~The Country Giranioa has been in the middle of a civil war for about 5 years. Two teams seem to rise to the fight for power and land. The Rebels want thier land back and the Scientists will do almost anything to have thier leader rise to the top, even if it means to tamper with dead souls.
The rebels almost were caught but managed to learn how to use the souls in thier favor too.
So now both teams use souls to battle out. The war left several places in ruins and many people have suffered from the war.
The neighboring countries try to help but can't make it across the mountain that divides the path to the other countries without getting killed from assasins.~

-**No cybering** unless indicated otherwise
-***No Racism*** you will be kicked immediatly and perminatly
-please beware the language for it can make some people uncomfortable
-You get 1 free animal to start, any other ones you need to buy with Sens (Giranioa currency)
-you can buy supplies at stores around towns
-if you are going to buy an animal ally but the broker does not have the animal you want, please ask a guild leader
-the map is pretty blank so you can add any towns you want, but it is recomended to tell a guild leader(Captain, Vice) so we can put it on the map
-if you're gunna make your own rp, please inform a guild leader and read some thread guidelines
-Follow the RP rules listed in the front page of the thread
-before making a new thread, please inform the guild leaders

-If you don't want to roleplay to Wildly Soulbound, we have other Rps that you can go to
-we have discussions on anything pretty much
-** if you have any questions just ask one of the guild leaders and we will try out best to answer it**