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Yami Yakuza
Since Dec 24, 2007

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Eight, nine, three...The poker hand the requires the least amount of luck and the most amount of skill. It was the same creed thought up and used by the original seven members. The picture above is of them, starting from the left their names are...

Sousuko, Dragun, Nevidita, Cast, Desu, Mage, and Sensei

Now, it is run by a new cast of people...

The Leader
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And the loyal crew...
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Dead Babies, Veriduin, Nemutai, and Fiendish

The gaian Yami Yakuza guild (now owned by Leon a.k.a Sensei) is here for people who enjoy making a name for themselves. If you got excess strength you want to burn off, then use it here. Need to prove something to yourself or someone? Then unleash all that you are unto your goal.

But we do not take in brutes. This is not a military, this is the Yakuza! We need brains to back up those brawn. Creativity to match the skill. Each of our members are as respected as the captain, and they are all as useful as the next.

We offer rewards for those who deserve them. Contests and monthly give-a-ways to keep the moral up. As well as a relaxed environment for everyone to relax in. Some of our members are avid rpers and do that in there free time. We offer private rps for experienced players to enjoy themselves.

Each of the mods knows the Captain personally, and follow his orders to the letter. We have a safe guild with no internal affairs to get in the way. The leader and creator is Leon, chief adviser is Nemutai, Dead Babies and Fiendish run the combat faction, and Veriduin runs the rp section.

In this guild, we look out for each other. Dedication and morality are what this guild is based upon. So if you think this is the kind of place you want to be at. Then come on in and join the Yami Yakuza.


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Yami Yakuza Crest

What we expect from you

As Yami Yakuza members, we expect you to post at least once a week. We know that gaia and the Yami Yakuza aren't your first priority. And we aren't expecting that you spend all your time with us, but the more the better.

What you can expect from us

As your captains, vice captains, and crew members, we will make sure that you have a safe environment to post in and a fun place to hang out. We will make sure that everything is organized and there is always a way for you to make some gold. We do not chastise others for any reason, we can assure you of that.


*All GAIA Online Terms of Service, rules, and guidelines apply to all users in all forums of this guild.
* Be respectful to all other members and moderators.
* Flaming will not be tolerated.
* Try to keep all chat and RP PG-13.
* Do not spam the threads of any forums within this guild.
* No cybering will be tolerated anywhere within this guild though romance is allowed(anything above kissing and hugging is not allowed).
* No God-Modding in RP forums.
* By posting any images in this guild you agree that the image is with in the GAIA Online ToS and Rule and Guidelines.
* No trolling.
* While RPing please signify OOC (Out of Character) in some way.
* User created thread may have any rules they wish so long as they do not contradict any of these rules. Any rules for an individual thread are to be treated with respect while posting within that thread.
* Accounts inactive for one month are subject to deletion.
* Promotions MUST be approved by the leader with a valid reason why.

Application to Join

For us to be confident in your sincerity, we need you to fill out these questions. Failure to answer them will result in you being denied. Information will not be shared with anyone aside from moderators.

How did you hear about the Yami Yakuza-
Are you active on Gaia-
Have you read and understand all rules-
If accepted, can you be as active as requested-
What do you like about the Yami Yakuza-
Why would you make a good addition to the guild
What does loyalty mean to you-
Will you be loyal to the Yami Yakuza-

Yami Yakuza Oath

You must personally send the completed oath to LeonJLoire in order to complete your application.

I ______________ agree to treat the friends and family of my sworn brothers as my own kin. I shall assist my sworn brothers in anyway I can. I will not disclose any secrets of my brothers or the Yami Yakuza. I will never betray my sworn brothers or cause them harm of any kind. I will not get involved with a brother’s loved ones. I will not steal from one of my sworn brothers or the Yami Yakuza. I will treat allies of the Yami Yakuza and allies of the individual brothers as if they were my allies. If I leave the Yami Yakuza, I will not release my secrets to my next family. I will not assist in aiding an attack on the Yami Yakuza or my sworn brothers. I will not blame my sword brothers for my actions. I will not promote myself without authority. Upon joining I must forget any wrong doings the Yami Yakuza or its members have caused me or anyone I know. Upon joining, I will be faithful and shall support the endeavors of the Yami Yakuza and my sworn brothers.


Since we currently don't need any more gold deposited into the guild account, we need a little help from you guys so that we can make sure we always have contest and events for you guys. So please click the banner below to make a trade to the mule account. If you wish to donate, please click on the picture below.

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Portrait of the Yuuen Oyabun Leon