Okay, so this is any of you guys out there who are not as dumb as I am who wants to challenge a mind or many of yourselves really for no common sense or big headache.
Fill free at your own disclaimer as well as mine, to ask logical questions here. If so many love to participate we will be hosting with due diligence of respect and not to blast the topics discussed despite the way people are and previous issues that may have occurred which was sense of reality and a life background check, also for the sake of my sanity and yours.
Show evidence of the topic and well also, the point is unlike my unanimous case which cannot be proven though people know about it and ignore it. Well that is just their lost knowing how society is.
Anyway, more games and such to be hosted as we enjoy or hate our learning experiences. It is like joining from ground zero on up. Hence tell that to a man of an 80 IQ in the worst conditional, meaning illusion retrospect to know mind practically at all.
Yes, I was not feeling good. But anyway, I am better from that disaster and bring this guild to discuss all sorts of topics but they have to make sense.
Language translation if necessary will put into this guild's effort so feel free to hire that from your local world or discussion of historic relevance or science though much as been great a political and stupid senseless argument or that of those driving people to madness.
Yes, I am welcoming everyone but it will cost a fee due to the amount of situations going on around the globe and such, it is not for me to decide as much is unknown or just practically lies going around spreading rumors among other guilds.
Warning, the one book to believe if any is that which people believe but cannot practice and also keep what they know true for the sake of a heritage claim, that is if anyone actually remembers.
I suggest in that argument people will deny saying hey you are a weakling or look at me for being more powerful. If it comes to the point of Gaia member harassment against the TOS then yeah of course it might not succeed as well as the site which violated its own. Anyway, back to the point.
If any of the following is found... meaning, we are a guild of honest people and we find things such as...
?-18+ dating someone not near there age or so or commonly mixed amongst a blend. People can make screen shots all they want to for stupidity or for their liars sake or claim but if factual that should not be allowed to a degree of one's own awareness and responsibility.
And pardon me for being a few years older or younger, but that is wrong period. Gaia Online was not meant for that but rather for people to communicate.
In a technological society I wonder why kids are sent out instead of people just facing the facts that reality is hard for some of us.
Truthfully in all aspects it is for a safer more stable community though people will conduct the law in a negative manner. That to me is not life compared to what peace I knew within.
And yes, peace like many things are temporal but not if one has a good spirit and outlook on life. Some of us choose to be idiots for a reason, not saying we are but we shall go over many topics as discussed verbatim, in order, or out of order.
Spam is not allowed or either is acronym usage like if defining the negative retrospection of finding out about things we should not. I will also say, that those cannot be posted here but feel free to look them up knowing there are too many if not for the fact that leads to trouble if one does or not.
We accept English only for the easy readers knowing that too much logic will hurt the brain and practically everyone does have a topic of their own to share about each topic. Or debate question. Or we will have forums internationally though the languages used must be translatable or known.
These are handled as issues.
For example some people heard of the common ones. Yet anyone from another language or so takes it as an insult. If you find something insulting or something is lost in translation we will try to translate it or many others. We are a society technological which holds peace to its name.
Please note we will be using also as a source one of the major source engines we all love to use. And if that is not available than someone get me a translator and dictionary but I do not want people to be offended as one is also building a new or setting up a bunch of effort for a future of leadership.
Also, yes I can sort of admit here everyone is not perfect or am I regarding ethical and moral principles but yes, we must learn for the sake of a time, and a structure for our own people not after the nature of killing, slaughter, or slander.
What you had read were basically combined topics really. And for that we must also understand to have user respect following the laws of our state.
Um... pardon me for not knowing the law really, but if one was not taught in the law then how would they ever know this, knowing the population has reached its peak in some areas and law is a little misguided.
It is a good and bad knowing that population rate is also a good and bad situation based on that of the national statistics and that for stability within certain issues of practice.
Please note I am writing simple explanations because I am not good at the statistics but also if one would like to submit a report or article, do so at knowing that we are hopefully given a background check.
This is not to discriminate user from administrator or that of guild ownership though I know some of use will despite the fact I said that in this message. This is an example of dignity that we do acknowledge people as people and not that of an object or something worthless.
For environmental sake though the land must be able to sustain her own and that whose land it is right now, so be it. These are the leadership issues and such that government though also they do not speak about third parties is associated with as people have an unfair justice system and base the bylaws by changing them unless they had mistakes of the past which indeed some are not preparing others or just lending us back in a circle of the past.
We will talk about origin, not the argument of differences usually sometimes but also where does one come from and what should be a better side of an individual. Knowing also we need to change as people, I am noticing that people take one sector of law and twist it for the others. This is so not supposed to happen but it usually does.
If I can explain all issues of nationality I would hope to all respects that people do not misinterpret this information as being true or false against another but see that people can be regular in a debate.
What also this guild will lead to is a closer monitoring of the way people are online with such of cyber-security which I call useless because people had totally spent their own or sacrificed it all to the hackers. Please note I take no responsibility for past issues relating to the cheaters but such times will not stand the current day. It is not right knowing also the mistreatment of people on the street that people cannot have social security because of a number digit. Note, the world is overpopulated in this matter and also the fact names are stolen, that is not forgiven usually unless one can describe themselves true and honest and hopefully moral to the core. People can debate me on the topic of corrections knowing I had seen where police are not trained in counseling and also that of others which are considered your regular therapeutic doctors.
Do people wonder why I act the way I do now? Sometimes I act myself a certain retrospect but then it leads to the insaneness of people assuming one's mind. Unless you are a sufferer of some crisis or almost died at a hospital not by choice then do not come crying here for pity knowing also the fact of society is choosing to make the wrong choices.
As we try to survive we each live a common life, and it is in that association that we must be but also well for a community if we can help it or if people actually cared. I am not saying that I totally at times care or people do not care at all. What I am trying to get at is that the manipulation of people has got to stop somewhere as society dictates a claim hey we are willing to follow after whoever for doing something stupid or that of the admiration of.
The greatness of one is not that of its act but that of its heart and mind, with intention subside.
That is a quote I came up with, but there may be both logic and ill logic to that statement. If any others would like to add or assist me with religious or intellectual principles that I do not know so be it.
We are those of faith or those who come short of it because we cannot act or we are discriminated for location or connection.
We are also not treated right as a middle or neutral class while some billion dollar corporations take money from the taxpayer.
Yes we are the good willed common every day citizen that helped build that stable foundation up to that of the education system and also those who also destroy everything we so tried to build a new.
Here I bring an example of a land which mistreats but also that which is of its life. Do we as a nation own the literature? No we do not though it can be found. We are not called the United States for nothing as if every man had no chance in the other states or was treated not as a part of. Yes disasters and weather strikes the lands to a point of devastation due to global turn and conditions that we also commit. Hence also pollution ratings of cities had gone up etc...
In a land that is more urban they isolated it from a city, but also it is next to one, and I ask you what does the food taste like to you or are people who associated this with that object is it really what I think it is so I can eat it?
We have people today who cannot diagnose food or receive food because of sea boarder issues or that also of issues with transpiration and procedural methods. Exactly also as the news says, how will I know if someone will not contaminate it, and forget that. Oh no! We are talking about simple health and living style which affects the greatest amount.
For those who also love to travel, do we as kids make money in anyway? If so the law kept us from doing that but by electrical means. We gamble not to hopefully be illegal but rather to earn a living and sustain for survival. This is not associated to drinking or the preference or fighting there of.
We can only see that crimes like that in our locations are actually handled and settled knowing that the street is no place for a kid to be in if we adults cannot walk in it ourselves. Hence the kid has major issues to handle with authority but also knowing the long life lessons learned.
I can only assume as I grew up observing the lives of others or figuring out what does one believe besides chaos for all? I search deep into that as if nobody knows an answer but then I grew up around that which treats a man right no matter what issue has been caused.
This to be bound in a justice system or prison without proper validation leads to a change of heart knowing that people before also failed in their ways to care for one another in society. The people cannot care for their own family with rising high costs and less agricultural production. We understand that we must conserve everything and well what more would you want to do to a land that is barren besides dig it up or tell of its past history.
All or some relics alone will not prove history unless we are reading books or so with also databases current from that of the 1900s. At least for people my age. And yes if we go back further we know even those situations are sceued or there was some translation work to be done from earlier eras which I do not know about mostly relating back to the 1600s. We have to make a change about the methods we are showing people. How to also explain that truth. And what principle towards society applies to that truth instead of a lie.
We cannot determine this alone but we are taught by that greater which is no assumption but that of many. To compare or make a timeline if a man knows everything is going way out of bounds but if some day it is recorded that we do know everything hopefully not, then that is fine as well.
The past must be left alone to some but others will admire it for its traditions. Traditions were tossed away as science and such involvement of exploration turn into a cultural or land struggle and arguments of faith which is weak in us all.
We cannot keep going on like that knowing that those people will only see the times of old in a twisted way or a descendant of it does not know. My father had his life and my mother has had hers though they are still living.
I do not go against my elders but sometimes the younger must take place of the elder. It is then that we stick up for right or wrong. I am not saying to each kid, hey do not listen to your parents. That is not what I am saying. What I am saying is mean it for the greater good and learn from them.
If one is an orphan with no parent chances are that person can make a right or wrong choice but the man cannot determine where one came from or can the lass. I regret sadly that people would have to be scavenging knowing the carelessness of parental aspects and the association to be stereotyped for a mental condition.
It is not easy for a man to talk to a man or girl directly because of a one sided or so brick wall and that of ill morale.
Yes that is a long lot of issues I realize here as I try to finish off my list.
Immigration, the blend of culture, why do we have laws and some places a penalty for this?
We go back to basics of life, blood, culture, evolution, foundation, genetics, heritage, wealth. These are some topics that can be discussed knowing we each have a position in some debate or another arguing over sometimes common sense and sometimes not common sense.
Surely I do not want to discuss the issues of previous death procedures or role call cause it only gives people ideas to conflict more harm on the greater of those who actually contribute to life. The stream in which one performs but has not a practice or spirit cannot determine that position for many.
As in a song, do we listen, do we understand, can we memorize though I cannot at times, can people forget the bad or the good and yes that is true.
For the good to out way the bad is one of the purposes of this guild though people love to end up in arguments or challenge.
Those of an old history time like Woodstock and others before my time have a lot of issues pertaining to the stability and the acts thereof. Though they had peace and not that of war like that of your people who prosecutes races.
There is no dignity in that but shame. Suicide does not make ones own remembered unless in honor we see the respect of those who fought for the islands and their main land.
What would happen if a man did not at once break away from the taxation of that of British to European, pardon to my friends as well those far when I say this, but it would be chaos as one mind slips back and goes crazy to aim for the past or to erase and brain wash others.
A man like that is unforgiveable but also what would of occurred is knowing the ethics of Britain combined actually with that of an entire world or that of an extreme with European or that of Islamic and people ganging up on a nation for no reason at all. Yes I can say some actually want this to happen.
If so, that shows no mind also of serving ones country or a respect needed for those who are making choices like participating in service or being a traitor like I was to many sides. But there is something wrong with observing a man with a mental condition, the man is double-minded. If such one chose right though did a wrong would that make it right, and if such that a right conflicts another right does that make it proper? No sadly it does not.
I had myself wondered why do I go to a church when I was younger, I could see that in my eyes as if understanding true respect. Still some in the largest or universal see it as more of entertainment. Yes the holiest in the land would fall really based on time periods. For that my apologies to Britain. As far as the media goes everyone has the literature while others hold on to the survival of the native lands.
Because people do insane things it is hard to understand the senselessness if any sense at all within the insanity. I regret for knowing how songs meant more to me than just lyrics but I at times could not speak. I understood what pierces the heart from that of angelic to the deepest pit of Hades.
And yes I do not worship a devil or a man, Sadly I thought of one God as a deity and that also that of a savior who was man who died for the world. Not the other way around. But this is that also that if a spirit died who would be there to tell it or what would be of a world today?
Here is what I would suppose would happen, the world would be based on old-testament right? Knowing that they of history held it all. Well if such were not of the new age they would each kill or there would have been like there is such not which is love or kindness towards another. We can only assume as individuals and we must understand the difference of the reasoning of thoughts.
As I look back at that statement this being typed from a shell of a man, I am I know each one had a deity or belief or an idol. And that is wrong to follow all beliefs but influence with science. Yes this is what Anonymous argued against hopefully as a cult and not the truth of it but they had gone rouge many who did preach that toward also with application of science.
People try to judge manifestation of mind compared to that of science and well, we all know where that leads to. It leads to questioning an authority of power that some people even wicked or holy cannot grasp. We only see ourselves as that which what we did that one gave himself for the world but was beloved.
Still, I cannot say what outcome the past may bring if people dig up and know everything. I thought to myself, was a Lord lonely and I can see why even I say that. Or am I a stupid piece of existence. Life would not exist if that were a case.
We can only tell our testimony though time of acts and trials.
People can only assume the greatest of minds though those minds and mine made mistakes. Surely I argue in defense for the truth and not that of a mix of blends. But then I realize to even argue the belief is stupid if everyone thinks the same or thought about it at one point in their life.
So people scattered abroad as science tries to figure much out, we as people can only regret knowing the ancient past has met that of its present to a point of where also the present and past not remembered is a feature.
Why people want to toss or canonize time constraints, even I do not know why if people knew the world would not fade, which that seems not to be a case. I had been isolated and so has also those of peace been persecuted knowing even ones own will not listen or it is hard to explain what suffering one really went through.
If a man knew everything it would be a chaos knowing that one tree was said to be destroyed but another one preserved by fire which turned every which way. That world is underground and hopefully left alone or above greater limits beyond me.
They who had seen a universe can only determine hey we are complex let us explorer the outer limits of such. That is not an option knowing the imbalance that would bring
if we were to even gather resources of space during the past also of exploration. It is no wonder people retired because of cost and machinery but that is the only thing I see as a benefit for knowing hey a system exists.
DNA discovered by science, it is one gene was not found or there is a stable gene somewhere, what ever made life, uh... lets see? Proven and gathered by science? Uh, problem here when religion and that of ancient cultures and history go into formatting or first print, as if also those were even a part which indeed is symbolic or just plain wrong to begin with.
Note this factor that though I state arguments, I am hoping to give people the time to think, to also see these arguments or topics through, as they are part indeed of discussions and that great.
We must talk about the nutritional health factors that give one a better chance. How is it people live longer today than years ago?
Uh... fail of science if I am still an old man, which I am not and actually well, others lived during the time greater than what people live today. We fell short of such a will some, but indeed had the greatest respect of that and what makes a similarity.
This is not a religious guild but an all topics guild. It makes us who we are and what we do. It tells of a social practical method as why to handle or if we have to handle all lives problems. I cannot say that perfection or wickedness had its good for a world.
Besides that of personality and what was given to the man to cope was indeed an option of that which sometimes I cannot see, due to that of issues or regret, and also those which whom ears cannot hear.
I told myself a piece of scripture pertaining to this though I type a shell of a man for trying to make this a really long description.
His thoughts are not my thoughts and his ways are not my ways.
Well, scripture will contradict itself unless principles are understood true or circumstance applicable goes with life. Note the fact that many times a man goes by the origin of his own thoughts and that of his personality.
I always thought to myself though people could not understand me or I myself what personality did I really know or whom of what is that personality. So I only regret knowing someone actually had true love and is beloved of many. Not saying that is me or anyone in particular.
In fact the accuracy of reading the Quran (read little of it) with that of biblical principles true, note this that each one had not the same aspect of who was God, but that also of which was similar to Christ or that of its heritage roots.
It makes people wonder what is the holiest place in the land besides the fact people are actually digging it up or given artifacts or finding these things mysteriously.
Yes sadly not all cases are proven but will be in time. As I understand if one digs up the earth, they reach its core or that of metallic substance in heat.
I cannot say whether lightning also hitting a desert will cause to turn to glass unless I knew or actually saw it with my own eyes. Yep, that is where science comes in so that people do not need to try that for themselves and they will understand the safety of such measures or the result before the cause.
It is as such snow was of the desert as well, and is that not strange to find snow in some areas? I look at global turn as such of wondering if the weather shifts at same time. And note, I am not saying I do not know that when the earth tilts on its axis.
Yes what my mother told me also. One man Columbus did not know where Italy was, so he found a new land while the crew thought the world was flat and they headed for India and made it there.
But Columbus was smart enough to know the world was round. And that is a corollary or a contradiction with what one also believes which that if you go down or up you fall off the edges of the earth. But too bad it is round otherwise we cross no matter which way during these times of ship selling and that of transportation in the sky.
We as explorers and such do the same online, we travel one way, navigate another way, and so on. What my research led me into one time, though this is not right but I will state it anyway... is that of answering who owns the technology or why did they buy it. Could they of a region also helped others in need? And this where this mess all starts from...
Was a history of reports or simply asking, what came before what. And I ended up on these pages by looking at the copyright publisher and that of about us in each company though I did not bother to look the people up or be one to take a name. I simply found the treasury, secretary pages, that of parliaments, and bylaws which founded principles that we live off of for that also of a modeling.
They are navigators with such intellect you and I, in some way though practically scores do not show it. Either does test taking when it comes to habit of mind.
I understand a cheating society or man from one that actually tried but did horrible.
It was the one who did horrible which should have gotten the job in that other mans place. But we must understand it is no laughing matter. We can all laugh as we see our own humor bite us back where the man does horrible at a job but so also the man still cheats to survive rather than to gain.
So the same goes for those who are physically fit and also capable to withstand. But anyway, yes I talk about those in physical shape or good shape over that average of a man. Of course when one cannot pay for food, do you expect a man to take? Of course sometimes if reasonable. If that man steals the food then sells it for money, that is wrong. Either which way the man did something bad though one is for survival and the other not. How that determines economic prices is that lowers revenue of budget and also increases the prices of stock.
Yes in one manner or it keeps it from being seen or sold though it is a good or bad item. We must remember that even with a multi-billion dollar corporation though I do not own one and thankfully I do not, is that the investors of such also of its own were picky and to not spend wisely, some, but not all. If a man asked me for statistics I could give my thoughts but not an actual number like many, cause I could only tell based on the rational of what is to be understood.
If such my IQ were an 80 could I understand all this and label also myself as dumb or stupid? No I cannot. This is the intellect level that people tried to argue against with a pure individual. It the individual was loved and hated but knew deceit and could find in his heart to show rightly though he did wrong at times. That is called beloved knowing the man actually knew what love is supposed to mean and not that hopefully wrong though a man suffered or endures trials. Note on that you may ask me what do I know as a kid or minor adult on relationships, trust me some of that information to be discussed is really a sincere topic as it leads to issues and some do not understand the same way as I do or endure the type of pain.
For those who murder and kill a girl or guy over stupidity, yes I understand and no I do not as if that was a final straw of a line driven between hatred or that of discrimination and gain for self. In a sleep, one cannot tell what they are doing, either can that man or lass understand what they have done if one is not awake.
Regretting the sobriety of the life, the person is affected with crimes as so as these are influenced in other places by the passions and indentions thereof to a man or girl.
If one were a prostitute, they would be arrested by police or worse. Better to understand why for if one needed a living as long as one does not make mockery of it as something to copy, knowing hey this person also wanted to be this way and also they also did things they regret but like doing that. It is stuff like that which is supposed to be censored or goes against a reality of much.
If so it be worse for one side of the world compared to the other, it is like hey I am sorry but we did not understand your methods. I was heartfelt to know there are still those who can choose rightly and see this as light understands a shadow or that there is one within.
That light is viewed from both sides though one cannot choose a side of two coins and some remain neutral.
Yet both sides had a light and darkness which the middle was the brighter of the entire coin.
Anyway, apart from what is seen in wars and also that of its peace, you got the inward heart and the external of its manifest. I deny explaining that because sometimes each of one causes another if one is brainwashed or influenced to believe so. Note the fact I did not say everyone this applies to.
But whatever struggles are ahead know for the fact of the greater good that peace and justice though not factorable in all situations shall prevail over that which hopes and dreams hold stable. As Jesus said, a divided house cannot stand and yeah of course also when used in the present day for biblical society or application, note the fact people will hate a person more or respect them for knowing a condition of one.
The guild is for the logical, we are not the simple minded as it so seems. In the good and the worst we hear our knowledge speak clearer. The cases they tell, what people do, is it a hoax, or is it just life? We cannot deny that truth that such is indeed of the other when applied to the appliances of the man unless such is counterproductive or that which does not apply.
For those who want to download this or copy all this for the book please note I do not add or take away from scripture here, knowing that it is wrong to mix politics and science with that of belief. Also I have a heart as a faith that is persecuted with a bloodline, that under the respects of such deeds I cannot sink so low as to think robbery or that of which had been told.
A man such as Jesus people would compare to Job, because of the fact dying on a cross did not get rid of wrong, but tore a land into darkness. So the world hated him before it hated another. Still I actually understand the consequences but not the torture for which others would endure where I would not.
I can only see brightness in my eyes as hopeful as that hope shines, the tides turn and a godly sense will fall the wicked even the light of corruptions into such hostility for which people claim. Yes, a book called the War of Words....
Does it explain how one is to speak or does it tell me to silence a tongue or thought though one is mostly silent to begin with?
I know also that a child is born the same way as though one cries aloud, from its birth. It cannot speak yet is treated with diligence by the action. I know kids of my own family which is why I say that. In others I could only care for the safety of them which also the people who I respected I also was aware they should not be hurt. This is a true compassion.
Society cannot see the damage they do to a soul or that also of self doubt. We over think, we undermine, and true we try to manipulate. Still those indeed worthy to hear this or those to understand it are indeed over those of pureness and not that of a wicked.
The intellectual wicked of knowledge will know it, but they understand life full not as though as I had admitted everything wrong or right in my life and been forgiven; they cannot as I live as a Christ-like example; for that would bring a man or also a Lord his shame. I knew this of myself that I am only a man.
A name which is strange as people cannot find the meaning of their names....
(See the similarities of the names though I am not to know everything though those on the other side of the world would steal a name or identity pretending to be something they are not.)
Samuel = upright judge, Shemuel = God has heard
Immanuel = God with us?
I even made a name for myself which no man knew...
THOSTELEN... LOL... anyway, that was supposed to mean... and a name I will give to a kid or someone one day, I promised that name would have meaning so, they ask for a man and anyone who tries to take of a man, they cannot copy the meaning or name him not anything if they knew not what he or she was.
Also that is a divine name as in The Holy Observer or One Samuel, the earned loved everlasting name.
No I am no greater than my Lord or a teacher which taught me principles. I can only choose or not to live soulful with a respect for many.
What is in a name? Who knew though people try to copy a bloodline or so from others which is a problem pretending to be them and yes I know that many died long before my history or moved on.
I could never understand the similarity but yes I see something wrong with this picture.
First I am just a man, I did not die or live my life like Christ though each man falls short. If I have then well, that to me is also of concern. Happening to know the wrath of one is on your head if one says blasphemy about a spirit divine. That is not usually forgiven or will not be.
Yep... So I had told no lie of this and everything which I stated.
Um, about that, I would not know either why I come up with this name, really, I thought to myself, who would name someone like that or how can that be applied to a child?
Seriously this is no joke. And some may find THOSTELEN unique.
Still disregarding me as this whole guild situation, I understand that many have a lost name somewhere. That is all I can say about this issue knowing people clarify by digits or that which hopefully is not a digit but life of a soul.
Don't worry about me really, it is just cases like this pop-up and go. The last thing I want someone to say is he thinks he is God or he is Anti. Such is a discrimination towards what I actually tried to stand for. I was neutral in matters.
They could not copy a man's life, exactly though the world knew not of it, and also who thought the same mind and that heart of another which passed away and never was found?
I ask that wanting to know answers for myself but my conditions in life, I cannot go or see that place for it would mean death or trials of hardship unavoidable.
I mean to say a 20 year old, how old was Christ? 32 when he died? I just need someone to answer me on these issues knowing that such cannot be a descendent of, well something that is not related to himself.
I regret knowing much of past as it brings me back but also guarded making one stronger, strength was not in me. I saw the weaker who knew nothing that the strongest of them all. For they would not corrupt a heart but learn who they were.
And that is my end retrospective. Still, so much to undertake, the debates continue on and on. It could go into the next era of 2013 of how did this man know what he knew and even that man cannot say hey I knew all this for the heck of knowing it because his mind was weak compared to that of a compassion. The desire one would understand, is also to fight against that which seeks something higher.
I understood this, where others would see something as the power of heaven to grasp. It is not to be named among us to reach that power, but rather it is nothing worth that should be obtained even if in blessing or curse.
For those who read the Bible more than I do or biblical comments I am sure aware that you know of this as an expert to please help for my sanity in these issues and hopefully pray that I am not what I related myself to.
That is all I can say in that regard.
So we are moving on to the sessions of ethics and manners, a moral of laws, we understand the law is not perfect yet we can only deny ourselves knowing that one law was which made the structure of every law or those universal.
So what do I say to the law and that is a good question on my behalf knowing people got me stumped in the logic or the faith of many. Note I kept my faith true and I cannot be broken, okay so yes torture is not good as that is not to be repeated hopefully towards me like others who did not know and tried to help others.
I had a friend who was Arabic, a good man he was. He does not remember that of a good friend or better I not say his name for the safety of this man knowing the background of such but I am indeed a friend. But yes, it would be nice to know a friend in the future whether they thought bad or right.
I do not know what this man has been through is such a worry that one could die for a friend, but then again others are not remembered for that but dying for a people as a whole.
Friendships, mutual respect, and determination are principles even which I struggle. That aspect relates to so much more with our habits. Such even as one does at a dinner table or thinks to the self, hey lets eat this way when one group or family members do not say, is such of practice hopefully more than that of ones thought. They will eventually get the message until ones hand is actually cut off for doing at the aspect of a culture serious disrespect if done purposely.
Anyway, as the day continues onto the sunset, we each crash for a day later or a day early. It rises from the East to the west a sun. Other wise, better yet to say such ins good to know if I wanted to be a astrologist or one to study stars and solar patterns.
So anyway, the Television of one determines our habits, but what if one is stimulated by other factors, they should understand the methodology or process for similar meaning that this indeed is also a matter of propaganda? If so I knew I would not read books unless spoken of what one did not
I will not be good at that topic but better at some.
I cannot change the world but we decide for a better tomorrow and at the deeds at which our intentions and society is set.
The scripture speaks for itself as I want to put that topic to a close but cannot. Yet I do not want to sound like I am a preacher when I am too young to be.
For those my age preaching subjects we all ask what is it you believed and how has that belief influenced us along with society. We all understand the way you act but we cannot think on such reflecting with due introspect.
That also many would understand those are faith and politics, whether or not more than one religion is acceptable. The truth is only in a manner it does not harm or that which profits from the use of another also that there is one faith above all religions and practice. For each one has its moment of its negative to that of productive demonstrations.
Should man pick his own insurance or has it come to that point? We all ask this in representation to those of demonstration knowing that the educational entitlement does not clarify the just reward or time in effort, yet we see much more than what teachers have taught us.
How can we each understand that one is not to know more than his teacher?And if also other topics left for discussion is an education system the most beneficial under pressure or that of general issues?
We cannot deny the need for an education but we can only examine that which shows us. And to throw the protection matters how do we keep people though they learn from mostly online today, how can we as an elder generation help that of the younger besides personal safety and those of people holding guns.
Please note I am not a elder but such guides us all with wings like that of an eagle. I use the national symbol of my country because though it was shot down it represented that even with a zeal and respect of that which founded it or that which also the eagle stood for.
I did not shoot that eagle but the news of one given a bionic beak as a sign of life or death after an idiot shot it, the situation is noted as many of the purple heart and those of veterans as we send them to retirement homes and such.
The case with science here plays how science even has that with the environment and that which it can do to help one or many survive to see that of another day.
What also is such of the system is that animals show is also a compassion of feeling, we can see they are not with similarity until they show the structure of human thought. We relate this to the acts of what animals contribute also to the import and export of other means, even rescued or destroyed during harsh conditions or need for survival with that of resources.
How do we auction off those goods to a country if also or even trade knowing we have a torn market retrospective, we must come up each with new methods as products are being made by people now in their own place.
How can we make retribution and of stock saver for the people knowing that we give identity to even those of which one also takes the ideas of another. Are we to profit from auctions, or are we to make materials of our own though we all need the skills or one aspect with relevance not to waste.
What is inclined to the hobby is indeed of that and also of interests. Feel free to comment more on artwork and such as if also I do not know behind what is trademarked or copyright due to counterfeit claims.
We make artworks or material products but realize in that we must also know the components with that of which is and is not allowed and have to be realistic not only to the eye but also official for the record.
Trade helped build that which also during the time of the natives were around to that of my age and continuing today.
But yes they did not know what fire or guns were until such came from well the other side of the world. As so as such also is the military and police officials to lower the protections of the average citizen.
What is the downfall of trade knowing the legalities whether right or wrong, as deeds of immigration and home owners and also why do thieves and people do what they do stealing the life of others and their memories?
How can each one associate themselves or others for the need?
It also makes us wonder again should thieves and those who break the law go to prison or war that of others in a country knowing they continue to do so.
Anyway as thieves and kidnappers are predators and such creeps on the internet, we look at those younger and old not acting their age, sort of like me though I have the heart of a kid and that mind of a well someone older, or that should be based on the capacity of oneself.
How can we each lower the consequence meaning the chance of such a crime occurring? We have documents all over being distributed with that of home-made media and people promoting themselves up for grabs or insane acts.
This is bad as also the cruelty of people and animals or also that of such which is not sane is committed in areas where such should not be.
Example mentioned is they replaced a craft store with expansion of a wine store. Knowing I could not be there unless I was 21, not saying I will, which is wrong based on my preference and personality,
I will ask what does also younger age drinking or drinks of energy stimulant have an impact though these are used socially and or at events also with such increasing performance.
If such it be the kids responsibility as well to know such a measure of distinction between right and wrong or do they have a choice based on the pressures of society and the parent? What are the skills that we need to know or that we should have known as kids that they would not associate with us about though they dealt with a great history?
I must understand that between the skills of the home and the skill of the streets but then one learns that both have their need of a self defense measure and that also of restraint in manner. It is by this that we must uphold the dignity of ourselves and be currently up to date and issues pertaining to the health of the average, or well-kept individual.
Should people even be involved in the manners and at what age seems most appropriate for the elder compared to that of the child generation or that of its peers?
Should church use religious aspect of means and or influence to pressure or educate and also that of many must understand that we are not to corrode the present with the past unless we repeat the same mistakes or new ones which yet we should or should not make?
A child shall know a younger, a man knew the elder, the child understood the elder, but we cannot determine who to trust though, because of the generic pressures and that of a living and regrets in what built principles full. We must know this as an answer as a procedure for daily life.
How does the daily procedures pertain to life compared to that of its technological counterpart. If such be the case that crime is careless regardless because of its access to such, should they have access to the resources also or how is it that the simplest little thing can be so deadly?
We as people are known to argue over that of much and the stupid conversations and cases which also for have no involvement with us whatsoever. Should that also be allowed to film a case relative just to gain a profit?
I agree it will be done by some who need to make a living or sustain to give reports on the consumer or that of the common public.
But it is not an excuse if the money is generated by the tax payer or that of such which has resource. It was the people who built the government and or ordinary people or leaders elected by the people which eroded into riots or election.
In retrospect how do we perceive the votes of a population that is greater than what the electoral board allows. Knowing that of the immigration laws and that also of such that only people who are a person born in the US can vote. But there you got your voters fraud and tampered with evidence. Is electoral vote good for the people when they are not told what they are voting for? And if so how would this have an impact besides a distrust of unity or flexibility?
Anyway that topic of crime and voting can exceed itself greatly with many more cases, but we must as people be sincere and honest and also not to hurt the reputation of the individuals involved. Or if people want their fame it depends also on the aspect and the acknowledgement of the self individual?
Those who wanted to play hero or commit financial fraud surly have caused a disturbance for that of a new world order. Some acknowledge this but they do nothing about it or rather cannot.
How does this invoke the circumstances thereof, and hopefully just as a case study and hypothetical issue, pertain to the modern day.
This is an argument really but a simple question as well.
Apparently those of business and institution happen to make more than the average individuals but even they had to start from somewhere.Where did people first learn the skills they need disregarding the past dug up?
Surely how did a system even start where among people of so many types there was an argument. For both sides of the world we must understand the conditions of time and that also of its preservation. We go to museums and or exhibits but how much is a rate or what has been truly available that one cannot see or know.
It is wildlife will also have its issues and so may the people in a willingness attempt to exterminate a course of creatures. How must we act as an involvement knowing the impact of foreign creatures with waste and such handled over the seas? How are we to filter it or get rid of the waste similar to that of past disasters and tsunami waves from another side of the world Japan.
Should people from another side of the world handle the creatures known to them or is it one of responsibility or that of ones own people to be blamed for such an issue when disasters or containment is not available or able to be done?
How could clean up processers be better knowing also people try to litter and some throw down trash or abandons a place with it only that also others do not claim credit or profit from disposal or lack to commit to task? Doing so is also a violation as it is fraudulent of ones act and deed also harmful.
We are in a society that lives that speaks languages of many but some of us understand so little but understand the parts. If we undertake a second language which were the most common do you think?
Of course we must also be able to understand as we bring about a generation of people or that who also has their language. We must be aware of symbols and the retrospective for which their perfect was designed.
Still I wonder what life would I have if we could not understand one another and though we do not thankfully, does one have to be able to speak all languages in order to survive. It is not possible without scrutiny or concern.
As the public individual sees the public act besides that of the terror or the sexuality of ones nature, how is it a man or woman learn from modern day and that of the past? We see that mentality is based on the choice and not that of a condition alone. Each one is born of some condition.
We joke about the indecency but also we each also the bodies of other individuals, we at times are inconsiderate knowing the ethics in which others practice is also a harm to control and the respect of the other gender, if so I be a man I will admit at a time that we all have our situations where each one acted strangely?
My parents asked a strange question what is the difference between marriage and getting married. That is so stupid as a debate but I thought people may want to insight that as a joke. We must learn to ourselves that there is time and not a time for a new line of younger people to come about.
How does one learn about the issues pertaining to its course which are private matters, but also one is to stay mature? I realize that there will be a forum where even the kids cannot learn but I cannot assure the topics and all of those can be covered as some sneak into where they should not be.
The man will understand one another more easier as we ask my doctor how I know all this.