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About the forums:
Each forum is a category in which you will find role plays.
For example, in books you would find role plays based on books. In Originals, you make up new characters and plots and junk like that.

In the Discussion forum you can discuss the various role plays. Talk about the plot or what you want to do next.

The main forum is where you can put random threads. Also, I will be posting all the various role plays and who's playing which characters.
You can make one on one roleplays! Let's get this party started!

1. Follow all of Gaia's rules
2. Be literate!
3. No profanity or heavy cursing!
4. No killing characters without permission!
5. If you reach a sex scene, time skip or take it to PMs!
6. I am the master of this guild!
7.You don't need permission to create a role play.
8. Keep the role plays in the correct categories, please!