Ih this guild you will create your own rosario character (or choose from the main cast) and we will be creating our own story for the school. This guild is for serious rp'ers so if your not active dont join and hopefully you will have a good time at yokai.

(if you need help with a tek tek ask)

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1.Treat others with respect.
(if there are any problems with bullying or harassment you will be kicked out and reported.)

2. If you are into profanity keep it to a minimum.
(We don't want our guild to look like a foul mouthed garbage guild, so please abide by this rule.)

3. If you need help with any ideas for an rp then ask the staff or me for some ideas we would be glad to help.

4. No sexual content. This isn't allowed in Gaia's T.O.S. and can get you banned after several warnings.

5. If the staff doesn't know you, you will have to give a reason why you want to join.

Becoming a staff member

If you are a good friend or have a good reason to wanting to be a staff-member you are usually accepted.