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About: This clan is an extension of Were-Animals, a guild that revolves around "I am" items (which are usually referred to as Were-Items in the guild).

This clan is for those who like the Were-Items on Gaia. If we get enough members, it might be possible to start making all-animal zOMG! teams. For now, you may not find anyone else on.

Recrewting Clan Members: Recrewting Clan members would often be done by using the Clan chat, but it's no longer very reliable, with some people not seeing anything spoken at all. So if you're looking to recrewt, you can send a Clan Announcement as an alternative, which has been enabled for all members of this Clan. You should probably read this before sending one for the first time.

Getting Promoted: If you have some good ideas on how to make the clan better, you can send me a PM to get promoted to Crew level.

Other Information: Need some information on some parts of zOMG!, like the kinds of rings you can get, how to make ring sets, or how to finish a quest? There's a good zOMG Wiki that has some really good information.


1. Follow the Terms of Service.
2. Don't beg for items from other guild members.


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