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Art by Dreams Can Kill and Loiiypop-chan

Thanks for checking out the guild! We are all thrilled to have you looking around, even if you do not join. We may be small in number but we are still going strong and showing interest keeps us going! If you don't understand something, feel free to send someone a PM and if you have questions, either send a PM or visit one of the below links:

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If you think this guild might be a fit, we look forward to your join request and highly suggest you look into our sister guild. The link is at the bottom of the page. The two guilds actually interact with one another!

About the 'Pelts'
The EarthPelts are wolves mostly colored with natural cozy colors of acorn and earth colored fur with some warm grays. These wolves have a history of strong faith in Mother Moon and fierce loyalty.
The SnowPelts are wolves painted with the colors of a snowy mountain. They are wolves with a strong history of stubbornness and inflexibility.
The ShadowPelts are wolves blotted with the colors of late afternoon shade and moonless nights. They are known for being somewhat childish and uncertain, but being powerfully driven by their hearts.
The SilverPelts are wolves of all sorts of pelts, solid, mottled, unusual...unnatural. Their history is one of wisdom and motherly love toward all the packs even above their kin. They commune with Mother Moon to aid the packs. (Must remain active 1+ month to make a Silverpelt)
The Shatteredpelts are wolves with pelts of every kind, and of every size and shape. These wolves have not yet forged their history. They do not walk to normal path of ranks, and they do not expect faith of any sort. Many of these wolves once lived over the mountains.
The Loners are wolves not just of any color, but of any background and any past pack. These are the wolves chased out, rejected, or unwanted. These are the wolves that saw something beyond their border, a different life, and chased it.

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'There is only so much a spirit can do. I may be Mother Moon but I can not control the waves of darkness my fallen daughter has sent this way. I have guided them, and I know their hearts are in the light. But I fear they are not strong enough to resist.

Silvermoon is loyal and proud, I will not bring pups into this. There will be no mating this year. Yearlings have shown up in the land, claiming fear, lost from each other, their mother, father, and home. My packs are caring and I know they will help, but these wolves carry the mark of Crimson. I only ope they see it'

Internal Affairs

The Silverpelts have issued there to be no mating this year, a sign from Mother Moon suggested that doing so would be the worst possible choice, and the alphas have all agreed to this. The evil is still unknown to them. but they are aware.

Palani, alpha of the Earthpelts, has survived her first year as an alpha, with her pups and mate at her side she is confident. Still, she has a lot to learn.

Shia, alpha of the Shadowpelts no longer seeks the position she has attained. She no longer wants to be alpha, but her pack is small in number and she must do what she can until someone can take her place.

The snowpelts have healed from their losses, like all the others. Losses from death, betrayal, and the general passage of time some wolves take, leaving their packs. But he is ready to retire. The pack is doing well though, so he holds little worry at doing so, at the right time.

Beginning Guidelines:

☻Listen to the Captain and Crew
☻Be considerate
☻If you are unsure of something contact the Captain or VC
☻Follow common courtesy when posting
☻NO ONE LINERS!!! Two line posts and above only.(no, I don't have a huge monitor so it's really not a lot, I'm pretty fair about this)

There are other rules you are required to read in the guild.

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When Requesting to Join
Your username:
A bit about your personality/likes:
Read anything about wolves?:
A 4+ line paragraph example of role-play containing dialogue:
How did you find us?:
What do you like about the plot/background of the guild?: (please don't just say wolves, give me some feedback)


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