**NOTE THAT ANY FUNDS YOU WANT TO DONATE, PLEASE DONATE IT TO XxBiohazardous LovexX As that is the guild mule.
Hello, there! I want to help you all in your dream avatars, now then, the entry fee is only 10g, and I will be helping you with an avi worth 1mil,2mil ect..(It's not all about you getting quests, everyone needs help sometime, so when you sign up you automatically say that you will help if you have been helped.)

It's a small price to pay, and I will need funds to make other people's dreams come true, so donating is very much appreciated to help the guild reach it's full potential.

If you do join, we would appreciate it if you pointed the guild out to friends as well.

If you need any assistance, please contact the Owner, Vice Captains, or Crew.

Please note that you will be deleted if you don't have much activity within the guild. Thanks for looking‼ ♥