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Welcome to Wish Upon A Star

This here is a guild for anyone to join and do contests, show photos, chatter about things, Booty Grab, and just flat out have fun! Not only do we love to constantly give out gold in contests, we also work to have a peaceful guild with you in mind. c:

Here's what other people have been saying!

"I've been a member here for awile. And I dunno what it is, but I keep coming back here to lurk or babble a little with the people. It might be the easy-going atmosphere or the great variety of people.." - Plugabugz

"It's popular, the captainess is outstanding, the members are friendly..." - One_Smile_Counts

"Friendly members, lots of contests, and a wide variety of topics :]" - Kitteh Blonk

We only have a few rules but we ask you stick by them

Please follow the TOS and be respectful to each other
If asked to/not to do something by Alustrial777 or any other captain, please do as told
Refrain yourself from using explictives (swear words) in this guild

If you break the rules, the following will happen:

1st time: Warned
2nd time: Warned with more emphasis
3rd time: Removed and reported

If you want to donate... (yay!)

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Please donate to our mule, not the Guild Account. If you wish to donate, just click on our mule's picture above and start a trade. The gold and items contributed will go towards the guild's contests.

And finally...

Please check out our amazingly awesome affiliates here!