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xxxxxxAN UNUSUAL SITUATIONxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxone day a dark cloud graced the sky
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx bringing with it creatures unknown
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to tear society apart at the seams
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and eat all humans to the bone
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx they hid the sun behind large ships
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx leaving the survivors in darkness lost
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and chilled the days that followed
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx so that the world ended in frost. .


      At approximately ten in the morning on December 17th a dark shadow appeared above Hong Kong, China. Many stopped to look up at the perplexing form, unsure what was hidden behind their clouds. A few snapped some pictures, wondering if it was some sort of weather abnormality. Others passed it off as storm clouds, despite the extremely sunny day. Nonetheless, the Chinese government sent out a military aircraft to examine the odd formation. There aircraft, and its' two pilots, were never seen again.

      Above New York at ten at night on that same day another form appeared in the sky, although it was not discovered until the next day when light broke over the land. People were just as confused as their Chinese counterparts, unsure what they were looking at. Again, as the Chinese had done, the United States government sent up an aircraft to inspect the oddity. It was lossed on radar, causing a stir among the airforce officials. The president was notified and an evacuation of New York City began. No one knew why they had to be moved, even the government weren't sure of the threat, but within a week the entire city was barren, with the sound of abandoned canines as the only source of noise.

      But that wasn't the end of the peculiar shapes. Munich, Germany. Madrid, Spain. Moscow, Russia. Ottawa, Canada. Major capitals and cities all over the globe faced the same issue. An invisible invader was hiding in the sky, and they didn't know when it would make its' move.

      Three days before what would have been Christmas Eve, the clouds broke and the ships dropped, revealing themselves at last. People freaked, and major chaos insued. Smaller pods fell from the ships, holding God knows what inside them. The invasion had began.

      The world ended in a very abrupt manner. There wasn't anyway to prepare for the invasion, much less fight back again the scourge of aliens that landed on our planet. People, all over the globe, looked to their governments for a solution, but none was found. Very quickly societies fell to the alien invaders, who acted as meals for the creatures. Small rebel groups were created, attempting to fight back against the odd species that wrecked havoc upon their cities. Most failed miserably, often ending up as petty snacks for the alien abominations. The world has been a crazy place for a long time now, and the few which, somehow, survived the initial attack are looking for some memory of normal life, unsure how to progress from here.