The information below isn't all that's happened. Join this guild to create awareness. It's free because for the awareness we spread, the more people pitch in. If you get people to pitch in, the others of us that can't help, like me because I'm 13 and have no money to donate, they can donate and etc. This guild is for when a single disaster happens, and I hear enough information about it or if anyone else does, it goes into a the guild forum.

Gothic Mist Fox
To people who pray, thanks for caring. I may not be religious, but at least we all share a common interest of caring for others.. For the people who hate the prayers sent by the religious people, leave them be. Let them have their freedom of religion, after-all, who wants to be forced to do anything?

This is a very sad, depressing happening.. What we can do? Hope for the best.
Sadly, I think I heard a recourse of mine say that one of the biggest companies had been destroyed in Japan during the happenings in the Ring Of Fire.. That will effect every country that imports and exports goods from and to Japan. Also, I knew Japanese exchange students that had left the United States and went home just a week before all of this happened. One, by the name of Mika hasn't been found yet. She isn't with her family right now. The other one who I can't currently remember the name of, has been located by her family, I don't know if their safe though. The others seen, safe to my knowledge..

People wait in line for hours for one measly cup of water and a little bit of food in Japan. Fish and rice, the main food source there, has been wiped out for all we know. The Ring Of Fire has been extremely active, and the Tsunami reached the coast of California. My father said people were killed. Natural disasters happen all the time, but what the ********> In addition to the Tsunami in Japan, a toxic waste factory had been damaged. Any living thing within a few miles of it are in danger, so everybody, we must keep them in our thoughts. Please, oh please! Please hope Mika is okay! She has helped a group I devoted myself to. She was very fun to be around. She was a very pleasant person. As for everyone else of Japan, the best of luck.

Note: The quake has shifted the Earth's axis!

Please give my thread a <3. This is so important to me. Don't forget to vote if you care. I said "Yes." Do you wanna know why? I care. I'm trying not to cry here while I sit and listen to horrifying things happening. People need help. Pray for them. Donate to them. Do whatever you can.

Sadness fills my heart as I hope for the best...,
Gothic Mist Fox