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This guild serves as the codex for the coming roleplay: "When the Church Bells Ring".

Church Bells is going to be a closed-world, roleplay environment set in the locale of Providence, Rhode Island. The genre for this world is Urban Fantasy, a modern day setting with a gritty undertone of magic, supernatural and the occult.

Within is the canon for the world's magic and what lies beyond, organizations, important places, NPCs and races/entities; in addition, profile templates are available for characters, creatures and structures. There is to be no roleplaying whatsoever inside the guild and to remain within the appropriate thread.

At this time the Roleplay is not ready. Please don't put in any join requests unless formally invited to do so. GM's are currently experiencing life overload and don't have the time to work on things at a regular pace. All players and other interested parties will be notified upon the development process starting up again.

Thank you for your consideration!

*Title graphic made by: Uberwulf X*