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Welcome to the Harem Hotel! We offer you an array of Roleplay forums, and Discussions, as well as chatterbox, giveaways, contests, and much more! Do you like Slave x Master? How about Fantasy, or Adventure? Want to roleplay 1 x 1 or in a group? The Harem Hotel has it all. However, we offer a new genre, not seen in many roleplaying guilds. HAREM! Harem is categorized as an anime or manga (or in our case, a roleplay) that is one male lead surrounded by 3 or more females in a romantic way. REVERSE HAREM One female lead surrounded by 3 or more males in a romantic way. The secret password is Harem Whore. So come join our guild of harem and other genres. We proudly accept all, and offer more than your typical guild.

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Copy and paste this form into the join request, fill it out properly or you will not get in. YOU MUST USE THE CORRECT PASSWORD!

+ Capabilities (choose one) None, Not literate, Semi-Literate, Literate, Literate Pro
+ Example (Link) of you Roleplaying
+ How you found us
+ How active are you (1-5.. 5 being the highest)
+ Secret Password