Welcome To

Xtreme Skilled Knights

Join the fun by posting, interacting, or participating in many of our threads, games, rp’s, giveaways, and many other guild events. Being a veteran guild, we have long ways to go as far as getting the guild back up to its former glory. As Gaia Online has changed in many years since its establishment, so has everyone else, but the guild will endure. We understand that you have things to take care of irl, so the guild respect that and values the time you put in to the guild despite your busy schedules irl. We want our members to know and feel that they will always have something or a place to return to whenever they get online, and they will always be welcomed here. If you are new to the family, we are excited to see you grow and become one of our inspiring members that makes up this great guild. We only ask that you show respect and kindness to others as they would to you, and we are all here to assist you whenever we can!

- XSK Staff -