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"One can only match, move by move, the machinations of Fate, and thus defy the tyrannous stars."

The Legacy of Kain series is one of the higher achievements in gaming to this day, and to have it forgotten amidst the acrid swamp waters of the current gaming industry would surely be a great dishonor upon us all. How can we call ourselves gamers, how can we have videogames truly recognized as a form of art and superior storytelling, if it's degraded into nothing but sequel after sequel of mindless breasticles, blood, and cardboard cutouts?

And let's not forget the honor of the Vampires themselves. Existent or not, they deserve respect. They're historical figures, and having them reduced to neck-nibbling, lustful, nearly docile creatures is absolutely horrid. Puff the magic dragon does not represent the fire-breathing goliaths of the past. Edward Cullen and the doctrine of Anne Rice does not define the entirety of the vampire race.

Legacy of Kain is a symbol of individuality and originality in a genre chock full of horrible clich├ęs and copy-paste schemes.

This is why I speak today, not only for the honor of Kain's legions, but for the honor and integrity of videogames as a whole.

It's time to make a stand. Enough perpetual easy-modes, quick-time events, and plots written by an ADD inflicted eight-year-old fanfiction writer.

Kain has been standing there, overlooking Nosgoth's ruined pillars for over five years now.

"As long as a single one of us stands," Kain had said, but that does not mean we must each stand alone.

Let us band together, as the Legion we are. An unstoppable force.

It's time to restore Nosgoth, once and for all. Nothing will prevent us from seeing this through.

- Scrab Demon

I.) Follow the Gaian ToS.
II.) No flaming. Be nice to your fellow Nosgothians.
III.) Please be sure to post whatever you're posting to the appropriate forum.
IV.) Try to be at least semi-literate, please.
Make sure we "non-chatspeak savvy" people can
understand what you're saying.
V.) There is a "3 strikes, you're out" rule. Each time you break a rule,
you get a strike. After 3 strikes, your butt's outta here.
VI.) Have fun!

When registering to join,
don't simply just say "i like the games", tell us WHAT
you like about them. Give us a reason.

Long live Legacy of Kain!

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