Here is the guild for anyone that plays ZOMG!

Our purpose is to help, and assist anyone in need!

Anyone is able to join, lvl 1.0-10.0!

There will be mandatory assists at least once a week, and I will require the assist report from those you have assisted including your name and how you assisted them. (Don't think I wont keep track)

The benefits are
-A reliable group of friends to assist you any time they can.
-A weekly gift to the player who has done the most assists
-A Monthly gift to the most respected player (will be a poll/forum for each month and the way to do this will be posted there)

****The WEEKLY and MONTHLY gifts are a secret****
****The WEEKLY gifts value is 25-50k(free stuff though right?)****
****The MONTHLY GIFT will be anything above 50k-200k (sometimes will include a monthly collectable)****

RULES (yes there are rules)
-As stated above, at least one weekly assist
-One post a week on any forum, to let me know you are and active participant in this guild!
-No one is to be fighting each other on our guild, if you have a problem with someone you notify me, and we can resolve the issue. IF YOU POST ANY HATEFUL REMARKS YOU WILL BE KICKED.
-No vulgar language, drug or alcohol references (unless its really funny(and if someone has a problem with it it will be deleted))
-No discrimination against anything, anyone, or any belief.

I hope you all will enjoy this opportunity! BOTH monthly or weekly gifts winners will be posted on a forum for winners, and will be told what they have WON.

Also The 250 gold entry is to make sure your not just finding random guilds to join, and also to make sure you want to participate!!!(also to help post announcements when we get bigger....)