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The accident, it was never supposed to happen again. I never thought it could possibly return, I thought everything would be alright, that a known company such as Red Moon would make it into a safe, fun game where no one had to worry about the same incident occurring once again. It's been well over twenty years now, lives were back on track and worry no longer plagued every person who worried about there family on the game. The creator trapped about 100,000 players and even some beta testers, who were adults, teens, and even children into the virtual game, where escape was not an option. Many suicides led from fear, many fought hard but in the end found themselves unable to survive, a select few were able to actually make it out alive but continue to live in fear from what they had witnessed in the game. After the few players made it out alive, the creator was arrested and the game was shut down. In Sword Art Online, if you died, you were dead in both the real world and the virtual. Also if anyone tried to remove your headgear, it was an instant kill as it would destroy your brain. It was like a nightmare that you couldn't wake up from, trauma filled everyone's mind with the fear of losing there life. The creator made it so the only way to return back was to make it to the 100th floor and defeat the final boss. Millions had died, but it wasn't just monsters that you had to worry about. There were also players you couldn't trust, players who chose to kill other players for fun. Some would hide, therefor forcing players to not be able to trust everyone. There was nothing you could do but fight and push forward. There weren't very many options for players in the game.

Eventually, a game similar to Sword Art Online is created by a company called Red Moon. The game is called Aincrad and they promised the incident would not occur again, that everything was fair and safe. Commercials of the new vrmmo plagued every tv in america and once again in Japan. Many players saw the commercial, and decided to play it since everyone believed the problem would not be allowed to happen again. It was many years ago, technology was smarter and better, the company was known to make great, safe games. There was no reason to believe such a thing would occur in such a popular company. After about twenty billion had joined in over three years and everything was running smoothly, up until one day a glitch happened and the log out button was hidden. Many players began to panic, running around in horror. It happened again, the head of the company was actually someone who's been waiting for this day, to make the terror happen once again. He was apparently the brother of the first who made the game. It was created in retaliation and revenge for the cops arresting his brother and both made vows to make games like this as much as they could for enjoyment. These one hundred floors that must be beaten, were now much more different and even the players from the past knew nothing about them. No one knows what lies beyond every floor and location. Will you join in helping to beat the game and get out, or to enjoy yourself by killing off other players instead? The choice is up to you, and your path ahead can only be set by you and how you choose to play the story, of Sword Art Online.
You can solo if you like or join a group but you may want join up with others for a better chance of survival. Just make sure theyre someone trustworthy.

Join requesting..

Application to join :

→ Are you active?
→ Do you want to help out and become crew // or
just a member?
→ How did you find us?
→ Do you agree to follow the rules?
→ Will you provide a roleplay sample? It can be one
you wrote for another guild too.


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