What Is Justice?

"You create superheroes to take care of problems that can't really be solved another way."

What makes this guild?
->Direct and friendly moderation.
->Easy access of forums with links to assist with forum navigation via hyperlinks in URL format.
->Original story-line that is added onto by the actions of ALL RPCs.
->Simple RPC profile skeleton system.
->Rules that keep the RP fair and balanced following the Gaia ToS.
->You make the decisions that affect the guild.

Accessing Data Files The year is 2020. Not much has changed except for a few government heads and a president or two. Well maybe that's not true. Within the past few years a group has quickly shown itself in the light known as, Justice. This group use to cling to the shadows but has saw fit to bring it's existent into the light. Justice is a special forces group consisting of powerful 'beings'. While they are known to the public as super hero's. Their true identity remains secret to who they are in every day life. Though when Hero's raise so does that darkness. A.I.M is a group of people that seek a new world. A world in their own image. Will you stand with the Hero's and protect this world or destroy it?

How do you join?
->Provide a quick role-playing sample on the join request. You have to prove literacy.
->Write the word 'Ice' in your request to prove you've read this entire homepage. Without 'Ice' in the request, you will be immediately denied.
->Did you find this guild by chance or were you referred by someone else, if so who?
->Give one idea on how to improve the homepage, main forums, subforums, or the guild in general. If you are unable to do so, then explain what you find most appealing.