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Unlike the sister guild, there is no sense of brotherhood between the packs. All land, and all prey, is coveted. Bad blood spans through all history and stains the fangs of the living even today.

About The Wolves

The Fangs A cruel and fearsome pack of wolves known for attacking wolves without question and injuring their own. They are resilient and survived a plague some time before the role-play and reclaimed the title of most gruesome.

The Claws A strong pack of wolves with a great fondness for their own. They follow their rules strictly, but do not take well to outsiders laws. Out of respect for each other their plots go unseen and it has increased their cunning.

The Gristles A sly pack of wolves with a skill for tricking others into solving their problems for them. They are proud, stubborn wolves that know their hearts are not always helpful in times of war.

Loners All the wolves that refuse the life of the pack, born to the wild or roaming. The deep scars on many of the locals tells of their fight against the neighboring packs or their desperate flee from the place of their birth.

Bones Bold, proud, and hot-tempered. This pack founded by loners Cricket and Nial is marked not only by scent, but the distinctly grotesque bones and carrion of their prey. Their territory is comprised of the old Zoo grounds, sharp metal and broken man-stones make up a difficult terrain for intruders to navigate, and an easy place to ambush foes.

The three packs; The Claws, The Gristles and the Fangs have ruled these lands for longer then anyone can remembered. Their past is drowned in long forgotten memories and only small bits remain with only the oldest wolves. Unaware to them, the Bones, a loner-founded pack, has formed on the edges of their lands in the forsaken grounds that were once a Zoo. These wolves may have no desire to strike up a war, but their presence means things won't stay the same forever.

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The Silverpelts have long been gone, leaving Hala and Eziekial behind to aid in the foundation of the Bones pack, located where the Zoo once stood. The Bones live a relaxed solitary life, separated from the other packs' borders.

But how long will even their peace last? Crimson Moon, an unnaturally colored She-wolf with bad scars and missing fur, appeared suddenly on Fang territory. She viciously murdered the alpha male and anyone who denied her. She took over without any other resistance and the Gristles were soon to follow. In her wide-spread takeover she is creating a pack built for war and carnage. Her vicious ways even extended so far as to have chosen the most cruel of mates and has forced her pack to produce pups with him for her to raise as her own.

Crimson Moon has two goals that go paw in paw. She will create her own twisted and cruel version of the Silverpelts, a pack that rules all others, by establishing her own brainwashed pack members as founders of new packs; and she will send her kin to be the undoing of the packs so loved by Mother Moon.


☻Listen to the Captain and Crew
☻Be considerate
☻If you are unsure of something contact the Captain or VC

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Pay attention to the guild. Post often, and post well. Recruit members or remind members to post. And help out the Guild Crew!

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