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♕ Welcome to Dark Rose Academy ♕


First things first, Sven Tsukamoto Made the WHOLE THING. Building, Everything. Except for dorms. Sven made this all for his daughters. If he wouldn't have adopted them, There would be no Dark Rose Academy. NUTTIN OF IT. So, He met Fukuro Kurano. The present principle of DRA. The future president is Tomoki Kurano...She doesn't want to but she is anyways.
Anyways, She the president for sticking up to laws for Sven. Back then, Dark rose was almost terminated until the cherry blossoms came. Oh, That's how it made this school beautiful. Aha~ Okay, So yeah. It was almost terminated but Fukuro stood up to the laws and Dark Rose is still Living....For over 50 years but...Yeah..
And Thus, Dark Rose Academy Was Born!


1. ABSOLUTELY No God-Modding. I ban it! >=D
2. ...Please, Please, Please, PLEASE PLEASE! No Text-Talk!
3. Y'all can cuss if you want. Just don't go overboard with it.
4. For any Questions and Suggestions, Please bring them over to that forum.
PM your Cappy (ME) for questions. C'mon! PM me! I won't bite.....Or will I? O.o
5. Please type in Third Person. But I may talk in first person- Hey! I'm Captain. Kidding, Do whatever you want.
6. Stay Active! I beg of you!
7. You can't be at 5 places at once...That's just weird. O.o
8. Keep the BS drama out. ._. I've seen many guilds like that.
9. Have Fun! =D

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