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Yaoilicious has been open since January 30, 2009, serving the needs of those who have the hunger for some male to male role play dreams.

In order to commemorate the 7th Anniversary of the guild, it has been revamped and reborn as

Yaoilicious 7.0: Fated Love

Rather its your favorite pair of species, character types or twisting the tale on a released anime or manga, we are open to that and so much more. You can even choose from your favorite Genre.

Here you will be able to host your own RP's, Contests, talk about anime, manga and videogames, start a poll and lots more. The Information can be found below in reference to the forums.

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All Gaia TOS and Rules & Guidelines must be followed along with Forum rules.

Be Courteous and Respectful of those in the guild.

Racist, sexist, or discriminatory jokes or words are Prohibited.

Be a Regular Poster, even if it is once a week or once a month.

Be Creative because it fuels the imagination of those around you.

-If you see anybody breaking any of the rules minus the last two, please let the Captain or a Vice Captain know about it. We are here to maintain the peace and order. Thank you.

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Ichiigo's Garden Sanctuary:
The Main forum, from here you will be able to access the other forums. The Main forum will mainly be used for Guild Updates and Announcements as well as poll for future events.

The World Role Play Cafe:
This Forum is dedicated to one on one RP. So you and a buddy can Role Play with a character each or more than one character. But if you invite another person into the RP, it will automatically become a Group RP and the thread will have to be moved to the next forum.

Group Role Play Dinner:
This is the place where you and several friends can Role Play, rather its a character each or more, it can be done here. However, there is a friend cap and once it reaches that limit, it will automatically a Infinite Multi Player RP, and will need to be moved to the next forum.

Infinite Multi Player Role Play Night Club:
or the IMPRP, This place is where you and 20+ friends can RP together, rather it is having a character each or more, it can be done here. This forum is created with the feel of what it is similar like to a MMORPG so that our joys of being stuck in the loop of awesome fun in discovering where the love may lead too.

Searching for Partners:
If you are in the need of a pinch to find a partner to RP with, then come here and post your resume or hook up with some who has created an existing RP thread. We greatly encourage those to create an RP before posting here as it creates a greater chance to get a partner.

Outside Of Character Lounge:
If you ever need a breather and want to discuss any further and future developments with your partners about what you plan to take your character down a certain path or needs help brainstorming the next post. You can do it here.

Contests, Competitions and Rivalries:
This Forum will allow you to host your own contest, competition or of you want to, throw down a show down between you and a buddy to settle a dispute in a Rivalry! Keep it clean though!

The AM(3)VP:
For topic discussion about Anime, Manga, Music, Movies, Videogames and Pictures. If you have a question about a certain anime or you really are trying to decide to buy the videogame, or getting curious about the awesome printed manga, what is that song?! Come here to see what others say about it and in put your own 2 cents on the matter.
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Voters Paradise
The perfect little haven for those who are just a voters, voters, voters, voters, all for the gold, gold, gold. You can just host a whirl pool of a pollers dream here!

Got a story that you have posted online or you want a review before doing so, Come here for a critics remark. Or if you are in the need to find an online site to post your stories on, come find it here.

Community OutPut Inbox:
Got a suggestion that you want to see in the guild or if you feel like you have what it takes to the next rank in the Guild. We would love to hear it here. All suggestions and feedback are greatly appreciated.

Consultation and A Friendly Hand:
Got a issue at home or a problem with a friend in real life, we would love to listen to it and maybe throw out not so wise advice. We just want you to laugh and make the most of your real life as you do here at the guild. Your Yaoilicious Family is here for you 24/7/365.

Thanks for the Memories:
At last, here is were all the retired threads go. You can see the history of each post and RP that has reached its last legs. May they ever rest in peace.

Captain > Vice Captain > Crew:
The forum only for those who hold rank of crew and higher. Highly secretive and sensitive materials are stored here. Only they can enter this vault!

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We who have the power of Guild Authority will not send you a PM asking you for your private information. We will uphold the same guidelines as the Gaia Administrators do. We ask that if a PM was sent and is asking for your private information, please report it immediately, we want the Admins to take care of the matter.

Please pay in mind that if you are below the age of 13, we will remove you from the guild and report you to the Gaia Administrators. We are doing this because it is for your safety and the safety of others. Other than that, please have adult supervision around if you are going to be online. -Thank you

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Upon using this form to enter the guild, you have accepted the Terms and Conditions of the Guild and Gaia rules.

If your application is rejected due to it being incomplete, you must apply again. You will receive a comment to your profile page from the Captain or Vice Captain that is was rejected. We ask that you make your profile page accessible by unlocking it in your settings by clicking on the Cog Wheel found in the header through your My Gaia screen. -We will not send you a PM if the Profile Page is locked.


Name your three favorite pairings: -It can be characters or species or character types-

What do you love best about Yaoi?

What is the Definition of Yaoi?

Were you invited/how did you learn about Yaoilicious?
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