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This is a guild for fun, comedy, gaming, and a lot of other stuff.
Join to have some fun, and know more about the real XSK clan.This guild is open for everyone who seeks a place to call home, and all who want to enjoy a good guild that has every kind of forum.
Our goal is to revolutionize the Gaian concept of guilds by being unique in many ways, for example, we have an [NPC] of our own, which is also the guild mule. We need a large amount of people for Gaia to be more active, have fun, give good and different advices, laugh, and much more of course. We have every type of subforum, including Booty Grab, Chatterbox, Shops, Webcasting Channel, and more. The revolution starts with you.

Enjoy the guild!

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1. You must follow Gaia's ToS and guild rules

which means

  • NO cybering, porn, or other sexually explicit material

  • NO threatening, embarrassing, hateful, or racial insults

  • NO stalking, harassing, or threatening other Gaia Guild Members

  • NO impersonating a moderator in any way, or god modding

2. You must report any violation of the rules to a moderator

NOTE If you don't follow the rules you will be banned.

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Please, if you are about to donate, send your donation to the Captain or Vice Captains to use on a contest or contests.