Welcome To The Land Of Oscuro

Those who think all the world has been mapped completely would be wrong. There is a land, not unlike our own. A land where humans have yet to discover. A land under threat of being discovered.

Hidden in what is called by humans as the "Bermuda Triangle" is a mystical place where two main species reside. Canines and Felines big and small. Separated by a large rushing river, the two species as if by fate had not met.

Their peaceful lives soon to be interrupted by an intervention of fate.

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Where Will You Be When They Collide?

To join please fill in this

Will you remain active?
Are you willing to help with the plot of the guild if asked?
State why you want to join this guild
Please add a sample of your RP style here (Not necessary but would be very good if you could)

#1 No Arguing with the Captain,vice captains or crew!
#2 Romance is okay Kissing, Hugging, dates, etc. but No Cybering, Time Skip Or Take it to PM's!
#3 Exit and Enter places! You cannot be in two places at the same time. If you are exiting and area put it in ((Brackets)) at the bottom of your post!
#4 Cursing is Allowed but not in every post or sentence please keep it to a min!
#5 You Cannot Kill another Persons Character until you have permission. This you get from the user or Captain/vice captains of the Guild ONLY!
#6 If you need help, message any of the crew, vice captains or the captain.
#7 Respect all members of the guild.
#8 No God Modding or knowing!! As in. No playing as other peoples characters and if on the post a person posted you cannot change what they posted!
#9 Read the RULES and FOLLOW them!
#10 Have Fun!!