TANKS.

Users wishing to donate, please do not donate to the guild using the form on this page. We cannot take gold out of our guild treasury; we can only spend it on Monthly Newsletters and Other Announcements, and we already have enough in the guild treasury for several years' worth of those! We don't need any more gold in the guild treasury! You can donate to My Mule Account bronx-rocks and the money can be used to help new members with items for their Aquarium Tanks thank you all.