Flip of a page
Stroke of a Pen
A breath of apprehension
A world of imagination,

Imagine black space, no stars, no planets, no life. A spark off in the distance, a wave of energy sending debris in all directions. A small rock slowly forming into a planet. The planet spins and rotates around a bright star. Water forms underneath the atmosphere creating streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans. Life begins.

You have just witnessed the birth of a new world

Does your character have voice that needs to be heard? Do you have a story that must be told. Then join us.

Give us your eye and your ears.
See the action.
Hear the voice
Join us and
Witness the birth of a new realm

Writers Of All Kinds is a safe haven for all kinds of writers. Poetry, novels, songs, anything you can create with words. Edit or be edited, critique or be critiqued, create or witness the creation. All is up to you.

Fear not, for we are a family of writers; we do not hate, we do not troll, we do not disapprove. We accept all who join. However, any who disrupt the creation will be removed. Be warned, we defend our siblings and will not tolerate haters and trolls.

This is a place where all writers can come and show off their writing, it was made because some people are scared to show their writing to other people, but here we have nothing bad to say. We will not say anything to put someone down.

Please Donate to The Writer Hermes. He is the guild mule and all prizes will be given out through him.