Not set in any part of hogwarts all times like the movies were (meaning use ONLY live action pictures for this roleplay NO ANIME PICS PLEASE) this roleplay is set all around the wizarding world so anything can happen.

Fill out the character bio in the su-forums, by joining and posting the profile in the sub-forum specifically for original characters.

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After you fill out the profile you can then chose where you want to station your two characters, yes you're only allowed 2 characters each unless you can handle the strain of having more characters obviously. I request that you have a posting style with colors and pics for replies please. And also I request that you be advanced lit or semi-lit either one, typos I can over look but text talk in a roleplay and one liners? No that'll turn me off instantly I hate one liners.

So there for I request that your post be at least five paragraphs at most times and make them decent size give me and our fellow roleplayers something to look forward to replying to.

If you wish to tell a part in the story then please say so yes, we will have character driven stories just like Harry Potter had. Harry and his friends are nothing more then a legend in this story since this takes place ten years after Voldemort met his end at the hands of the boy who lived. We will have new death eaters roaming around and are on the brink of a new war I have an idea thought up that we can run with for the main plot.

Death eaters are trying to recruit members for their group and are trying to make the wizarding world their own, therfore they go out attacking random wizards and witches at their own will and yes I will be creating two characters of my own to join in on the rp you can look forward to that.

About hogwarts
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If your character is a Professor or a student please say so in the profile, also if you wish to discuss a romance between characters then please let me know.

HOWEVER, if you wish for a student/Professor relationship they have to be a certain age they cannot be in their 1-3 years and be in relationships sorry I do not allow that they must be older for that let your characters mature So yes lets get this rp on the road shall we? Invite your friends to the guld or join in yourself or do both!!!!