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Are you attempting to write a novel? Having trouble? You're not alone! At this guild we give you daily (well, almost daily) Writer's Block Busters, editing groups, and support for writing that proposal!

Guild Rules
1. Please follow all of Gaia's ToS! They're there to keep us all happy and safe, even if they seem annoying at times. We will give you a warning the first time, the second time we will blacklist and report you. No exceptions.
2. Try to include everybody.
3. Be yourself, why be anyone else?
4. No bullying. It's mean. No one likes to be bullied.
5. No whining at the mods because we didn't promote you, it's annoying.
6. Have fun!
7. Publicly making fun of the captain, vice captain, crew, or any members will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with anyone, PM them. Don't post it in the forums for everyone to see. It's rude; and it's technically a form of harassment (which can get you booted from gaia).

Put something in your join request about high heeled shoes if you read the rules! (haha, that ryhmes)

Join Request Form

1) username
2) Are you working on any writing right now?
3) What type of writing? (e.g. prose, creative, poetry, etc)
4 Sample of your writing. (DO NOT PLAGEAURIZE)


Contest ideas? PM iSneeeze with "Contest Idea(s)" in the subject line.