How will you be remembered?

You're looking at the oldest active wrestling federation on Gaia, the WWFG. Here, some of the best talents have carved their place in history as legends of professional wrestling. Here, you'll find people hungry for challenge, athletes honing their craft and clawing their way to glory the old-fashioned way - hard training and harder fighting. Having been in operation since 2004, this illustrious company has seen a decade of charismatic, breathtaking performers that have gone on to hold the gold and leave their mark on wrestling history...

...but have we seen you?

Even after ten long years, the World Wrestling Federation Guild is still growing, still pushing the limits of both fun and competition. Our wrestlers are dedicated, determined, and improving day after day to capture championship glory, or earn the respect of their peers by being some of the most dominating of their generation. But these doors are always open, and the only thing separating you from your potential self is the will to succeed. Do you have what it takes to be a champion in this historic guild? Can you wrestle with the best and hold your own with some of the most hungry individuals in this industry, today? Well, if so, click to join and see what the fires of FG can forge you into. Don't wait for time to tell you when - take the moment, seize the day, and make it yours.

Build yourself.

Build your career.

Build your legacy.


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Our Current Champions

WWFG World Heavyweight Champion - Drako
Intercontinental Champion - Felix Genest
Women's Champion - Holly Mackenzie
Tag Champions - Cartwright and Trent
Royal Rumble 2017 Winner - Jay Blue Lightning
Mr. Money in the Bank 2017 - Drako

In addition to forging your own legacy in WWFG, you can catch up on many of the iconic and classic moments that have made its ten years so special. Below is just a short list of some trademark events that helped make WWFG what it is, today.

WWFG tries it's best to be user-friendly. We have great moderators who are willing to serve you and answer your questions. Should you have any questions or concerns please contact any member of the crew. We are here to help you.